K Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror Review

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Review of the K Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror

Dustin: How's it going heavy hollers Dustin here @etrailer.com. Today we're going to be taking a look at the K Source Universal Fit Towing Mirror. You can see here, it's going to be great when backing up to your camper or RV. Now, most cars these days have backup cameras, but having an extended field of view in your mirror is invaluable when it comes to seeing what's actually surrounding you, as opposed to just what's behind you. So you can really get a good idea when backing in, if you're safe and your surroundings are good to go.So to give you an idea of how the mirrors are going to perform for you, right now you can see that I'm clearly visible in the factory mirror right up against our camper here. But if I take a few steps to my left, I'm no longer visible in the factory mirror, but they'll become visible in the towing mirror.And this is the expanded view, you're going to get with your towing mirror, which is going to be great for passing, changing lanes and parking at the campsite, when you're hauling a large load.

This is what our mirror looks like when it's installed. It's a universal fit. So it's designed to work with many different mirrors on all sorts of vehicles. You can see we've got a rather large truck here and it fits just fine. It's going to work with mirrors between four and a half and 11 and a half inches tall.And it fits on like clamping in place, along your mirror, housing.

And around back, we have two ratcheting straps that hold it securely in place. So you can see, as we go down the road, even with lots of wind noise and road vibration, it's not going anywhere. Our mirror is completely adjustable to give you the ideal view for your setup. You can tilt it up and down, left and right, and you get a mild amount of rotation here. But if you want that wider view, you're going to need a screwdriver and you'll come around back.

We undo that screw back here. That's going to allow us to rotate our mirror 90 degrees and set it up for a wider view, so we can see further out to the side of our load.But the tightened down, you can just go ahead and adjust it again however you need to. The mirror itself is a flat mirror, so it's going to give you a more accurate representation of what's actually behind you as opposed to a curved mirror. It's also going to give you a nice wide view. The housing is made of a durable plastic, so they didn't have to worry about rust and corrosion like you would with any metal parts.

And you also won't have to worry about it scratching or harming your factory mirror. Now, some of our customers, especially with trucks, want to if they can still fold it in their mirrors when they're pulling into tight parking spots. And yeah, that's not a problem. It's going to work out just fine. Even with these in place. Now to give you an idea of what it looks like in action, and to show you that it really does work on multiple vehicles.We've got our SUV here and we got our GoPro hooked up. We're going to take it out and hit the road and let you see what it looks like in action. So we'll head out with our SUV on our trailer and you can see here as we make some turns, it really widens the field of view. We're able to get a good look at our trailer as we're making these turns. And just in general, as we go down the road, that telling mirror is doing a good job, staying in place, even though it's a strap on me, we don't have to worry about on road vibrations or any problems. As we pull back into the parking lot. And we back our trailer back into place, you can see how helpful it is.Now that we've had a closer look at the mirror, let's go ahead and show you how easy it is to get onto your vehicle. You want to take your straps. The straps can come off the arms. So go ahead and just take it off. Just the one side so that we can fit it around our mirror.Once we get it in place on our mirror, our arms are adjustable to fit the size of our mirror. When we put it in place, we'll also want to make sure that the clips here on the front go in between our mirror and our mirror housing. Now, they're not going to interfere with our mirror housing. They're just there to provide a snug fit. Then you can take your straps. They're not going to quite reach like you see here, not a problem. We undo our buckle and there's a lever here. That's going to loosen up this strap and you can get as much slack as you need, to be able to come up here and hook it in. We'll just do the same thing on the other side, loosen up our slack, and a little bit more there. That's okay.Hooked him up here. Just like that. Then once we've got it in place, on our housing, we can come back to our levers and their doubles as a ratcheting mechanism so we can snug it down, and keep this in place. So we want to get it nice and tight. Once you feel like it's not going anywhere, go ahead and close down on that. That'll keep it from coming undone. And we're all set. If you picked up the Keydo 2, go ahead and repeat the same process on your passenger side, then you're ready to adjust your mirrors for your load and you can hit the road. Well, that just about does it for our look at the K Source Universal Towing Mirror.

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