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Kelty Folding Cooler Review

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Review of the Kelty Folding Cooler

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our Kelty Folding Cooler right here at etrailer. So this cooler kind of aims to be the best of both worlds cooler. So you get the lightness and the portability of your soft shell coolers, and then you get the cold retention of your hard-sided coolers. Great for setting up at the campsite as you have these integrated 4-cup holders to be used. So a 45 liters means when it comes to cooler sizes, is that you can't fit 70 cans in there.

Now, I personally think, especially with how I have different drinks of different shapes and sizes, especially once you add ice, probably not as much as 70 cans, but still a fair amount of food and refreshments. With it in the upright position, this is at about 13 and a half inches tall. Now, when you fold the sides in, it's only about 4 inches tall. So let's take a look at that install process for setting it up into a larger cooler. So here we have it in the compact position and we're gonna make it an actual cooler.

The first thing we need to do is to remove these tabs, so notice they just fit in right through there and do the same thing on the other side. Now you have your zippers and you just unzip the cooler, notice how you actually have these large, heavy-duty, bulky zippers, which I kind of like. Now let's open this up like a treasure chest. And look, you get 2 Kelty bottle sleeves that are included with your cooler. Let's put that to the side as we set these up.

So these are your insulated pads and notice how they have hook and loop patches on the side. So I actually like to do, is I set up the side ones first, so bring those side panels out. So with the side panels up, we're gonna get our hook and loop patch on the side and then just kind of place the long panels against it. Once you have all 4 panels set up, you're then gonna set it up or kind of attach it to the bag itself. Now this is a little bit more involved than your other standard coolers, but it is really nice that you can make this a bit more portable or just make a bit more compact for when you want to travel.

Notice how the outside of the panel also has that hook and loop strip, which you use to connect to the outside cooler liner. The outside case, we'll use the bottom hook and loop strip, and the inside liner, we'll use a top hook and loop strip. I personally like how it requires you to fold your liner over, because it really creates that leak proof form or design. Now that you have it all set up, you can now add your drinks, food and ice. So we dumped everything out and then we dried out the liner. And you can definitely see that on its own, the cooler itself weighs a lot less than your other coolers of the same size. That's because you have that foam insulation and not that hard shell those coolers have. With that being said, it's still very sturdy. I know it's foam insulation and not a hard case, but even I can sit on it and not worry too much about it collapsing. Of course, not ideal to do this, but still just shows the durability and stability that that foam has. On that bottom, you also have that durable same construction there, as well as the logo. We'll look at what we have in the corners. We have these rubber stands, which will help keep it off, off the ground, as well as make sure that this does not touch the ground. We have some other different features here on this side. One is gonna be the hooks for when it's in the collapsed position. You also have carrying handles, which are nice and strong even with it weighted down. You also have these straps right over here for if you want to clip things. I personally would like a pocket here, but if you have things attached to a carabiner or to a molle strap, this will work. So my personal thoughts about this cooler is that I really like how lightweight it is. I'm kind of surprised too by how durable it is, since I was expecting something a little bit more flimsier because it is a soft shell cooler, but this is really strong, really durable. I was even able to sit on it, just to test how strong it was. Now for how it being compact, it's not as compact as something like a cooler bag, but definitely keeps your lightweightness if you have it inside your vehicle and you're worried about space and you need somebody to just smush in towards the side, this does that. Now the zippers sometimes feel like they could get stuck, but that's why they're made to be jumbo zippers, because they're still durable. They get you through that. Now let's talk about the straps. So compared to hard-shelled coolers that have those handles that come out, you have these straps. And at first I was worried about them 'cause I have had straps break off on me from some bags, but this makes it really easy to carry even a heavy cooler. So my final thoughts about this cooler is I do like how it is the best of both worlds. I was surprised by how portable and lightweight it was as well as how durable it was. The cold retention worked pretty well too. Since we did have this all day, our ice is still cold. Our drinks are still cold. Now this is a larger cooler. So don't forget, this is designed to be shared with your friends, with your family. Definitely a great addition to your camping adventures. And that was a look here at our Kelty Folding Cooler right here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoy the journey..