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Kinedyne Truck and Trailer Winch Tie-Down Strap Review

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Review of the Kinedyne Truck and Trailer Winch Tie-Down Strap

What's up everybody. It's A.J. with Today we're gonna be checking out these straps from Kinedyne. They're gonna have a flat hook on the other side and they're gonna be great in combination with our winch here. We've got it run through.

We got the load strapped down nice and tight. These are very sturdy straps. They're gonna be really good for these scenarios 'cause I don't have to worry about them fraying or breaking on me. They look like they're nice and sturdy. Let's check 'em out.

We're gonna use our strap here in combination with a winch today. This is the flat hook side I was telling you about earlier. This is gonna go through the stake pocket and connect and we'll show you that on the other side, but for now, I'm just gonna throw it over there so we can get this side set up. So we're gonna throw it up and over the load, just like that. I gonna may keep an eye on the strap and see, it's nice that one side does have writing on it, so you can easily see what side is which.

Sometimes it can get difficult if the sides are the exact same. When your going to throw it over a load to know that what side is gonna be tangled or not. So it looks like, flip it over like this. We want the pure yellow side here. So I want to find the end and run it through the center of the winch.

So from here to the inside and then pull out that slack. Before we start tightening it down, we wanna run our hook and attach it. That way it's holding against something. So you see, I ran the strap through the center, down through the center of the stake pocket and then latch it on this side. So now we start pulling it tight, it's going to pull up like that and this isn't gonna to go anywhere. Now we're ready to tighten it down. So I'm just going to start doing just that. It seems just good right there. Back on this side, you want to get rid of that extra strap that's hanging around so you can get a cinch strap, sold separately, or one of those tether bones that'll help ya get rid of that extra strap so it keeps it nice and neat here. Or you can just tie it up on itself like we did. Definitely recommend running the extra strap underneath the strap you're tightening down. 'Cause that just holds it here, that's the less the tie up over here. So that's as easy as it is to use the strap. Now what you're getting with the strap is going to be a two inch width and is going to be 25 feet long. So just keep that in mind with whatever you're wanting to tie down and whatever trailer you're using it with. They also have a working load limit of 3,335 pounds and then a break strength of 10,000 pounds. So just keep that in mind with whatever you're hauling or whatever you want to use, make sure you fall within those parameters and make sure you add the 3035 pounds together if you're using two straps. We always recommend you use two straps tying down your cargo, like we have here today. You can kind of see the webbing here. It's going to be polyester webbing with a latex coating. So you don't have to worry about in the elements when you're using this, the rain is not going to mess with it, it's not going to fray. It's going to stay together and stay strong. Another thing to consider would be a strap saver, and you can put that on the edge of whatever you're hauling and it just makes those corners less harsh. So sometimes you have those really sharp corners. You're gonna be pulling your strap really tight over that and that's not going to be good for your strap overall. So you can get this, you look at our website, it'll go over that it'll be a more rounded edge for those sharp edged items, like furniture or something that you're hauling. That way you don't worry about this going on there and starting to fray. Now today, we don't really need one because we've kind of got the rounded edges on these shelf brackets. So we're not going to have to worry about that. Overall though, these straps are great. They're really easy to use. They work really well with the winch here. I had no problem when you pull that tight and down and you can see I can shake this whole trailer back and forth by pushing on this load. So it's not going anywhere. I didn't feel like these we're loose or like I'm going to lose faith in them as they go. They're not even close to fraying or feel fragile. They're really tight on there. If you can hear that, they're not going anywhere. This isn't going anywhere. So I know that these are gonna work just fine. Well thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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