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Kuat Access Ramp for the NV Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Kuat Access Ramp for the NV Bike Rack

Our access ramp is gonna make it a lot easier to load up our bike on our NV. You can see you can just easily roll it into place without having to struggle or strain. Normally whenever you go to load up your bike, you have to lift it into place. If you've got a heavy mountain bike, that can just be a little bit more of a strain than you'd like to have. If you've got something even heavier, like a fat tire bike or one of those downhill racing bikes, those can be even more of a strain on your back.Our kits gonna come with our ramp and then an adapter to fit over our NV on the end. Getting it in place is pretty easy, once we have that adapter in place, we'll just affix those two ends onto that adapter.

Then just adjust it out to whatever angle works for you and roll your bike into place. Removing it's just as easy. You can just slide it back together, take it off, and then tighten down the knobs.It's made of a durable metal construction with a nice black powder coat finish so it'll match your NV, if you have the all black one, but black goes with everything so whatever finish you have it'll work.It can handle up to 60 pounds for your bikes so if you've got a cruiser, mountain bike, fat tire bike, this should be able to handle just about anything.The inside width, at the top, is about four inches. Overall it's about 4 1/4. That'll be plenty of space for those wider tires, like your fat bikes.

As far as our depth, it's gonna be about 1 1/2 inches.It's compact enough that you can easily fit it in the back of your vehicle. Then get back to riding.The bracket really isn't gonna change the overall look of your bike rack. It's not gonna interfere with the normal use of it. It does come with two brackets so we can get one mounted on either side. We'll go ahead and show you how to do that now.The kit comes with a tool to remove the two bolts, on the end of the tray, on our NV.

We'll just get those teeth in place. I think, overall, this is kind of the downfall of this kit is that this tool's a little bit short there, to really reach inside but you can get the job done. It's just maybe not the best tool. If you've got a star bit, that'll match that, might be a better option to go with but it is nice that it comes with the tool so you can get it done without having to buy special tools.Now we'll get this one going the rest of the way. Then you'll remove that cap, pull it out.

This'll pop out, don't be alarmed, that's supposed to happen. Then we can just match up our new plate, get our magnet to go back inside our rack, matching it up. Then we'll just mount everything back in place. Nothing too difficult. Just gotta get those bolts threaded back in.With both our adapters in place we can load up both bikes.Now, as far as my overall impression for our access ramp. I think it's a really handy tool to have as an add-on to your NV. My concerns would be that there's a little bit of flex, especially when you have this extended all the way out. That's a little bit concerning but it did the job. Our fat tire bike's pretty heavy and it was able to handle that. I think for your e-bikes, fat bikes, it's gonna be really nice. Especially after you get off the trail and you just don't want to have to work that hard to get your bikes onto your NV rack. This is gonna make is a lot easier so you don't have to struggle as much.

Judy A.


I think I have the wrong part for my rack. I have a Sherpa 2.0 rack not the NV. Is there one for the Sherpa 2.0 ?Looks like I will need to return this one - darn

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


The Access Ramp # ANVBRB is designed specifically for the NV 2.0 racks. Unfortunately there's not a good way to mount it to your Sherpa, nor is there a ramp available for it. I'm really sorry for the bad news.

Judith A.


I just purchased the ramp as my electric bike is too heavy to life. But I cant figure out how to attach to my rack. And once its attached can I leave it on for the season or do I have to remove each time?Is there a video that would show me how to install the ramp?Thanks

Chris R.


The ramp comes with inserts that attach between the platform tray and end cap. This is what is used to hook the ramp onto the rack as demonstrated above. Do you have the Kuat NV 2.0 or are you trying to mount this to a different carrier? The ramp would need to be removed after the bikes are loaded/unloaded - there isn't a way to actually store it on the rack.

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