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Kuat Class 4 Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the Kuat Class 4 Kayak Carrier

Today, we're going to take a look at Kuat's Class 4 Kayak Carrier.Now, this carrier mounts to the roof rack of your vehicle, and it allows you to transport your kayak to and from your destination. If you don't have a truck or anything like that where the kayak is hard to transport, because it can't fit in your vehicle, the carrier's going to come in handy, because it's going to allow you to get the kayak on your roof, and get it from Point A to Point B.Now, a couple of things that set this kayak carrier apart from a lot of others out there is that one, it can lock onto your roof rack. Sometimes, when you leave it unattended, if you're out on the water with your kayak, it's going to be a very nice theft deterrent with these lock cylinders on the quick-mount feet. Also, when the kayak is off, you're going to be able to fold that down and make it more flush with the roof rack.The carrier is going to come included with two straps to tie down your kayak to the carrier and the roof rack. And it's also going to come with two more straps, one for the bow, and one for the stern.One nice feature they added to our bow and stern straps is we're going to have this nice long rubber pad right here. It's going to help protect the finish of our vehicle.

It just goes in between this strap and the vehicle itself.And on our boat straps, we're also going to have this nice rubber casing around our metal cam buckle. That's just going to help protect the finish of our boat and our vehicle when we're strapping it down.Now, Kuat always does the little things great, which is one thing I really like about them. An example is that they included this nice little strap to help secure your excess strap so it doesn't flop around at all while we're traveling.On the backsides of our kayak, we're going to have these tie down points where our strap comes through and then back over our kayak to help secure it to the rack.The carrier's going to have these built-in ramps to help us with loading our kayak. All we've got to do is get that on top, and then push it up and onto the carrier.Another feature about the carrier that's going to make for a very easy loading and unloading is the wide mouth that we have with the J-hook. It's going to be able to fit a wide variety of sizes when it comes to your kayaks.A couple of benefits to having a J-hook style kayak carrier is that you're going to leave plenty of room on the other side of your roof rack for other accessories, such as a kayak, or even a bike rack.

It's also going to be on the edge of your vehicle, so you're not going to have to reach over to the middle to secure it. It's going to be all within reach, even if you have height restrictions.Now, we can fold it all the way down. It's actually going to have two magnets that are up on the top right here, and down there, and it'll stay connected right there. We'll do that for the other side as well. Traveling with it in this position is going to create a lot less wind noise and drag, and you don't necessarily have to remove the carrier when you're not using it.Now, one thing Kuat does a really good job of is it gives you a variety of options when it comes to choosing what you want.

An example is that we have this same carrier available in this gray color, which is what they have with a lot of their products. It's going to have the exact same features and operate the same exact way as the black one. It's just going to give you more of a variety when it comes to choosing your carrier, so you can match it with your vehicle.Now, like I mentioned earlier, we're all going to have a lock cylinder on two of our four quick-mount legs. It's very easy to operate. Once you have it secured, simply just insert our key and lock it up.

From there, we cannot access the straps of our quick-mount legs.Now, we have two different options when it comes to mounting this carrier to our roof rack. The first one we have right here is going to be the quick-mount legs. Now, we're going to have two legs on each set of the carrier. How it operates is we have this rubber coated steel strap that comes under the crossbar and into the other side. Once we lift up that tab, you're going to see this strap come loose right there. That's how you would remove it. When securing it, we'll bring it up, get it into the slot, and then fold down that tab, and that tightens up the strap onto our crossbar. Once you have your strap secured into the latch, you would just take your included Allen key and tighten up that Allen bolt to make sure that it's a tight fit.Now, the other option you have to mount this to your roof rack is through the T-slot. Now, we're going to use our crossbar down here for demonstration purposes. We're going to take our flush mount right here. You'll see the two tabs are going to go into that slot. We'll just turn it upside down. Push down till you hear the click. Like that. We'll grab the same hardware that we we're using earlier, bring that through the top. And then on the other side, we're going to take our T-slot adapter, just thread that on. Just a little bit. From there, you can take the T-slot adapter and slide it into the T-channel of your roof rack. And now, all you've got to do is take your provided Allen key, and tighten down those two bolts so it stays secure.Now, one thing that we do want to point out to you guys is that it may not work with all T-slots. For example, our crossbar right here, our T-slot adapter is just a little too thick to fit into the channel. So, just keep in mind your results may vary. A good rule of thumb is that if you have the rubber strip, which you pull out and cut to length, it's going to work with those.Now, because there's a lot of vehicles out there that might have sloped roofs, or a lot of crossbars are different shapes, Kuat included a pivoting anchor right here that is between our carrier and the quick-mount leg. So, once you loosen up that Allen bolt in there, you're going to be able to pivot it left or right to match the slope or contour of your roof or crossbar. That's just going to make sure that your rack is level when you're loading it up. And when you have it wherever you desire, you just tighten up that bolt, and then you're ready to go.Now, all in all, this is going to be a very high-quality kayak carrier. It's going to have a lot of bells and whistles, and just get the job done. Which, when you're looking for something that's not quite as flashy as this one might be, Kuat does make a Class 2 Kayak Carrier that's just pretty basic. It's still the J-hook style. It just doesn't come with all these bells and whistles, and just gets your kayak from Point A to Point B. So, if that's something you're interested in, just see etrailer.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at Kuat's Class 4 Kayak Carrier.