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Kuat Hitch Adapters Review - 2019 Ford Expedition

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Review of the Kuat Hitch Adapters on a 2019 Ford Expedition

Hey everyone. Carla, here with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Kuag Pivot 2 on our 2019 Ford Expedition Max. So this is a great solution that's going to allow you to swing your bike rack out so you can gain full access to your trunk. So if you went for a bike ride and want to go ahead and get in your cooler or get anything from your trunk, or maybe even have just a nice lunch right here, then this will allow you to do that. So I jumped down here, I do want to show you this is compatible and it will work with two inch receiver.

If your bike rack has a two-inch, you don't want to use it if it has an inch and a quarter and the two inch, because you're adding already an extension. So to maybe move too many moving parts in that case. Right down here, it is going to come with a hitch lock.Now it is not a threaded lock because the mechanism that's built into the shank. As you're turning this right here, we'll tighten our, our shank in there. So it takes away all the shake and play.

I do like it a lot better because it's easier to access than something that's going to be in here where you have to put a wrench in and get in there. Since we're down here already, I will give you a couple of measurements. This is going to be the furthest part of our rack. You know, with this folded in I'll show you a little bit. So from our bumper on our Expedition to the furthest point on this rack, we're going to be right about 12 and a quarter inches.

Now it isn't going to affect your ground clearance, but it is going to bring your bike rack up three inches. So I'll go ahead and pivot it. We'll go ahead and get--Our gate closed first. And with that in there, we can go ahead and pivot it in right now. It's all the way out.

As you can see right here, it stops at 90 degrees, as well. So if that's enough for you in this case, in the Expedition, because our bike rack has to have the front wheel here on the handle bar here, we do need to swing it all the way, but let's bring it in and show you guys how it operates. So with that, in that, go ahead and pull this lever up. So this is in the ready to tow position.As I was mentioning, this is going to bring your hitch pin hole up three inches to give you a little more ground clearance. That's going to bring your bike rack up to use it. All you have to do is press down on this lever, disengage the U bolt, and then we have a ergonomic handle right here. That is one nice thing about this one versus a competition that's out there truly does have one that swings the other way. It has a lot more pins and things like that. So this one's very, very easy to use. You can see right here, we've it in the 90 degree. We can go ahead and press down again and open it up all the way. So no obstruction there.I'll stop there and move it all the way in. And I'll put it back in to show you, as I mentioned, most bike racks are not going to allow you to tilt away your rack with the bikes loaded. This one. It does. So if you do have one, even if it does, it is going to be very heavy. This is only a two bike rack, but you can just imagine having four bikes on here, the amount of weight that you're going to have to pull up on to access that. So definitely adds convenience to any bike rack that you have as long as you got a two-inch hitch. So that is pretty much all you need to know about the Kuag Pivot 2 on our 2019 Ford Expedition Max.

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