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Kuat Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2017 Ford Escape

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Review of the Kuat Hitch Bike Racks on a 2017 Ford Escape

Colin: Hey everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. Today, we have a 2017 Ford Escape. We've been test fitting some bike racks. Right now we have the Kuat Transfer two-bike rack. This is a platform-style rack, and what's kind of cool about it is that it's going to secure your bikes with no frame contact.

So we got a pretty nice carbon fiber bike up here. We don't have to worry about putting a frame hook on the middle right here. We don't have to worry about putting it on a hanging-style rack, which could scuff up the frame a lot. We just got two points of contact, one on each wheel.We're going to have a strap in the back wheel, securing it into the cradle. We'll just pull down on it to secure it.

And then upfront, we're going to have a wheel hook putting downward force on our front wheel, making sure it stays secure in our cradles. Now what's really cool about this bike rack as well, is that we can tilt it away from the vehicle. And in my opinion, the really cool part about that is that it's a little bit easier than other bike racks I've worked with. Sometimes when there's two bikes loaded, I have to lean in and pull some pins or do stuff like that. Right here, all I got to do, we'll flip this hook up, we'll simulate having a bike on there.

Just reach your foot up, we'll push down that handle, and then tilt it away like so.And from there on our Escape, you can see we've got plenty of clearance between our hatch and our bike. So we've got plenty of space to get in here and grab whatever we might need out of our trunk, whether it's a cooler for some drinks after you get back from your trail ride or even a lunch. Now, to tilt it back up, make sure you grab a hold of the bike rack itself and not the bikes loaded. We'll just bring it up until it locks into place.Now, I want to go ahead and remove the bike just so you can have a closer look at the rack. Make sure you have a grip on it and then we'll push in on it and lift up and away.

Another advantage to not having that center mass putting a frame hook on top of your frame, you don't have to maneuver around that tall post that's in the middle of your bike rack. You can just pull it off without worrying about damaging our vehicle.Now obviously, when you've got your bikes unloaded, go ahead and fold it back this way for storage, and then replace that strap. Now with any hitch-mounted accessory, you're going to have added length to your vehicle. In the case of our Escape, we'll measure from the bumper to the outermost point. So 33 and a half inches added onto the back. Now we can cut down on that space just by folding up our bike rack. I do want to point out that with the bike rack empty, you can still access the trunk as you can see, just in case you need to grab something where you don't have anything on your rack. Make sure it's folded down.Now, like I was saying, we can fold this up to our vehicle and conserve on space. We're just going to go back to that same handle. Just going to use my hand this time since it's open, fold it up until it locks into place. Now we'll measure again from the bumper to the outermost point. It's about 11 and three quarters of an inch. Took away a lot of space, you want to keep this in mind for any close quarter situations. Like if you want to park in your garage and still be able to shut your garage door, this inaudible 00:03:21 could mean all the difference.Now let's come down and see how it attaches to our hitch. We're going to have a two inch by two inch hitch receiver. You can see we have a sleeve on the end of our shank that's making it compatible with two inch hitches. We can remove that and that'll make our receiver compatible with inch and a quarter hitches. So if you've got another vehicle in your household which has an inch and a quarter receiver, you can use this bike rack for that as well. We have an anti-rattle hitch pin, which is tightened down, takes away the shake and play from our bike rack. And we do have a lock on the other side, which is sold separately for the Kuat Transfer. You can get this kit at etrailer, it's going to come with a lock for your hitch pin. It'll also come with cable locks for your bike rack.Well, hope this information helps you guys out, but that's going to do it for our look at the Kuat Transfer two-bike rack on our 2017 Ford Escape. This is our test course. Let's start with the slalom. This shows side-to-side action, such as turning corners or evasive maneuvering. Then onto our alternating speed bumps. This shows twisting action, such as hitting curbs, potholes, road debris, or uneven pavement. And last of all, the solid speed bumps. This shows up and down action, such as driving through a parking lot or parking garage or driving in and out of a driveway..

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