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Kuat Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2020 Tesla Model Y

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Review of the Kuat Hitch Bike Racks on a 2020 Tesla Model Y

Hey, everybody. Welcome to, I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at the Kuat NV Base here today on our 2020 Tesla Model Y. That guy's gonna be a very nice way of giving yourself a very decent platform rack to get you and your bikes to your destination. Right out of the gate, you are gonna have this nice little tire hold format. Gonna make it really easy to go ahead and secure almost any bike you wanna throw up on here.

And while it does look very good in the matte black, of course, Kuat always worried about that style, it also has a lot of great capability, with 60 pound rating per bike, you're gonna have no trouble getting these bikes to wherever you wanna go. Like we said, definitely gonna be able to get up to those heavy E-bikes, definitely gonna have no trouble with your heavy mountain bikes, of course. Now the only thing I will say, probably not gonna be great for your fat bike tires. You guys can see even on this adjustable cradle, which makes it very versatile, you're gonna have a little bit of an issue getting your bigger, fatter tires to fit in here, cause that's about the maximum strip length you have, which is definitely not too high. So that's something to kind of watch out for.

But however, most of us is gonna have an A-okay time fitting on this platform for most of your standard bikes, of course. Now with this guy too, you do have a little cable lock on either end of your platform, which becomes awesome. That way you can go ahead and secure each of your bikes to your platform with no trouble at all. Now, this being a front tire hold as well, what's gonna be cool about it, you're gonna have an A-okay time just grabbing yourself any of your carbon frame bikes and getting them up on here with no trouble at all, which becomes great. What's awesome about that too, if you do have any women's bikes step-through bikes or kids' bikes, sometimes with frame options or frame mount designs, you have an issue is you don't have a good purchase point for it.

What's nice about that, don't have to worry about it. As long as we have that good front wheel, we'll have no trouble at all getting our bikes up on here in no time. And one awesome thing about it too, it can actually tilt away. You guys can see our handlebars are gonna be impacting with our hatch if we gonna open it just like now. All I have to do, I'm gonna have this little lever here at the bottom, need to pull that towards me.

That's gonna go ahead and allow me to tilt this down towards the ground, of course. And that's gonna let me pop open this hatch easily and effectively. Now I can go ahead grab my coolers, bike helmets, anything I might need on the inside, becomes a nice little spot to go ahead and relax in the back here, put your feet up, change your shoes, whatever you need. It just gives you a nice little hangout spot. And it also becomes very easy to access on the go. So maybe we're in transit, maybe we're stopping by the grocery store, gas station, anything I'd like, nice that I don't actually have to take this entire bike off of my carrier and just makes it really, really easy and convenient to get to, which is really, really nice. So we can go ahead and actually pop this guy off. Now to go ahead and see how hard that is to do, which it is definitely not. I'm just gonna pop this back tire first with this little strip, all you gotta do press in that lever. And then on the inside too, you will have a little bit of matting there to go ahead and protect that inner rim for your tire, which is great, or your wheel. And then we wanna go ahead and hold onto our bike. We don't want this tilting into our vehicle , or ourselves, causing any damage. And then we simply press right here on this ergonomic grip, get that guy up, off to the side. Now I can lift it and get it out of the way. So of course 60 pounds is gonna be a little harder to do, but nice that you can get so close to your bike, which is awesome for ourselves. Now, mounting it becomes just as easy. The only thing to watch out for is gonna be this back strip, guys. What I like to do, just dip that wheel down, catch it, set it in place, and therefore it becomes really easy to strap that on that back wheel. Then you'll see on that front cradle too, it does have a nice little area for the bike to actually sit, which is awesome. You have that 18 C standard groove widening out. It looks like it'd be about four and a half inches or so I believe. Yeah, about four and a half there for that max width on that wheel as well. But like we said, your fat bike tires are gonna have a hard time with these plastic strips, is gonna be the only thing to watch out for. Pardon me guys. Now the one dimension we definitely wanna get right outta the way is gonna be our clearance for ourselves guys. So from the ground here today to the very end of our carrier, which is gonna be right here at our arm is gonna put us right at 23 inches actually for ourselves. So that's way up there. I do like the rise that we're getting from this middle assembly here. That's awesome for ourselves. Definitely don't think we gonna have any issues, but keep in mind as those front wheels go up, the back will go down, and so will your hitch mounted accessory, so just watch it if you have a very steep incline, but again, with 23 inches I think we're gonna be sitting A-okay for ourselves. Now we effectively had to watch how much length we're adding. The Model Y, not the longest car out there, but not the shortest by any means. And we can go ahead and see from the back here today, that is gonna be putting us right at 27 and one quarter of an inch from the back of our vehicle. However, we do have a way of shortening that down. Maybe we wanna pull this in the garage. To do that we can simply come right back to that lever system again, instead of tilting down now, though, I'm gonna go ahead and bring it right up into position right here, it's gonna hang right there, not gonna have any movement, which is amazing. I love to see that from the Kuat, they just seem to sit really, really well right there and have no trouble, no vibration or road chase can cause any issue. And one thing you could be worried about, these arms hitting the back here. You guys can see it takes me quite a lot of bit to actually move it. A, it's gonna be rubberized on the side, so we're not gonna be worried about it damaging it and creating any scuffs marks, or anything like that, but also that resistance it naturally has. And because there's very little shaking in this position. If we're just going on normal road conditions, I don't think we're ever gonna have that interacting with the back of our vehicle, which you love to see. Definitely don't wanna have any kind of degradation going on in the back of our paint. Moving all the way down to the inside though, here we can actually see how much space we shaved. Just got to find myself a little point to find it. And you guys can see, we are sitting right at about 12 and one quarter inches there from the back now. So definitely gonna have no trouble I think, getting this in the garage or at the very least, a lot more maneuverability to go ahead and get this parked. Moving all the way down though, we can go ahead and see that two inch hitch, I'm sorry, two inch shank here today, utilized by our two inch hitch, of course. And on the inside of that, you just have a little alignment pin with a little locking core on the inside. And that of course is gonna be Keyed-Alike to each of those locking cores on the individual platforms. Therefore you're gonna have a couple spares. If you're like me, that's always very helpful. And then, yeah, it just goes ahead and secures your carrier to your vehicle and make sure you can leave it unattended. On the outside though is where our anti-rattle device is. Now these guys are integral to your system. You're gonna see a lot of different ways and a lot of different carriers. One of the big ones is a threaded anti-rattle hitch bolt. However, you have to get on the inside here and that can be kind of a pain. What's awesome about these guys, you can tighten it right here and then you guys are gonna see that brings it all in line to one system. There's actually a cam on the inside that's getting tightened in. That's shaking the entirety of the Tesla, making for a nicer, smoother ride for ourselves, our bike rack, but especially our bikes. And one last little thing too, you will see a little Allen wrench insert there, allowing you to really tighten that down. That becomes amazing. If you will find yourself on longer road trips, don't wanna be checking it every 50 miles or so. You can go ahead, really make sure it's secure. And therefore it's gonna have a nice secure fit for the rest of your ride. One awesome thing too, you guys can see, of course, Kuat's looking good in this position, which is great to see. Almost looks better here than it does when it's all the way out. And all you have to do to walk this guy down is simply press in right here, and that's gonna allow you to tilt that all the way down, which is amazing. Again, that becomes very nice, if you're like us, don't have a bike stand and just that ease of use is always great to see. One awesome thing about it too, guys, you actually can get extenders on here to go ahead and actually get yourself a little bit more room. If you guys wanna expand your friends' list or that family's growing over the years, can be a really easy way to go ahead, plug in that extension and get a lot more bikes to that trailhead. Now one thing I will say, you are looking at the Base Model, of course. If you want, you can look at the Kuat NV 2.0. One thing it does come with is a little bit more of a style upgrade, comes in black and gunmetal gray with a couple more accent marks on it. But the big thing is gonna be the repair stand that you get on the front of it. So if you do find yourself really kind of putting your bike through the work, a lot of times, maybe potentially having just a few gears, here, there come loose, could go ahead and start giving yourself a little repair stand to go ahead and make sure we have no trouble servicing our bike. That way when we get to our destination, we know we can always ride or B, no bike gets left behind, which can definitely be great. However, the Base is still gonna be a great little option if you don't need all those bells and whistles and still want a very dependable bike rack with a nice sleek look to it. Now the only other thing to keep in mind, though, you are gonna be losing a lot of your visibility here with that backup camera, as it is gonna be mainly pointed right at it. Now the only one that I can think of, that's really gonna keep you from losing too much, maybe the Kuat Transfer V2. Now that's gonna give you a U-frame design, so it kinda stays out of the way here in the middle, but keep in mind your arms do kind of impact it just a little bit. However, I think backup camera aside, we're really not losing too much with this being on the back. It does sit below our taillights and we're gonna have an A-okay time seeing out of our back window. Well guys, I think that that about does it for our look here today at the Kuat NV Base here on our 2020 Tesla Model Y. I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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