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Kuat Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2022 Kia Telluride

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Review of the Kuat Hitch Bike Racks on a 2022 Kia Telluride

Hey, everybody. Welcome to, I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at the Kuat NV 2.0, here on the back of our 2022 Kia Telluride. So guys, if you like your Kia Telluride, and you wanna look just a little bit nicer, I highly recommend take a look here at this Kuat NV 2.0. Yes, it's got style. Yes, it looks awesome.

But it's not just that. You're getting a lot of great premium features that you just don't see in a lot of other bikes. And it's gonna have a 60 pound weight capacity per bike to boot, which is excellent. So yes, we're gonna get those heavy e-bikes up on here.` Let's just make sure we are taking those battery couplings off. So we don't wanna damage ourselves, our bikes, or anybody else on the road.

As you guys can see here today, too, we do have a front tire hold making this an excellent choice for your carbon frame bikes. Because we don't have any frame contact. And if you do have any issues with women's bikes, step-through bikes, kid's bikes, on a lot of other carriers out there, you can go ahead, completely ignore that. As long as you have one good front tire you can go ahead and clamp down and have a great time to get any bikes on the road with you. So, we are getting a really nice front tire hold here, as well.

Of course it has that copper orange accent that really makes it pop. But I do like this 18 C standard groove going down the middle, widening out for our larger tires. Now the only thing I'll say against it though, the straps aren't the biggest out there. So, on the other side, on our other cradle, we do have these adjustable cradles, which is great. Like we said, those kid bikes is going to have no issues.

You guys can see that is tiny, almost a unicycle there, but as you guys can see we can go ahead and widen it out. Now, the only thing I'll say, you don't have the widest strips here as you guys can see. So not really designed for your fatback tires. Now you can go ahead and of course, upgrade the strip if you really want to. However, as it comes, definitely not going to be great for this fat tire bikes. But I really do like the adjustment and right here on the very end of the platform, too, you are seeing a cable lock and locking core on each side of each of your platforms, which is excellent. So you can go ahead and securely secure each one of your bikes as they are sitting here on your carrier, which is excellent. So, the big thing that this thing can do though. While your bikes are on it, it can tilt away. Now that's not anything new for say for a lot of carriers out there, but really, really nice how this works. All I have to do, press that lever. That's gonna allow me to walk up to my vehicle now, then go ahead and hit the back here. And as you guys can see, have complete access to my hatch here. That's gonna allow me to grab my coolers, bike helmets, anything else I might need from the inside of my vehicle and get it ready. Whether we're at the trailhead, at a gas station somewhere, or maybe just getting groceries. Really nice spot to go ahead and relax, too. We have enough room. Now not the most here, but it could be a good little spot to go ahead, set your shoes on and go ahead and get them changed, which can be excellent. So really, really like seeing that hatch opening up. The only thing you may need to watch out for, if you have some severely long pedals, that may be just a little bit of an issue. But I think we're all going to be okay with how we're sitting. So it's not going to take us too much time to actually get the bike off, which is excellent, too. As we discussed, we just have that rear cradle. Just going ahead and pressing our lever to release our strap. On the inside though, you are seeing a nice little plastic matting here, to go ahead and prevent any damage to your wheel rim. That's something I really like to see. Kuat knows we got some nice bikes and we're gonna take care of them. Now the underside here does also have a nice rubber hold to make sure we're not damaging that front tire. But to release it, let's make sure we are holding onto our bike. We don't want that tilting into our vehicle or ourselves, causing any damage. With the ergonomic grip I can press right on that button, get this up out of the way to the side, and I can just walk my bike off and we're already, ready to ride. So really, really like how easy that is to use. And of course, walk that up for mounting it, is gonna be just as easy. All you have to do is walk it in. The one thing I'll say, watch out for this strip. Sometimes it likes to hang in the way. What's really easy to do with that though. Simply take your bike, let that wheel drop and then set it in. And then cinch it down. Really, really easy to use, so I do like to see that. Now with any hitch mounted accessory, you are going to be adding a little bit of length to your vehicle, and we want to make sure we aren't having any issues with our clearance. So, pardon me. From the ground to the very end of our carrier here is going to be our clearance. So let's go ahead and check that together. From the ground here today to the very end is putting us at 24 and one quarter of an inch. Now, obviously we have a really nice rise here in our inner assembly. So I don't think this is going to be concerning to me at all. If you do have a very steep hill, you might be approaching, just keep in mind, as those front wheels go up, the back will go down. And so will your hitch-mounted accessories. But with 24 inches and a little bit to spare, I think we're in a good spot. Now the one thing also we want to check is how much length we're adding to our vehicle. Of course, Telluride already somewhat of a long vehicle. So let's see how much we're working with here. From the back here today of our bumper to the very end is going to be putting you at 32 and a half inches. Right to the very end of your repair stand there. So definitely a little sizable, but we can actually go ahead and fold this up relatively quickly. We're gonna come right back to that lever. And instead of tilting down, I'm gonna to straight up with it. That's gonna allow me to go ahead and actually get really close to our vehicle. Stay nice and tight, and really shaved down that space. So let's take a look here together from the bumper now to the very end is going to be putting you right at 16. And from the very back of that guy, let's go ahead and make sure you don't exceed it too bad. Yep. Right about 16 still right there, guys. Which is excellent, to the very end of our anti-rattle knob. That's great. Now we can pull this in the garage or at the very least give ourselves some maneuverability when we want to get it parked. So I do love to see that. Moving on our way down to the inside though. Here, you guys can see, we do have a two inch shank here today, for our two inch hitch receiver. You just have a nice little alignment pin here in the back, that also has a locking core that will be key to light to each of your platform locks, which is excellent. So that way your bikes can stay secure to your carrier, and your carrier can stay secure to your car when you leave it unattended. So I do love to see that. On the very end though, you're seeing where all the magic is happening. Right here in this little knob right here is our anti-rattle device. So we have a shank on the, or I'm sorry. We have a cam system on the inside of our shank here today, allowing us to twist it, pin it up against our hitch. And that way, as I give this a shake, you guys are going to see me shaking the entirety of our Kia here. That means we're all in line with one system making for nicer, smoother ride for ourselves, our bikes. And of course our bike rack, which is excellent. One thing I really like about it, too, it does have that insert for the included tool. That wrench to go ahead, insert and really crank it down. That way if you do find yourself, I don't know, heading out for two hour trip somewhere, we can go ahead and eliminate those concerns. Or maybe you guys are ready for those big, long road trips. And that way, we can really sense it. Not have to check it every 50 miles or so. We'll know it'd be nice and secure for ourselves. We're not done there though. The Kuat NV keeps on packing. At the very top here you are going to have just this little repair stand. Really easy to access with that latch. And I can bring it out, bring it up, go ahead and bring that back in, open it just a little bit. And that can let me set my bikes here. I can go ahead, clamp down on it, do my repairs. That way, no bike gets left behind. Or maybe we go out to the site, and I go, "Oh no, I gotta fix my chains." We can do that. We're gonna have no trouble actually getting it. And it is a nice little position, too. Right here to actually get access to it. So, really nice that that's there. Now, that's something you don't quite need. And you're like, "Man, the copper orange is cool, but I don't know. It's not really my style." You might want to look at the Kuat NV Base. What's great about that, you don't have the repair stand. It won't be in your way. Gonna stay a nice matte black, as well, to go ahead and match your vehicle. So that can be a great option. But still, I think the Kuat NV really does look good here on the back of our Telluride, as you guys can see. My other concern is going to be our backup camera. Now that is going to be kind of offset. But as you guys can see, we do have a lot going on right here. So, you may be able to see between these posts but really, you're going to lose a lot of that in the backup camera. The only way to really avoid that would maybe to be something like a hanging style rack. And at that point you're really changing the whole game plan out. So, do keep in mind, this is probably something you're just going to run into with almost any bike rack out there. Overall too, guys. What's great about this. It's excellent for you two-bikers out there to go ahead and load up your two bikes. But it still has the addition of an add on, that can let you bring this out to a four bike platform rack, which is great. So again, the Kuat NV keeps on giving and it's going to keep looking good while it does it. But otherwise guys, I think that about does it for our look at the Kuat NV 2.0 here on our 2022 Tia Telluride. I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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