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Kuat Hitch Receiver Reducer Sleeve Review

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Review of the Kuat Hitch Receiver Reducer Sleeve

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna check out this Kuat Receiver Reducer. So, it's gonna be magnetic. And what you're gonna do is take this and put it in our 2-1/2 inch hitch, and just slide in the bottom portion there. It's got a lip up here, to catch it. And make sure you don't slide all the way in.

Get the top portion in. And now it's ready for you to put your 2 inch x 2 inch bike rack in there and hit the road. Let's check it out. Take a closer look with the bike rack installed. Now you can see that it really took up that gap in there, and you're still able to use the anti-rattle that's built-in to the NV 2.0.

So I can shake the whole truck back and forth. There's no rattling or movement here, so the reducer is doing a really good job of filling up that gap and keeping everything nice and tight. Let's take a closer look at how it works. So we got the 2 pieces that you put in there individually and you see the circle here at the bottom is where the magnet is. So that's what's gonna make it stay in the inside of your hitch.

And you got the lip on the outside that catches here, to keep it in place. So just take this one, slide in there, and make sure the groove here is gonna go with the hole 'cause it's gonna allow that pin to go in there. So, we slide that in, just like that on the bottom. It's nice that lip catches, you don't have to worry about not lining that part up, or it sliding all the way in trying to get it out. That would be kind of a pain.

Then the same thing with the top one. Make sure that it goes, the magnet towards the top, and then this cut out is gonna go towards the other side, so you can still get that pin through very easily. And as long as the pin's in there and those notches you got through there, you don't have to worry about it falling out either. A nice thing about the magnets being in there too is not only keeps the sleeve in there, but it'll keep it in there when you go to remove the bike rack. Some other reducers will come out with the bike rack and you have to remove it from the shank, but this, those magnets help grip it in there. So then you just pull the bike rack out. It's not a big deal. Overall it's got a black powder coat, steel construction. So it's gonna be able to stand up to rust and corrosion if you leave it in the back of your hitch. Now, I'd recommend probably taking it out when you're not using it 'cause there's no point just leaving it there. It's pretty easy to pull out and just throw in your truck. It doesn't take up a lot of space. But if you do leave it out there overnight it's not gonna ruin it or anything like that. Now, I really like the design of it. It's really easy to use. Another thing is that with other hitch reducers sometimes, or those are just a sleeve, so you'll slide those in there, they can easily slide back out, like we showed you with that bike rack. It usually comes out with the bike rack, or you have to adjust those as well. I like that this stays put and isn't a huge pain to actually work around when it is in your hitch. So overall, I like it. I recommend it. It's gonna be great for any 2 inch bike rack that you wanna use in a 2-1/2 inch hitch. I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out, and hope this helped..

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