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Kuat Pivot 2 Swing Away Bike Rack Hitch Extender Review

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Review of the Kuat Pivot on a 2 Swing Away Hitch Extender PVP20B

Adam: Hi everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Kuat pivot swing two hitch extension for your Kuat bike rack. What this is going to do is just get you full access to the back of your Jeep. Whether it's just a grab some gear for the ride, or you just want to relax after a ride, and actually just use it just to kind of sit and hang out.So whether you just got to the trails and you want to grab, let's just say a helmet cause that's always a nice thing to have, or some shoes, you won't have to wrestle behind your back seats or even just kind of slide your arm into the side to the back hatch here to gain full access. We have complete access to all of this, so it's going to be nice to do that or just kind of rest up after a ride.You got a couple of people you're riding with, everybody can kind of like gather around each other's vehicles, and this is going to be a cool little chill spot for you guys to relax and talk about the ride.So to activate the swing-away system, all we got to do is take this lever here and just push down.

And it's going to release this from this big machine stud here.So our second point of security is going to be this lever here. You just got to push this out, and that's going to allow it to actually swing out. But if you don't, it is just going to stop it by itself. And that's what this is going to release. So we can go ahead and swing it open.So we are going to get a 90 degree, and it will lock into place.

So if you're sitting at a little decline, you're not going to be able to move it back in without pulling this lever here.So as you can see here, we do have a beautiful 90-degree angle here, and I would definitely say the whole locking mechanism of it staying at that 90 degrees is going to be ideal just because a lot of times when we're going through the woods and we find a cool little camp spot, it's not always level. So this is going to prevent it from swinging open really quickly and maybe damaging your car or even the pivot swing itself. Or if you're sitting where I'm sitting right now, and it starts swinging back in on you, that's a lot of weight, and it could actually potentially crush you. So the locking mechanism is definitely a good safety feature in my eyes.So if you just want a little bit more angle, just for a little bit more room, or you have bigger tires on the back of your Jeep, and you're starting to make contact with your bike, we can grab this lever here and actually pivot an extra amount of degrees to give us a 120 degree angle.So it does come with a flat lock cam system, and it's going to be this bolt at the very end here. We do get a tool with our kit, and what this is going to do, it's going to act as our anti-rattle device.

So as we tighten this up, it's going to spread out a little part of our shank on the inside of our hitch receiver to get all of that shake and play out. It's going to be really good for your bikes just so they're not really rattling around, and it's keeping everything a lot quieter when you're going down the road.So a nice feature that comes with this swing kit is a pin and a lock, and we will get two keys with our kit. So it's nice because we can utilize this lock to lock our pivot to our hitch receiver. But also we can utilize our lock from our original bike rack as well. Two points of security, and that's definitely two thumbs up for me.So if the bike rack that you're using has locks as well, you're going to have three throughout your whole system.

The pivot's got one, your bike rack's got one, and now each of your bikes has one. This is the Kuat NV 2.0, and it definitely works really good with the system if you just want to lock it down.So one of the features that really brings it home for me is definitely the fact that I can actually pivot all this on my site and have it either at the 90 or 120. Doesn't really matter, it's just everything is locked into place. So if I want to use either my tailgate or the back of my Jeep here, I can, and I don't have to worry about something getting stolen. A lot of times, you've got to take your bikes off, lean them up against the tree, and then maybe even get your bike cable wrapped around the tree. Odds are, if you're off at a campsite, maybe you don't have a actual bike cable. Sometimes they're just integrated into the bike racks. So this way you can just have peace of mind. So whenever you roll up to wherever you're going, you don't have to think about it, and all you can focus on is your friends and ride your bike.So this swing-away system is going to be compatible with only a two-inch hitch receiver. So be sure to check what size you have before ordering. A lot of it's going to be made of stainless steel, so it does have a powder-coated finish to it, which will help resist against rust and corrosion. There's a couple parts on here that are made of aluminum. Our bearing here at the pivot point and also our little stud here that will be made of aluminum, so it's going to resist rust and corrosion as well.And all of that's going to get you a weight rating of about 250 pounds. We have our Kuat NV 2.0, which is about 49 pounds. We also have an E bike and a mountain bike on top of there, and we are still underneath that 250-pound weight rating. Just be mindful if you're putting a four bike rack on here, be really mindful of what you put on there, and just measure everything. Make sure you're not going to go over that weight.So we do have a solid straight shank here, and directly above the end is going to be where we put our bike racks. Be mindful. We can only use a true two-inch bike rack for this kit here, and it is going to move it up about two and three eighths inches, and it is going to move it out from our original hitch here about 12 and three sixteenths inches.So this will work with any true two-inch bike rack. Obviously if we're using the Kuat swing away system, we can grab more Kuat products if you'd like to be brand loyal. So we do have a Kuat transfer in the back so we're going to grab that. If you're not a Kuat guy, there's a bunch of Thule options here as well. We've got a bunch of stuff, as you can see. Well, for today, we'll just grab the transfer.It's going to be another platform-style rack, but you can also put four platform-style bike racks as well. But you just have to be mindful about the weight that you're putting on there. 250 is the cap, but we're not going to have any clearance issues with our back tire here. And, as you can see, it works just as well as our NV 2.0.So this is going to also work really well with your back hatch vehicles you may have, whether it's an SUV or a CRV like you see here, it's going to work the exact same, just gaining that full access, even at the 90 degree.So we have full access here, and of course even more room using the 120 degree. So it's going to work great, especially with Jeeps with that big spare tire, these bigger back hatches that you may have, or even a tailgate on your pickup.So this is going to be super useful for your pickup trucks as well, as you tilt it back into the side, at that 90 degree angle, we're going to have full access to the bed of our pickup, so we can either just kind of sit around and hang around with everything locked into place and just hang out with our friends, or got a bunch of gear in the back as well. You can grab that without having to reach over the size of your bed.So if you guys are shopping here at and are wondering which swing-away system you want to go with, we're going to do a comparison for you guys. So we're going to have the Kuat right here, and we are also going to have the Thule on this side.I'm just going to start by letting you know the only benefits to the Thule would be, it is going to stick out a little bit farther from your hitch receiver, and that might be good for some spacing issues you guys may be dealing with, and it's also going to sit a little bit higher as well. And what I mean by that is our bike rack is going to be a little bit higher on the Thule than it is going to be on the Kuat. But in my opinion, the Kuat is definitely going to be my choice.It's really, really simple to get everything unlocked. We have a little lever here, and it swings away, honestly a lot smoother than most, and of course to get it back, the lever is a lot easier than this knob on the Thule. So the Kuat definitely beats it there, super easy, and Kuat actually gets you 120 degrees as well. So if you want a little bit more room, you have that option with the Kuat.Other than that it does come with a pin and a little locking cylinder on the end here. We won't have any bolt going through the shank of the Thule. That might be a good thing for you. Might not be something you really want, but in my opinion if you guys want my opinion, I definitely would go with Kuat.So for example, we just get to the trails we're about to ride, but we forgot that we actually have some valuables that we need to take with us in the back of our Jeep here. We probably won't be able to get to it now. We may be able to use the tilt feature. That might gain a little bit of access, but as you guys can see, not a whole lot of room there.So if you haven't already, we are going to loosen the anti-rattle bolt, which is right here, and our tool does come with the kit. That's going to be our anti-rattle system. We got to loosen that up just a little, go into our hitch. This thing does weigh about 46 pounds, so it's not really the lightest thing in the world, but it's made for durability. It is made to swing out to the passenger side, so be sure to put it in the correct orientation, and line up that hole. Take our pin, put it through, and we'll get a pretty neat look and lock here. Slide that on the end, and you can replace your cap just to protect that locking core.Then once we're done there, take that same exact tool, bolt in the very end here, and we're going to tighten up that anti-rattle system just to take out all that shake and play.Now she's solid as a rock.So now we'll go ahead and load up our bike rack. In this case, we are using the NV 2.0. It's a pretty popular rack, and I'm pretty fond of it myself. It's going to thread in the same exact way as if it was your hitch. Obviously, it's just going to be on the swing away part.So if you have a anti-rattle bolt system and a lock, you're going to have two now. So we're going to have one with the swing away system, and one with our actual bike rack. So we can be rest assured it's not going to go anywhere or have any movement when we're going down the road, and it's just going to tighten down the same way as if we didn't have this swing away system installed.So now we're going to go ahead and load up our bikes again and see if it solves our problem.So even with just the swing-away installed, we actually gain a bunch of access to the back of our Jeep here, and that's without it actually even utilizing the swing away feature of the Kuat swing away.So let's go ahead and get that going. All we really need to do is just push down this lever here. That's going to release it, and we're still going to have an extra catch. There's going to be another lever here. It's going to squeeze that in. That's going to allow you to swing it all the way out, and it is going to lock into place. So if you are on a somewhat of a decline, incline, or whatever it is, sitting at an angle, it's going to lock into place so you don't have to worry about it swinging and catching you in the middle of these two pivot points here.But this way, you're going to open up our door all the way, and gain complete access and use the back of our Jeep just as if we didn't have any bike rack installed. So at the first point of the pivot, we actually won't have any contact with our bike. I did have to move my pedals a little bit just so it didn't hit my wheel or my tire, but this is fully maxing out this door. And even when I'm pushing it a little bit, we're still not having any contact.Well, everyone that's just about all you really need to know about the Kuat pivot 2 hitch bike extender swing-away system.

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Eric C.
Does this pivot will fit any brand of 2 inches rack?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

Yeah, it can be use with a lot of accessories. Look at the link I have down below to see more information.

Peter G.
Excellent demo of the Kuat pivot. Freaking amazing and life saver for us jeep wrangler bike enthusiasts! Expensive hitch but sooo worth it. Thanks for the video. It really dug into every feature.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Thanks for the comment! The Kuat Pivot is definitely one of my favorite accessories because it opens up the possibility to do so much more with your bike rack. Have fun with your bikes!

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