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Kuat Transfer V2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Kuat Transfer V2 Bike Rack

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out the Kuat Transfer V2. It's gonna be a two-bike platform rack. Great for hauling two bikes wherever you need to go. Let's check it out.

I mentioned this was a platform rack. That usually means that the bikes sit on the bike rack instead of hanging like a hang-style one where it has the arms coming out and you just set it on there. The platform usually holds it by the wheels. So it sits on like a base. And this one's a little bit different.

Instead of the center mast or the hooks come down and hit the frame, this one holds it by the tires and that's much better overall. So you can have this carbon fiber bike here, you don't have anything touching the frames, you don't have to worry about damaging that frame. It holds it right here under this hook. It's pushed down there. It's nice and tight.

I can shake it back and forth. I can actually get a little bit more on it. There we go, nice and tight, it's not going anywhere. It also has a strap down here on the other tire just to make sure it's not moving. Another great thing about it is the cradles.

You see how they can accommodate different wheel sizes. We have a road tire, road bike tire, sorry, in here, fits in the middle groove. Which you'll see that better when we take the bikes off later. But then you look right next to it, we have a mountain bike tire in the next one. Which it still has the groove set up for that as well. And you can actually get a different add on that makes the straps longer so you can get a fat tire bike in there, 'cause the tire will fit, you just need to make this strap a little bit longer so it fits around and fastens it. Let's take a closer look at the cradle. They are adjustable. So you've got the bolts here and the block. I'm gonna loosen this so that the block pops out. With that out of the way, you can adjust the cradle up and down on this side. The other one freely does it. You just gotta, and when you go to put this block back in just make sure you line up one of those grooves and tighten it back down. Put that back in place. Now that's adjusted. You can come over and check this one out. This one you don't have to loosen. You can just move on your own. But that gives you that adjustment much like some of the platform racks that have the trays where you slide back and forth. That way the handlebars and seats don't hit each other when you have the bikes right next to each other. With adjustability of the cradles, it can accommodate wheel bases up to 50 inches. And also its weight capacity is 40 pounds per bike. So that's 40, 40. Before we take it for a test drive out in the parking lot, I want to show you another great feature it has and you can tilt it away with the bikes loaded. So let's say you forgot something in the back of your car right before you leave or you got it all loaded up. Most of the time you have to unload all the bikes just to get to the back of your vehicle. This one has a pedal. You can push on it with your foot, tilt it down, make sure you grab these posts here or the bottom of the rack to lower it. Don't grab the bikes itself. Then you can access the back of your vehicle. Which is a great feature. If you forgot something, or you want to throw something in there at the last minute, you don't have to unload everything and start over. When you go to lift it back up again come down here to the base or grab one of these side posts, lift it up, it snaps back into place. And you're set. Let's take it on the road and see how it does. So we're going to drive around the parking lot a little bit. I'm gonna hit some speed bumps. I'm gonna keep an eye on the bikes back there. All right, a little side to side movement over the speed bumps. Not a big deal that happens with all of them. There's always going to be a little bit of movement. It adjusts itself pretty quick. It goes to shake and then steadies. I think that anti-rattle really helps keep that nice and steady. A little bit of back and forth in the driving around the parking lot but not too bad. We're gonna speed up here and go sharp left and right to see how it handles that. Handled just fine. They moved back and forth just a little bit like I said earlier but bikes didn't go anywhere. I didn't see a whole lot of movement. I didn't hear anything. I think that really speaks to the anti-rattle device 'cause I don't hear the bike rack back there at all. Now that we're back inside, we're gonna go ahead and remove the bikes. To do that we're gonna remove the cable lock that comes included. You can see how we've wrapped it around the frames and in the tires of the bike just to keep it secure, keep people from messing with your stuff. And then it locks into itself here. Another thing that's handy, you don't have that extra bulky lock anywhere cause it plugs in here. You just unlock it and remove the cable lock. We'll set that aside. Now when removing the bikes always do the strap down here first cause you want that wheel hook to hold up front, just hold it upright. And you can come over here and depress the button and it slides the hook up and you can tilt it down out of the way. Set the bike over here. And that's what I really like about this one is it's so easy to remove the bikes with that U shaped design. I can walk right up to the middle and start taking the bike out and grab it. Some of the other ones platforms have the posts in the middle where the hook comes down here and it's kind of hard to get around and move the bike around sometimes, the more bikes you have. This is the way easier option. When it's not in use, I will go ahead and replace the straps, feed them back in, and then fold in the hooks too. And you can kind of push the button and tuck them up under the cradles too when you're not using them. So they stay nice and tight and take up very little space. Tilt that one up a little bit. There now it all fits in there nice and easy. Takes up way less space. Now the bikes are unloaded, let's get some measurements. I gonna come down here and go from the center of the hitch pin to the closest point, which would be right about there. That seems about six inches away. So that's plenty of clearance. You know, everybody's hitches are different on your vehicle. Some hitches go underneath a little bit more. So this one works with two inch hitches and inch and a quarters. So the inch and a quarter hitch is usually smaller and further underneath the vehicle. That way you're going to need that extra space because it's going to be closer to your bumper. The good thing about this one is that extra space. There are two inch options. There's a couple of these transfer racks that are only two inch. Seem to sit a little bit closer to your bumper and closer to your hitch. So that's just something to keep in mind if you're looking at the two different versions. This version with the adapter might give you just that little bit more space that you don't have any issues folding it up or anything like that. Now let's get another measurement from the center of the hitch pin to this point. The second closest point. Looks to be about 10 inches from there to here. Another thing to be aware of is ground clearance. Now sometimes every vehicle's different. Hitches sit differently on those vehicles. Sometimes they're lower to the ground. You have to worry about going up those steep hills or driveways. Is your bike rack gonna make contact with the ground with a slope. This one you can already see there is a rise in it built in. And so from here to out here, it adds about six inches. So that's pretty significant. So that's going to keep you up and off of the ground. Another important measurement to get would be how much it adds to the back of your vehicle. So we're going to go from the center of the hitch pin, all the way out to the end. It looks to be about 39 and a half inches. So I'm going from the center of the hitch pin to here. So that's 39 and a half inches. So that adds quite a bit to the back of your vehicle. If this is the first bike rack you're looking at, this is one of those things you want to keep in mind that it's back there. Remember when you're backing up or pulling into your garage that it's here so that you don't actually have any accidents. But the only thing about this one is you can fold it up so it takes up less space. So let's go ahead and do that. It's going to be the same way we tilted it. Just push in on that and push it up. It snaps back into place. You don't have to move any pins or anything around like that. Now we'll get the second measurement. Looks like center of the hitch pin, to the pedal I guess is the part that sticks out the most. If I can hold the tape measure steady. Looks about 17 inches. So makes it way less, but still remember it's back here anytime you're traveling with it. With it folded up let's see how close it actually is to your vehicle. We'll go to that center of that hitch pin again to one of these cradles here that looked the closest. Gotta be that one or that one. It looks like about nine inches. So you have nine inches of space, from your bike rack to your hitch. Taking a look at how it fits in the hitch. The bike rack fits in there with this adapter you can see. Which makes it fit the two inch hitch and you can remove this adapter and it goes to an inch and a quarter so it fits an inch and a quarter hitch instead. Either way it's got a built in anti-rattle so it's a little bit different than other bike racks. Sometimes there's an anti-rattle pin that goes in the side or some other device. This is actually built into the rack and you'll see, shake it back and forth, and the bike racks not moving at all, no shaking, nothing. So it's in there nice and steady. And that's because the built in anti-rattle which is back here, it wedges the hitch. It wedges the bike rack into the hitch so that it won't move and that's why there was no movement. We've got a special tool to tighten it and loosen it. So you see there's a hole in the middle of this Allen wrench that fits in with that one. So give it a couple of turns just to tighten it up or loosen it. That's the only way this is coming out of the hitch. So that's another thing that's kind of security based too cause nobody else is going to have this tool unless I got this bike rack. So it's going to keep this in your hitch. Now, if you're still worried about it you can get the HL1 from Kuat. That's going to be a locking hitch pin that goes in here with a lock on the side. Just if you want it, that peace of mind. Overall, I really like the Transfer V2. There's a lot of good features that give me peace of mind when I put my bike on there, it's going to stay on there. The open design is probably my favorite part. Just how easy it is to walk up there, load up your bike, or remove your bike. Plus the no frame contact makes me not worry about my bikes that are on there. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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Andrew S.

If I get the transfer 3 with 1 additional add on to hold 4 bikes does the tilt feature still allow hatch of a honda pilot open? Thanks!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from David B.

I can't tell you yes or no on that one Andrew, we have not had the chance to test this unit on a Honda pilot.

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