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Kuat Transfer V2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of a Kuat Transfer V2 Bike Rack

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Kuat Transfer V2. It's gonna be able to take three bikes wherever you need them to go. And because it holds it here at the wheel and down at the bottom of the wheel here with a strap, it can hold a bunch of different types of bikes. Now, as you see the road bike, aluminum bike, and then the mountain bike. There's a bunch of different bikes it can handle and can adjust to, let's check it out.

The way it's able to carry a bunch of different style bikes, is because it's holding the wheels here with this hook. So it comes down and puts pressure on the wheel. That way there's no pressure on the frame. So on this carbon fiber bike, you wouldn't wanna put this on like a hanging style bike rack or one that has that mount that comes down and puts any force on here 'cause that can easily be dented or ruined. And you don't wanna do that with these kind of bikes.

You also have it holding down here, and it allows you to adjust it up and down so that if there is contact with any of the handlebars or the seats, you do have some adjustments, just like some of the bike racks that have trays on these platform styles, and you can move the tray side to side, this allows you to kind of move your bikes side to side and get it out of the way of the other ones. To adjust the cradle, you can just come down here, with the tool included and loosen this bolt here. Now there's a block behind it. And once that's out of the cradle, you can adjust it back and forth. So I'll show you what I mean here in just a second.

You can see our block is now removed, so this can go up or down to adjust, but you wanna align up those notches on either side with the block. So now I've adjusted it there. The cradle is tilted a little bit further back whatever we can accommodate different frame sizes of bikes. Then just re tighten it. Make sure that block goes back in.

The other cradle, pivots freely. So you don't need any tools. You just use your hands, tilt it forward and backward, to get even more adjustment out of your bikes. With that adjustability, it allows the bike rack to carry bikes with a wheel base of 50 inches and also 40 pounds per bike. So that'd be 40, 40, 40. Looking at the cradles a little closer, you can see how they accommodate the different styles of bikes. We've got a road bike tire here that goes in the center groove, which would be the smallest one but it fits right in there and you can see the cradle has more room. So if we go to our other one here, our mountain bike, you can see how it fits in the slightly bigger groove. Now there's another option, is it does accommodate fat tire bikes, but you have to buy the add on kit with it with the longer strap to go ahead and secure it down. I think we're about ready to take it down the road and see how it handles it. But before we do that, one extra feature that it has that's pretty handy, is let's say you forget something, like now we got it all loaded up, getting ready to leave, I forgot to throw something in the back of my car or I need to grab something out of the back. With other bike racks, you'd have to unload all those, just to get to the back of your vehicle. This one lets you tilt away with all the bikes loaded. There's a pedal here in the center. You wanna make sure you grab it by the, the hooks, the wheel hooks. I think you can kick that with your foot, push in on it, and lower it down. And now, I can access the back of my vehicle, to load that extra thing I forgot or grab something I left back there. To tilt it back up, just the same thing again, you wanna lift it by here, in here and you just push up, that locks back into place. All right. So we're gonna drive around the parking lot. We're gonna keep an eye on the bikes back there. We're gonna go over some bumps real quick. All right, so there's a little side to side movement and it did hop a little bit on that bump, but not bad. I mean, every bike rack does move when you go over those drastic ass bumps. Yeah. I just kind of went with the vehicle. Now I'll speed up just a little bit here in the parking lot. It looks like it's going up and down just a little bit but I think that's just 'cause it's got the three bikes so it's a little extended out more than other bike racks, but it's not loosely moving. So I think that's the good thing is that, it's not going all over the place. I think we're gonna speed up over here. I'm gonna kind of go left and right quickly, just to see how the bike rack handles that. It handled it very well. It didn't move a lot when I did that. I think the anti-rattle has a lot to do with that. Keeping that sway out of the bike rack. That's why it doesn't move all that much at all and stays nice and steady. Back inside, we're ready to unload our bikes. We'll start with the cable lock here, which is included which is a good feature to deter anybody from trying to take your bikes. You see, we wrapped it around and through the frames and the tires of the bikes from our back here, run the cable through its loop and attaches to the bike rack itself, so you don't have to get a secondary attachment or anything. It goes right in here and give you two keys. It's easy now to turn it. You can pull that cable right back out, to kind of undo what we had set up here. Now it's time to remove the bikes. Recommend coming down here to the wheel strap first, make sure you always leave the wheel hook on there. Second, that way it holds the bike upright. So when you undo this it doesn't just fall. Let's come here, to press that on that side, and you can pull the strap out. It's tire's ready to go. And then keeping one hand on the frame, you're going to press this button on the hook here and let's it go, you can slide the hook all the way up and fold it down out of the way. I can just take the bike off and do the same thing for the other two. And with the bikes removed, you just come back and replace the straps and you can move the arms in too. The one thing is, you can tilt the cradles up just a little bit and then bring that hook down underneath that cradle just to save space. Make everything a little more compact. One of the design aspects I really like about this bike rack is there's open middle. It's just far easier to load your bikes and remove them. Sometimes they have, other platform racks have that center mass that kind of gets in the way and you have to go in one side of the other. You can just walk right up, set it in place, bring the wheel hook down and you're good. With the bikes unloaded, we can get some measurements for you. We're gonna go to the center of the hitch pin, to the closest point that might interfere with your bumper, depending on where your hitch sits on your vehicle. Looks like we got, right here is four inches. And then here, depending on how your bumper style is, and again, how far under your hitch is, you could come in contact here too. And that looks to be about eight inches. So that's something to keep in mind. Now it does have a six inch rise. So it does have that lift up off the ground. So if you're going up those steep hills or steep driveways, it does have a little bit of rise for you that way you don't have to worry about it hitting the ground. Now overall, let's get a measurement of how far it sticks out from the back of your vehicle. From the very end here, 48 inches. So it sticks out about 48 inches. Now you can do something about that. It does fold up. So it'll take up quite a bit less space that way. And it's similar to the way you lower down. You still get that pedal. You push in on that and you can lift up. Snaps into place. Now, we go from the center of the hitch pin. Looks like it only takes up about 13 inches from the center hitch pin out to here. So that's quite a bit less space but also keep in mind that it's back there. You know, if it's the first time you're using something in your hitch, you just wanna be mindful when you're backing up whether it's down or up like this, it's still adding to the back of your vehicle and you don't wanna forget. One more measurement, is when we go from the center of the hitch pin, to the closest part to the bumper, just to make sure you can actually fold it up on your vehicle. Seems to be about seven and a half inches away from the center of the hitch pin. So just keep that in mind with your vehicle, and then you can figure out if it folds up or not. Let's look how it installs. You see if it's two inch hitches right here, you got a pin and clip in the hitch, but right here is the interesting part. So it comes with a tool, it's like an X head one, but it's got this cutout here in the middle that matches up with that which is the anti-rattle device for the bike rack. You can see, if I shake the base here, I'm shaking the whole car back and forth, the bike racks not moving at all. That's because of that anti-rattle that's built in. So I can loosen that by doing this, but you have to have this special tool, which means I can pop out it's pin and clip and the bike rack still isn't going anywhere. You still can't get it out unless you have this tool to loosen it up here. Now that doesn't mean you can drive down the road without the pin and clip in there. Definitely always leave that in there, that actual protection is good to have but that's just gonna keep people from messing with your bike rack. They can try all they want but they need that tool to loosen it up and to get it out of there. If you prefer a traditional locking hitch pin, Kuat does have one that works with that, it's the HL2. You can put that in the hitch with the bike rack and that's gonna lock it up. Overall, I think the Kuat Transfer Version Two, is a pretty good bike rack. It builds on things that the original Transfer did, that one's a really popular bike rack too. So I think those people are gonna like this one as well. I liked that the U shaped design, makes it easy to load those bikes and get them unloaded because that center mass can really be a pain sometimes when you got to have your bikes and you're trying to go around them and the fact that you can fold it up towards your vehicle or tilt it away to access the back hatch if you already have it loaded up that's gonna save you some time too. So overall, like I said, great bike rack. I think it's gonna be good to help you get your bikes and go on your adventure. Now, if you have a three and you happen wanting to carry one more bike, you can get an add on, it adds to the end here, and then you can make it a four bike carrier. With that said, I think that's it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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