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Lets Go Aero Vme BikeBag Review

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Review of the Lets Go Aero Vme BikeBag

Speaker 1: Today, we'll be taking a look at the bike bag for Let's Go Aero VeeMee hitch mounted bike racks, part number B01571. The bike bag is a heavy-duty bag that provides a protective storage space for your bikes on your VeeMee hitch mounted bike rack. The bag is made out of a weather-resistant material that helps to protect your bikes from road grime and debris.The front and back waist straps, as well as the cam buckle security straps, are going to help to reduce wind drag. The bottom zippers on each side secure your bag around your bikes. If we open up our hook and loop flap here, you'll see where we wrapped our bag around the shank of our bike rack to add more protection.The bike bag has LED lights, along with rear deflectors on the bag that connect to your vehicle using a four way flat plug. The LED lights on the back of our bag work with our tail lights, brake lights, and our turn signals.Now, comparing our bike bag to our Classic Accessories Deluxe 3 bike cover, our Classic Accessories cover is going to be for hanging or platform-style racks, where our bike bag is going to be for VeeMee-style bike racks.

They're both going to be weather-resistant, but our bike bag is going to have integrated reflectors, as well as LED tail lights on the back.Now that we've gone over some features, let me show you how to use the bag. We're going to place this onto our Let's Go Aero BikeWing-2 bike rack. We've already got our bikes loaded up. We'll start by taking our bag, placing it over our bike rack, and unfolding it so that it covers our bikes.We'll come back behind our bag, undo our inaudible 00:01:55 loop, and secure it underneath the shank of our bike rack. Next, we'll come to each side and secure our zipper underneath our bike rack.

Next, we'll take our two security straps in the front, wrap them underneath our bike rack and around to the top. You can tighten down that excess. Do the same thing on the other side. Then, we'll go to our front and rear waist straps and secure those next, again tightening up that excess. We'll do the same thing for that rear waist strap.Next, we can take our fourfold plug, and we're going to connect this into our vehicle.

We're going to take it underneath our bike rack and plug it into place. We're going to loop ours through our safety chain loop and back to our plug. This is just going to prevent the wiring from dragging on the ground.And now, we're ready to hit the road, and that's going to be our completed look at the bike bag for Let's Go Aero VeeMee hitch-mounted bike racks, part number B01571.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Fred T.

I like this LetsGo Aero dual bag with LED p/n B01571. How do I buy it? Can’t find it on your etrailer site.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Unfortunately we no longer have the bag shown above. The only bike rack bag we currently have available is the Swagman # S82006 .