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Lippert Components Flip DownTailgate Storage System Review

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Review of the Lippert Components Flip DownTailgate Storage System

Colin: Hey everyone, I'm Colin 00:00:01 here at etrailer, and today we're gonna take a look at Lippert Components Flip Down Slotted Rack Tailgate Storage System for coaches and RVs.Now this is a great way, and cost effective way, to add storage on the outside of your RV or coach. So you don't have to get anything on the inside of your vehicle, and you can get that extra storage capacity to take your cargo with you wherever you're going.When not in use, it folds up to your RV to minimize the amount of length you've added on to the back of your camper or RV. But when you wanna use it, it'll fold down very easily. Just remove both pins from each side, just the top pins. And it'll fold down. And it's got those rubber bump stops on the other side.

We're just gonna replace the pins to hold it in place.And when it's loaded down you're gonna have a lot of storage space. We're gonna measure from inside rail to inside rail, 'cause that's our usable cargo space. From inside rail to inside rail on our width, we're going to have 66-1/2 inches. Then our length inside rail to inside rail, that's gonna be 24 inches.We're also gonna have an optional vertical bike support that stows right here on the back of our rack. When you wanna use it, you just pull it out, pull the pin out.

You wanna make sure that this eye bolt is facing towards your camper or RV. Put in that slot, put in your snapper pin, and from here you can load up your bikes, you could even put the tires into the slots right there. And then basically what you wanna do is take a bungee cord, ratchet set, anything like that, and run it through your eye bolt right there, take it around your bikes, and basically just tie 'em all together against this support post.The slotted design's gonna make for easy cleaning. So if you got a lot of kind of muddy gear that you don't wanna haul on the inside of your camper, or on the inside of your truck, you're gonna be able to just spray it right off when you're done using it. And it's gonna be ready for use the next time.On both sides, we're gonna have these rubber bump stops that are gonna act as support for the weight we're putting on, but also take out a lot of the vibration that would occur while we're traveling, even at high speeds.One thing you wanna make sure you know is that these brackets do not come with your kit, you're gonna have to purchase those separately, and you find them here at etrailer.

Once you have the brackets on, your rack is going to come with four pins and clips, two of 'em are going to secure your rack into the brackets. Now the other two are gonna be the ones you want to remove for when you wanna fold your rack up and down.And that's gonna do it for our look at Lippert Components Flip Down Slotted Rack Storage System.

Charlie L.


I have a Grand Design 2150RB which I believe is built on a Lippert frame. Can I use this on my RV? If so would I need to adapt anything for the storage rack to be installed? Thanks

Etrailer Expert

Kef G.


The mounting hardware, part # LC373965 , is designed to be mounted on the 2x4 extensions to your bumper. They can be welded on or bolted on. If you have these extensions, then this will work for you.

Louie M.


What is the cost for the complete kit and rack cost ?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


You can find the individual costs on the product pages linked to this video page.

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