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Lippert Ground Control Replacement Leg Review

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Review of the Lippert Ground Control Replacement Leg

Today we're going to be taking a look at Lippert's replacement rear leg for the ground control three leveling system. These are available for either the left or the right for either your four point or six point leveling system. These jacks are going to be a direct replacement for your factory originals. So whether your jacks are worn out and no longer functioning from age, or if you had some sort of collision that's damaged them, these are a nice easy replacement. And you don't have to replace your entire system, just that particular damaged jack.The replacement jack only includes the jack, so you want to make sure that you save all of your mounting hardware to get your new one installed. On the six point replacement jack, the foot pad is made onto the jack.

However on the four point system replacement jack, the foot pad is removable, and the pin that holds it on does not come included. So you want to make sure that you maintained your pin from your original jack. If need be, you can purchase additional replacement pins here at these replacement jacks, you can have the comfort of knowing that they are factory original replacements, and they're going to bolt right up guaranteed. Our motor's burnt out on this one here, so we're going to need to replace it. We'll begin the replacement by disconnecting the electrical connectors.

So you're going to want to follow the leads from the motor, pull those down. You'll disconnect them by pressing on the release tab, and pulling them apart.Next you'll simply need to remove all the bolts that are holding it in place. On our particular unit here, we're going to be using a 19 millimeter socket and wrench to remove those. To get to the top ones, I recommend only removing them partially, leaving some of the nuts still threaded on to hold it in place because it is quite heavy.Now we've got them most of the way removed, you can support your jack and remove the rest of the hardware by hand. I like to just leave the bolts in there and just remove those with the jack.

We'll now set it down and get our replacement. An exact replacement for the factory originals, and it installs just in the reverse order of how we removed it. Now when you removed your old one, you want to remember which holes that you used because it does have a height adjustment with these holes. If you're questioning it, you can always take a peak at the other side because the other side is going to have the same distance as this side.With all of our bolts in place, we can tighten them back down using that 19 millimeter socket and wrench. Then torque it to the manufacturer's specifications.

Now we can plug in our electrical connectors. And you're all set, ready to go on your adventures again. And that completes our look at Lippert's replacement rear leg for the ground control three leveling system.

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