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Lippert JTs Strong Arm Travel Trailer Jack Stabilizer Kit Review

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Review of the Lippert JTs Strong Arm Travel Trailer Jack Stabilizer Kit

Hi there trailer camper owners today we're gonna be taking a look at JT's strong arms, Jack stabilizers. These jack stabilizers are going to add additional rigidness to your stabilizer jacks. That's on your trailer. These are designed to work with a lot of different style of stabilizing jacks. We're showing them off on a scissor style but if you've got a C style, it works with those as well. If you follow your instructions you'll see how those would set up on those other style of Jacks.

It is very similar, but it is slightly different. Now, before we install our stabilizer arms, I've gone ahead and lowered down the stabilizer jacks in each corner. So we can get a baseline of how it feels without any stabilizer, arms. And it's fairly sturdy, but you can definitely see movement down on our jacks down there where they wobbled down there at the bottom. So putting some stabilizer arms down there is going to help ensure that our jacks don't have any wobble.

It's going to minimize that what we have here. So that way, when we're inside of our motor home or our trailer here, it's not going to feel like we're standing on a wobbly platform. It's going to be just like solid ground. Now that we've got them installed we trapped them all down and secured each of our stabilizers. Let's recheck to see how much better it's going to be.

And boy is this thing solid. I mean, I'm pushing as hard as I can on it here. And we've got no movement whatsoever. Our jacks are completely solid before the jacks we're really wobbly. And you could tell they're older jacks.

It was kind of questionable how long they would last. In a really heavy movement event. They are definitely going to last now without worry about any kind of movement So now on those weekends when you need that extra half hour of sleep and the kids wake up early and they're running around you're not going to be disturbed. You're just going to enjoy all your sleep wake up and have a nice refresh day where you can start all your activities. And you can ensure that your camper is going to be in the exact location it was when you get back things aren't. Will have moved around and bounced around from winds and various things out of new campsite. Well, I'll show you how they work. One of the things that I liked about these. Is that once you have them installed they stay on your trailer and they're just there and ready to use every time that you're ready for'em. We've currently got them down in the locked in position here. So we can have our support. Bolt handles are twisted and lock tight to ensure that we've got that support. So when we're going to move it up and down we want to make sure that we've loosened this up. And on our front jacks, we've got two stabilizers. There's only a single stabilizer for the rear jacks. So you need to loosen up however many there are. Once they're loose you can operate your jack up and down, and you'll see that the tube here will go inside of the other tube. So that way it will just retract into itself without you having to do any more work. And you can see they're not going to take up any more room. They're gonna be right underneath our trailer. And the bottom of our jack here is still the lowest point. So it's going to be the spot on our departure angle. Once we've got them all the way up I do recommend just snugging these back down. You don't need to go crazy tight with them. Just put a little snug on them and that'll help prevent any rattles and vibrations as you're going down the road. It can also stabilize the jack and keep it in a secured up position. So it's not going to vibrate as much all that's just going to minimize any damage and where that's going to occur on your jack over time, because it's holding it in place. Any kind of movement you had is eventually going to wallow out different pivot points and stuff like that. So the more secure it is, the longer it's going to last the arms here are designed to attach to C,H and I-beam frames. So pretty much regardless of what type of trailer you've got it is going to be able to accommodate and attach to those. And they're also designed to work with various types of jacks on your trailer whether you have traditional stabilizer, jacks, scissor jacks, or landing gear, there are options to attach those to it that come with your kit. So you are going to get some extra hardware with it. And you can see here in the back, our arm where it attaches it's very similar to how the front arm attaches but you do only have a single arm here in the back included in the kit. You're going to get a total of six arms. That's going to be one for each side here in the back. And two for each side in the front as well as all the necessary hardware to get it attached to both your stabilizer jacks, as well as to the frame. You'll get a couple of different options for frame mounting as well. For the various different styles of frames out there. There's no welding required. However, you are going to have to drill some holes into the frame, but all in all it's actually a pretty quick and easy installation. The very first one you put on my take a second cause there's a little bit of measurements and stuff to figure out where they go. But once you figure out the one the rest of them all fall into place really fast. And that completes our look at JT's Strong Arms, Jack stabilizers..

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