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Lippert Power Stance Electric Trailer Jack Review

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Review of the Lippert Power Stance Electric Trailer Jack

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out the Lippert Power Stance Power Jack for your A-frame trailers.It's going to be a good replacement for that old worn out jack that maybe the teeth on the inside catch or don't catch and get stuck while you're lowering it or raising it back up. Or you're just tired of having to manual crank that you don't want to do that anymore. This one's automatic. You just push this button. You can raise it or lower it pretty quickly and easily.

Let's check it out.Not only does it raise and lower your trailer, it has a bunch of little features that actually add up to be pretty awesome. You got this bar down here and it's simply there to attach your safety chains to them. That way you don't have to throw them over your trailer, store them up here, worry about them falling down. They're clipped up here. They're not going to be dragging on the ground.

They're up and out of the way.And it's the same thing here. It's got a port for a 7-pole. So, let's say we're done with this one. Instead of just throwing it on the trailer, like I had it, you can actually just store it up in there and it stays put up and out of the way, much like your chains. So it might seem like little things that don't matter overall, but it really does help you to just free up the clutter when you are working on the trailer, instead of taking the chains and throwing them to that side when I need to get into the side of the trailer and work on something or move them over here, constantly moving them back and forth, looking for where that other cable is, they're all right here underneath the jack.

You know where they are. The light's shining down on them. It's nice and neat and out of the way.Now, there is one thing that I always thought about is, yeah, the power jack's pretty awesome, it's pretty easy to use, but what happens if you lose power If something happens to your battery, are you just stuck Well, this one has a manual crank on the top, so if that does happen to you, you're not out of luck. You can still raise lower your trailer. It comes with the hand crank and you just put it in here in the top.

It fits the lug nut and you can just turn it yourself. That's pretty good. It turns with ease, so it's not too hard or anything. I just like knowing that I have that option just in case there's no power.Another add-on they have that I really like is the 7-pole. You can just plug it in here in this port up front. And now, instead of hard-wiring it to a battery or somewhere on your trailer, you can just run this up to your truck side and it'll be powered by that. And again, this is a separate part, but you can find on our website right there with this jack, so I recommend picking this up. That's just easier to plug this side, put it in your truck, or just have it just in case. Again, if your power fails, you don't want to hand crank it, you can still plug that in and it'll work just fine.Let's talk about how it operates. I'm going to push up on it now and let it raise up while I'm talking. You can hear, it's not really that loud. I can talk over it just easily. I didn't have to raise my voice or anything like that. You can still hear it. It's not silent or anything, but it's not that bad. Same thing with the sound going up or down. It doesn't change much there. The button's easy to push. It's a hard plastic up here, so as you push down on it, it doesn't take that much effort or anything like that. And you don't have to worry about it wearing out. It looks like it's pretty heavy duty. It feels heavy duty for extended pushes.Now you will have 18" of lift with this jack, so it can go all the way down to 10-3/4" and all the way up to 28-3/4". The LEDs up here will stay on five minutes after operating the jack. So when I raised it up or lowered it back down, this pops on and that starts the five-minute timer. So just don't be worried about it when it stays on and you're looking at it and going, "Ah, is that supposed to stay on" It is for five minutes.This jack works with a weight capacity up to 3,500 pounds, so it's going to handle most of your trailers with no problem whatsoever. It also installs pretty easily. You got three bolts, that one power wire that we ran inside. Let's check out how we did it.We're going to remove your old jack so we're ready to replace it with our new one. This is going to be as easy as dropping it down in this empty space right here and adding our three bolts, so we'll go ahead and start that. Get it dropped in. Make sure you can line up the holes. It looks like they're all lined up, so then I'm going to start adding in our bolts. Going to start them by hand to make sure they get started properly. Then I'll come back and tie them down.You will notice that you have one red cable coming out of there. It's going to be your power wire, and sometimes on the A-frame trailers or trailers that have the battery out here by the jack . Ours is actually inside, so I have a black cable here that's running into the battery. That was from our old jack. I'm just going to connect it to this. That way, I don't have to run this all the way inside. The other thing is, since it's only got one red wire, where's the ground These bolts are actually grounded to the trailer, so it's a self-grounding jack. You don't have to worry about it. You just tighten this down and it's grounded itself to the trailer.Now I'm attaching our wires with a heat shrink butt connector, so I'm going to come back here with a heat gun and get it nice and melted. With that connection made, let's go ahead and test it before we go any further. It looks like it goes up and down. The light comes on here showing us it's all good. So now I'm going to get this foot plate, and we'll go ahead and attach it. Just line up the holes with the bottom of the jack and then run the pin through to the other side. Now I'll put my clip in on the other side. There we go. The jack is installed.Now we're ready to go ahead and run the jack all the way down so we can lift it up off these floor jacks. Now it's up off the jacks, we could remove those and we're good. And that does it for the What's up, everybody. It's AJ with Today we're going to checking out the Lippert Power Stance Power Jack. You saw it worked pretty well. It's got the nice safety chain loops too, keeping those out of the way, and it was easy to hook up. I like that it has its built-in ground. I didn't have to run a separate wire or anything like that. I just ran the main wire to our battery. Battery's already grounded to our trailer, so it made this complete circuit. It runs just fine. I think that does it. I hope this helped.

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