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Lippert 1621HD 5th Wheel Pin Box Review

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Review of the Lippert 1621HD 5th Wheel Pin Box

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at Today, we're taking a look at the fifth-wheel replacement pin boxes from Lippert. They have several models available like the 1116, the 1716. This one's the 1621 and they have these in different weight ratings depending on what your campers weight is. And basically you're going to get a brand new pin box, which the important part there is the new King pin. We're going to get a new perfectly round non ream King pin.

And you will also get the actual mounting bracket for it.You can see this is the portion that connects up here underneath to the actual RV. And then we use these holes on the side to attach our pin box to. Now, this is going to come in really handy of course, if you've had some kind of damage, whether there's some kind of impact, an accident may be and it's twisted or shifted this, that'd be ideal where you're going to be using this component or if you're just building a new fifth-wheel. That is steel trailer, you want to add a fifth-wheel bracket to the bottom and put your King pin on it. That's going to be included as well as the hardware.

So this particular pin box uses five bolts on each side.We've got the bolts, the washers, the lock washers, and the nuts for that application. So you don't have to worry about reusing old rusted or damaged hardware. When working with customers they often ask, "How do I know which pin box I need or which one's going to be the right one for my camper" And basically on all of your pin boxes, you're going to have a stamped series of letters and numbers in the side of it. That's what you want to use to reference which one's going to be the right one for your application.Now, of course, this is a King pin that we use to connect to the trailer to a truck. So it's extremely heavy duty, has a nice black powder coat finish on it, helps to withstand any of the elements out there.

This is going to be a direct replacement. So this is the exact thing that generally is going to come on your 1621 equipped camper or your 1116. The one thing to keep in mind is oftentimes, people will upgrade this. So this is a standard, just a steel link, right Some of them have airbags on them.So if the ride quality that you've been experiencing isn't what you want or if you get some of that weight coming down in the back of the truck and you can kind of feel it through the truck, adding a pin box or upgrading instead of getting this one, maybe get one that has the air ride like the 5th Airborne. That'll give you an air cushion in there or the GEN-Y, the really nice fifth-wheel King pin that'll connect to a fifth-wheel and has like a torsion axle built into it.

Both of those are really good options as well. So, if you've been pleased with the quality you got and you don't have any complaints, I think this is an excellent replacement. So overall guys, this gets us right back to where we started from the factory, which is an excellent thing. Nice heavy duty steel connection point, perfectly round King pin.So there's no chucking or bucking that we'll have to deal with if we didn't already it in the past. And I would say, if you've been satisfied with the ride quality between your camper and truck, this is definitely the way to go. If you're looking for a little bit of an upgrade, check out one of the air-ride options like the 5th Airborne or the Torsion-Flex style from GEN-Y. They can offer you a real nice upgrade and install just the same way this one would. So definitely something to consider.

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