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Lippert Ground Control Electric 5th Wheel RV Leveling System Review

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Review of the Lippert Ground Control Electric 5th Wheel RV Leveling System

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Lippert Ground Control 3.0 electric fifth wheel RV leveling system, with touch pad and remote. The four point set is part number LC358590, and for the six point set, you'll wanna use part number LC675817. NNow, the ground control 3.0 system is an excellent solution all the hassle that really comes in when it's time to set up your fifth wheel. The only thing that's gonna remain the same to our old style kind of set up is that we're gonna need to chock the wheels.Outside of that, we'll come out, we'll drop our landing gear down, and you can see, even if it's on uneven terrain, since these work independently from one another, it's not like the old single switch system to where you just had to rely on that and hope that it was level. In this case, they're gonna work independently and level that system out.Also, once we traditionally would have those down on the ground making contact, we'd then have to go to the back, get everything leveled out, and then run those stabilizer jacks down, whether it was by hand or one of the ones that has the switches and they kinda scissor down. Just makes life a whole lot easier.You don't have to worry about pulling your vehicle up onto the levelers to get that level and then try to stabilize it.

It's all in one kit, you're gonna have the leveling and stabilization just at the touch of a button. You hit a button, walk away, continue your setup, and it's gonna be done.Now, when you get to your destination, or you're done with your trip and you're back home and you're ready to level out your RV, with this system no longer do we have to take care of the leveling first, and then the stabilizing. Basically, we're gonna chock our wheels. That's really all we have to do.Without this system, you'll need to be pulling up on some kind of leveling system to get that level, then bring down your stabilizers. This takes care of it all for us.

We don't have to worry about any additional parts. We are using some contact pads here. These are generally used, just to keep your landing gear from getting down in the dirt or softer ground.This is more to simulate an uneven situation. Our parking lot's fairly level, so it wouldn't really give us an idea of that. This is gonna show us a little bit better how it's gonna work independently side to side.

Now, we've been using this system for quite a while, we really like how it works, so we just kinda wanna walk you through it, show you the benefits that you're gonna have.We're gonna initially get to our site, and we are gonna chock our wheels. Always wanna have our wheels chocked, and then we'll pull the pin, and we're gonna allow our footplate to come down and make contact with the ground. That's very much in line with what you already do.There's something else I like. Look at the size of the footplates we have here. These are about eight and half inches.

That's really gonna spread this energy out over a greater area, and prevent this from sinking down into the softer ground.Now, we'll come to the control unit, we wanna turn that on. . We're just gonna hit that front arrow. It says front on it. This allows us to get the front end lifted up, so we can unhook from our truck.Now, once we've disconnect our truck, we wanna make sure that we have the front of our camper up just a little bit higher than the back. We want the front end to be a little bit elevated. That helps to ensure that we can use the auto-hitch feature when it's time hook back up, so keep that in mind.Now, we'll come back to our control panel. You can see this light flashing, that means that our rear is low. Down, that's what we want for that auto-hitch feature. Now we just hit this button, we're gonna let that system go to work. You can see auto level engaging, please wait. It's gonna start with the front and it'll move to each side.Back at the rear. As you can hear, it's a relatively quiet system while it's operating, so while this takes the minute or two it's gonna require to get everything leveled out and stabilized, you can continue on with your RV set up.Now, once you have those rear jacks retracted, we'll go into our auto-reconnect mode. . Now, with that auto-reconnect feature activated, you can see how the front of that trailer came up, that's gonna ensure we're at that appropriate level, so we can back our truck under safely, and we'll know it's at the appropriate level for the hitch.And once it begins, it's all the leveling, we van simply walk away and continue with our other chores we'll need to do for setup. When completed, you'll have a little audible beep, the screen will read success, and as you can see on the screen now, it'll say level jacks down, to indicate the status of both the trailer and jacks.Now, our up and down arrows here and here allow us to select through a menu that can give us a lot of good information. Here's our battery voltage, we've got the inches in which each of our jacks have extended. We're gonna have the angle, you can see just about even, .1 degree tilt, .1 degree angle. So we're just about dead even, and then we've got the features as far as auto retracting the rear jacks. Now each of our jacks can be controlled manually as well. You can see we've got manual mode. We'll hit enter to begin, then we'd be able to operate our rear, our front, left, and right jacks. Now, as an additional option, you've got a wireless remote that's gonna come with the ground control system as well. This is rechargeable, it comes with a wall charger so you can plug it in, and this remote will allow you to not only operate the ground control 3.0 system from the control panel mounded inside of your fifth wheel, but also from up to 50 feet away.Now, here's a good look at the landing gear portion of the ground control 3.0 system. As you can see, this is a direct replacement, so you just remove your old landing gear. It's gonna go right back into the exact same brackets, you're not gonna have to make any modifications at all. You can also get a good look at our wiring harness here.As you can see, labeled left inaudible 00:06:12, it's very easy to get this installed. All of your plugs are very good quality. Here we can see the control unit, or the operating unit of the system. Something I like, we've got the nice maxi fuses already installed, 35 amps per set of gear, so it's all gonna be protected, we're not gonna have to worry about any shorts or anything like that.You can also see on the other end of our harness here, this is also gonna be labeled. Left front, right front, left rear, right rear. And for the front, you'll have the cap right here to remove, and then you'll just need a three eights ratchet with a short extension. Here you can see the rear unit, this is on the left rear. It's gonna have the nice large plate.This is gonna work out for eight, 10 or 12 inch frames. So you'd frame on your trailer, you'll wanna make sure falls into one of those categories, but you can also see this one has a bracket that came on it from the factory that you're able to attach to, so depending on your situation if your camper has that bracket, you can attach directly to that, and if your camper wasn't supplied with the bracket, it's easy just to drill a couple holes in your frame and it match up with the flange and get it installed.Now, in the event that you have some sort of battery failure, it doesn't happen very often, but if it does, you're not gonna be stuck where you're at. At the bottom of the motor here, we've got a plug, we can pull that, and on the bottom we'll just use a five 16th inch socket, and we can manually operate that up or down.Now, when it comes time to decide whether you need the four or six post style, it's pretty easy to figure it out. The four post is designed for holding up to 20,000 pounds, but you wanna ensure that your camper doesn't exceed 15,500 pounds. You'll also wanna make sure that from your landing gear at the front, to that rear mounting location, that it's smaller or shorter than 20 feet.If that's further than 20 feet, you'll wanna put one at that 20 foot mark, and then that's where you'll need that six kit, you'll need that second one to go back just a little bit further to give us all of that support that we need.And that'll complete our look at the Lippert Ground Control 3.0 electric fifth wheel leveling system. ..

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Should show the front leg pin operation and to ensure the pin travels all the way through the leg and locks in place. This is a safety issue.

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