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Lippert SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps Review

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Review of the Lippert SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at one of the most popular sets of steps that we offer here. This is the SolidStep from Lippert Components, and essentially what this does is it gives us an extremely solid foundation and a great set of steps to be able to get in and out of the RV. You can see when stepping on them, there's no movement, there's no wiggle, there's no bounce. So this gives you a great sense of security when getting in and out.They can also be stored extremely easily. You just rotate that up into the stored position.

That holds him as we travel. By not having the steps hanging outside of the door here where we're throwing dirt, debris and stuff like that up on them all the time, they last so much longer. They operate very smoothly. We don't really have any issues with them at all.The operation is extremely easy. Once you get out to your campsite, just want to grab the yellow lever and rotate in either direction and allow them to come out.

You can see where that contact on the ground, it's extremely, extremely stable. We don't have to worry about that kind of unsuredness we have on the older steps where they flex out. I also like that they're solid treads. You can see there's no holes in them or anything like that. It's really handy with the pets because dogs when climbing in and out, sometimes their claws would get hung up in those other type steps, and it was just not a good situation.The tread plates also have nice grooves in them to help with any dirt or debris on our feet to help us get good traction, and you can see the traction strips that run across each one.

These are very, very good steps as far as getting in and out. Something else I really like about these steps is that each of our tread plates are 8" from each other, so it's going to be just like at home. Not going to have the issues we used to have with this step being 7", the next step being 9", where it can get a little bit confusing trying to get in and out.I also really like our landing area here. This top step's 13", so as we're coming out, we got plenty of room to step down and on. Each one below is going to be 8-1/2" deep, and you'll also see we've got this protector here.

So as we're getting into our RV, our toes aren't going to be hitting that. We're not going to be hitting that scuff plate. So after our steps are stored, our doors are closed and we're heading down the road, we don't have to worry about any damage on our areas down here.Something else I really like is how the legs where they make contact with the ground are adjustable. We've got this one extended out just a little bit further than this one because we're kind of on an uneven area here. Being able to bring those down, not only does that make contact with the ground and keep everything stiff, it keeps it nice and level too. So as we're getting in, we don't have the steps tilting one way or the other. Our legs are also very easy to adjust too. It's just a single pin for each side. We'll push that out from the back. We've got 1" increments through our holes and there's a bunch of them. So even on the worst of terrain, we could get our step level back out. Once we get the right position, just line that hole back up. We'll place our pin back in and everything's back nice, rock solid and ready to get in our coach.Now the steps are available in multiple different configurations, just depending on how high your door plate is up off the ground. In this situation, with it being a Highland like this, we're using the quad step, but it's also available in a triple and a double. So, regardless of the type of RV or motor home that you have, you'll be able to get good sure footing as you get in and out. They're also designed with many different door widths. We have fixed widths of 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32. And when measuring your door, we're using a what would be a 30" version here, our door opening is 29-1/2", so you just round up. If yours is 27-1/2, you want to round up to 28, 25-1/2, you'll round up to 26.But we also have options for really wide doors. We'll take a look at this one. They've designed these to be adjustable in width, so we can use two kits. We've got one that's going to go from 26" up to 29-7/8, one that goes from 30 up to 36. So, regardless, even if you have a really wide door, we're still going to have a solid step that'll fit it up to 36". You can see right here, we have the fully adjustable latches. So we'll just loosen up these three bolts, and that allows us to slide our release levers or our locking mechanism there, that allows us to slide it out and work with many different door sizes.Now to begin your installation process, we need to get our steps fit up to the door and centered. If you take a look right here, we've got a little trim plate here. We're going to take this off. It kind of covers our forward attachment points here, our outboard attachment points. This one just use three little screws to hold it in. Yours might be a little bit different, but we want to get that out of the way for now. At that point, we'll get our steps just laid down and on. You can see we've got two caps here, one here and one here. We need to get these off. That's going to give us our access point to get into those two outmost attachment points.Once we've got both of those out of the way, want that to be on the bottom side. We can see right through to those slots. So now we need to set up our step appropriately. Then we're going to use our hardware to get it attached. Now we're using a little bit different hardware than what comes with it. We're using black hardware just so it blends in a little bit better, but use your hardware and get that attached on both sides. With those in place, we'll now just rotate our steps up. That'll give us access to the rest of the mounting plate there. Just put one fastener in each of the other slots.Now this is a nice solid thick floor. That's why we're able to go directly down into it. If you have a thinner floor, if you have laminate flooring, there's a backer plate. You can use the provided screws or bolts to go all the way through to that backing plate and put a nut on the backside.Now that we've got our base mounted, we'll just extend out our side plates so where they engage the door properly. We've got three bolts here that we're going to loosen. We're going to use a 7/16 to do that. You see we've just allowed those to slide out to where they engage the frame. We don't want them right up against it, so leave a little bit of a gap there. We'll just get these tightened back down. Do that same thing on the other side and our steps will be ready for use.Now, At this point, we just want to operate the steps. We want to make sure we don't have any interference and nothing runs into anything. So we'll move our lever over. That allows them to come down. Move them back up, make sure they work nice and smooth. Lock in both sides really well there. Now we'll bring it back out. We can replace those two black caps that we pulled out. It'll give us a nice clean appearance.Overall when working with customers, I've heard nothing but good about these steps. They install very quickly and easily. It doesn't take a whole lot of time to get them in, and they can really make your life so much easier. Getting in and out with a nice solid platform like this gives you the peace of mind knowing that you're not going to have to worry about slipping off or anything like that. This is definitely an upgrade that I highly recommend and I think you'll enjoy.

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