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Lippert High-Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Review

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Review of the Lippert High-Speed Power Stabilizer Jack

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Lippert Components Line of High-Speed Power Stabilizer Jacks. Each one offers a total of 30" of travel. Now, the Power Stabilizer System has been designed to help out a lot when it comes time to set up your RV at the camp site. You know if you've done it before there's several steps that you go through. The first is getting your RV leveled front to back and side to side. The next step is then stabilizing it, so when we are walking around inside of it it's not rocking back and forth, we're not disturbing anybody sleeping, and things like that.Now, generally what that's going to require is for you to go to each corner, get out your crank, crank them down, kind of go around a couple times make sure everything's secure.

Lippert's designed this to kind of eliminate that process. Basically, now all we have to do is go to that corner, find our switch, press the switch, and our arms are going to come down at the same time. They work independently of one another. They're on a single screw, but even if one side needs to be up a little bit higher than the other, as they both make contact even on uneven surface, it gives us a nice steady and smooth stabilization so we're going to have the same force pushing down on each side.Now, based on our customer reviews, even on an uneven terrain, as these make contact and they spread that force out evenly, they do a great job of stabilizing the camper. So, even as people are moving around inside, it's not felt all the way up front if you're moving around in the back or vice versa.Now, we basically have three models to choose from with the Power Stabilizer.

We're going to have one that doesn't come with a switch at all. That's basically designed to use in already existing switch or maybe you just want to replace it. You drove off and they we're still down, dented, or something. You just need to replace the system. That part number is LC337199.The next model that we have comes with a black waterproof switch.

You can see it's got the hood all the way around it, an extend and a retract. Now, they planned for this, somebody that doesn't already have a system like this installed. So they're also going to supply a breaker with it. That way we're not going to overload our systems and the mounting hardware that you'll need to attach this up to your frame. Now this is part number LC298707.

This is going to be, I think, ideal for more flat surfaces like this. We could get that mounted right in place just by opening a small hole, sliding it through and fastening it, and as you can see with that flat back, it's going to match up with that flat panel really well.Now, if you're going to be dealing with a corrugated exterior, such as this, we also have one that has a white switch with a hatch, so it'll be very similar to most doors on the outside of an RV, and with that system, think you could get these contours filled in using some butyl tape, and you wouldn't have to worry so much about water seeping in behind. The part number for that is LC369774.Now, while this is kind of an extreme example, you can see what we mean how our arms are designed to work independently. Once this is mounted to the frame of your trailer, these come down and make contact. They spread it out perfectly over both the left-hand and right-hand side, so you don't have to worry about going to one side into the other and then back over to the other.Now, there have been some really nice improvements made to the Power Stabilizer in the last few years. They still offer the nice sturdy steel construction. So, once we've got this mounted up to the frame of our trailer with the black powder coat finish, it's going to last a really, really long time. We also have the new embossed supports here on each side. They've got just a little bit of an angle built in them to give them a lot more structural rigidity.The motor is also going to be twice as fast as our typical stabilizing motors, so we're not going to have to spend so much time on setup. Now, with all that being said in how strong and sturdy that these are, they're much lighter than typical stabilizers out there. We're not going to be adding so much weight to the front and rear and our camper so don't have to worry about the excess stress on our vehicle.Now, something you really need to keep in mind with stabilizers such as this. These aren't designed for leveling your RV front to back or side to side. These are strictly used as a stabilizer. You still need to get your RV level, and we drop these down to reduce any movement that we feel inside. If you're looking for an all-in-one kind of a setup, the Lipper Ground Control System seems to be better at that. Whether it's going to be on a fifth wheel or you're going to be doing it on a bumper pull camper like this, they've got systems out there and available that'll allow you to both stabilize and level.Now, the closest competitor of the Power Stabilizer is from Ultra-Fab. That one uses two motors. You're going to have a motor on each side. That means we have independent control of each side, which this one also has. It's just going through one motor. With the two-motor setup, of course, you are going to have additional wires and additional switches to run. Also, everyone of the Lippert Components are going to have 30" of travels, whereas with the Ultra-Fab, you have to choose the right one for your application. Some of them are 18, 22, and then the highest model does offer the 30".Now, with most campers and fifth wheels out there, they share a pretty similar frame width. The Lippert Components model is going to be 68-11/16 from center of mounting location to center of mounting location. An area where the Ultra-Fab, I think, has an advantage over the Power Stabilizers that we're looking at here today are that these can be adjusted in and out slightly just by changing the bolt pattern in the middle. Those are going to work from 42" frame rails all the way up to 80.Here you can see the Power Stabilizer fully retracted. Now, the overall dimensions from the end of the motor to the end of the mount there are going to be 78", and it's going to be about 20" wide. The thing I really like about it though, from the top mounting surface to the very bottom, it's only 4-3/4", so we don't have like the old traditional big stabilizers hanging down there or the other stabilizer type might be a little bit bigger, hang down a little bit further. Gives us plenty of ground clearance underneath our trailer but still a lot of benefits. That's going to complete our look at the Lippert Components Line of High-Speed Stabilizer Jacks.

David K.


first time i used this style on my brand new 2019 forest river,The drivers side front and rear buckled and had failure! Not a Happy Camper!

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


Sorry to hear about your experience. I'm not sure how you were using the stabilizer jack but if you were trying to lift your 2019 Forest River with this product then that would explain why they buckled. These are meant to help keep your RV still when you are parked and camping. If you used them to try to lift and level your RV then they would have bent as they aren't designed to lift the RV.

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