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Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier Review

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Review of the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline 00:00:02 and today we are looking at our lock rack, adjustable, extra large water sport carrier here at So this is a great carrier if maybe you have more paddle boards or an oversized kayak that you need to carry on your vehicle. The way this kayak carrier is designed is so that you can fit up to three stand up paddle boards, if you have an oversized canoe, or a deep hole fishing kayak, they fit in here. So it has an adjustable base, which is great because then you can find the best fit for your kayak. We don't have the largest kayak here right now, but even so, it fits in well. And there's a great feature about this is how you can see we don't have straps on our kayak right now, and this is why.

We have levers here that are enough and provide enough traction to really come up against the kayak and keep it in place.So you push this and you can lock it and unlock it with the included tool. It's made of this nice rubber design here, which is wrapped around the lever, and that really protects your kayak from those extra scuffs and scratches from travel. You can see here how it has this nice rubber padding at the bottom, and it's really sturdy to cushion your kayak from underneath, but also I've noticed that even if your kayak is wet or damp it is designed to still hold it in place. Let's talk about measurements. So with it right here, this is as high as it goes, which might be something you're wondering about, especially if you have a deep hole fishing kayak.From the top of our bars, which is the bottom of the carrier, to the hop of the arms, straight up it is 18 1/4 inches.

So that might be something to think about when you are putting a kayak on there. If we do not want that height on top of your vehicle, when your kayak is off, another option is you can take it out and store it to the side. Make sure to do this when your kayak is off, though. As for the height, when the arms are down, you can see how the lever or the arm is as high as the rubber padding at the top of your base. And let's see exactly how high it is from the top of our bar to the top of the kayak carrier it is 2 1/2 inches.So that's a fair amount, it's very low profile, and might be something that you're interested in.

This has a weight capacity of 175 pounds, keep that in mind, especially with your heavier and larger boats. It is low profile, which is nice, but since it's an extra large kayak here, you can see that it takes up a lot of your bar space. So if you do want to have other accessories on your roof, especially on our car here, you can see there's not enough space for that. So keep that in mind. For dimensions, since this is an extra large kayak here, if you want to know how wide it is, for an example here, we have a 28 inch wide kayak.

And that's right where it's widest, so you have to measure at where it is going to be attached to your carrier.So right here is 20 inches, but from the inside, as to where it's sitting, it's at 33 inches. And then it's 25 up here. So this can be pulled out and installed to the furthest width of 41 inches at the bottom point. So just keep that in mind when you need measurements for your kayak. If you have a tall kayak, then the measurement here at the top is 26 inches from this side to that side. So make sure it's within that measurement. And the finish, this can go, if you push it all together, is 28 inches here at the bottom. When you have things on your roof rack, you do have to think about weight capacity. Now the carrier itself is very light, so the reason for this is because it is made of aluminum. So it's strong, but also light. And it's corrosion resistant, which is something you might be interested in. Especially if it's going to be covered in water or out in the elements.Let's take a look at the padding on the carrier itself. With the kayak off, you can see how strong and sturdy that is on there. It's a nice rubber, made of good construction, and this is designed to help protect your kayak, your canoe, or your paddle boards from extra scratches and scuffs from travel. The arms also have a rubber padding on here and this works with the padding on the base to really keep your kayak secure. My final thoughts about this kayak carrier is, I like its adjustability as well as how easy it is to mount my boats. So if I have large, oversized boats, I don't have to worry about it. I just put it in there and push the levers into place. I don't have to worry about straps or tying things down. I can just focus on my adventure on the water, which is awesome. So that was a look at the lock rack, adjustable, extra large water sport carrier here at

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