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LubriMatic Standard-Duty Lever Action Grease Gun Review

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Review of the LubriMatic Standard-Duty Lever Action Grease Gun

Hi there trailer owners, today we're going to be taking a look at Lubrimatics 14 ounce lever action grease gun. We just got done repacking the bearings on our trailer here. There was no damage to the bearings but it had been quite a few years now that this trailer's been in service, so it's always a good idea to check your bearings, make sure there's no pitting or scoring on them. And while you're there you should replace the grease to get out any dirt, moisture or anything else that's in there to ensure you've got nice, smooth operation.After you've got those replaced if you greased them, you can use our gun here if you've got easy lube axles, and this is actually something you can do without having to take the bearings all the way out and check them. We inspected them and did everything to make sure that they we're okay, but you can just go in here and add some new grease. The grease fitting is located right there.

Our end we'll click right onto it and then we just pump our gun. And as we're pumping our handle here, it's filling our cavity up inside with grease and that also pushes it through our bearings.The guns are rated for 6,000 pounds of pressure which is more than you're ever going to need when you're using it with your wheel bearings here in most cases, but many of your other components on your trailer require lubrication as well. Especially if you've upgraded your equalizers or the pins for your leaf springs. A lot of the replacements are going to have grease fittings on them so you can grease those and extend the life of those components.With those, they do often freeze up, rust gets in there and it can be difficult to deliver grease to it. And that's where having that 6,000 pounds of pressure really comes in handy because you can drive out that rusting corrosion and get that grease into those spots that have been missing it for potentially many years.

With our lever here it does deliver grease of one ounce over 40 strokes, so this is per stroke that we've got coming out there.And again, over 40 strokes, that's going to be about one ounce of grease. Now if you need some grease for your gun we've got plenty of greases available from Lubrimatic here. They offer both marine and wheel bearing grease. We're using the standard wheel bearing grease on this but the marine we would be using on something like a boat trailer. They're available in tubs or cartridges, and this is going to use the 14 ounce cartridges here.So when you're ready to install one or replace one that has been emptied, you'll want to start by pulling on the lever here at the back and this will pull out.

It is going to be a little hard to pull it if you've already used it. And then once you've got it pulled back there's a small slot in the bottom, it'll just tip to the side and that's going to hold this in the release position.We've released all the spring pressure on the seal that's pushing up on our grease. We can then remove the top and here inside we've got our cartridge. This one's not completely empty yet so we're going to be saving it, but it does just slide out of here. We can see there.

So when you go to install your new one, that was the standard wheel bearing grease. We've got some marine grease here we're going to be sliding in there.We'll start by taking the cap off. It will then slide down inside our tube. I like to give it a little push and twist, it can release the lever here at the back when you do that. But it's important that you get the seal up inside of your tube here in order for it to push properly and get out any air that's inside of it.Once you've got it down in there, the top here just has a pop top just like on a soda can. So we're just going to pull that and we can now re-install the top. On the top here it does have a small fitting you can use to bleed out any air, but what I actually found that I like better than grabbing an allen key and removing this is to just loosen this up a turn or two, just like that. And when we go to release this now it's going to push the air out past the threads.So it'll just save you from having to go get another tool. Once we've done that we're just going to go back and forth just to make sure it gets that air out of there, and then we'll tighten it up. And at this point you're ready to start filling anything, we're just going to test it out here on our rag. And you can see the difference in color between our wheel bearing grease that's coming out, what was left in there, and the marine grease there. It's kind of a bluish green versus a darker forest green. And you can see now we are into our new marine grease. And that completes our look at Lubrimatics 14 ounce lever action grease gun..

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