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Tow Ready Magnetic Tow Lights Review

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Review of the Tow Ready Magnetic Tow Lights

Today we're going to be taking a look at Tow Ready's Magnetic Tow Lights. Whenever you're towing a vehicle or a trailer behind you, it's good to have lights on that trailer or vehicle so the people behind you will know your intentions when going down the road.These magnetic tow lights, it's going to be one of the quickest and easy ways to get lighting on your vehicle when flat towing it behind your motor home. Or if you have a trailer loaded up that doesn't have any lights on it and it's blocking the lights on the back of your vehicle or motor home, you can slap these on there as well.It's going to get all of its lighting signals from your towing vehicle, whether that's a motor home, hauling a flat-tow setup, or if it's just a regular old vehicle hauling a trailer. These lights will directly mimic your towed vehicle. We've got our flashers on right now, but it will also produce all the signals that your motor home or towed vehicle would produce, which includes your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps, and brake lamps. And this will keep you DOT compliant in all states.

And you'll have the peace of mind knowing that the people behind you know your intentions when going down the road.It quickly attaches with the magnet on the bottom of your lights to the roof surface. There is a protective film located on the bottom to protect against any scratches or abrasions. Some customers are curious how strong the magnet is on the base, and while I can pull the light right off, it does take a little bit of effort. And they're rated for highway speeds, so some small things hitting it down the road and all the wind resistance that you'll be getting won't be able to knock it off.Your lights will attach to your towing vehicle using the 20-foot long four-pole connector. Now, I would recommend, if you're using it in a flat-tow setup with a motor home, to pick up a seven-way to four-way adapter so you can get this connected.

We've got several different adapters available here at, if you don't want to purchase a separate seven-way to four-way adapter for your motor home, it does come with a four-pole harness here. It has your four-pole connection that will plug into your lights on one end, and the other end, it just has bare wires. You can use these to hard wire it into your seven-poles wiring. But, again, if you don't want to make any modifications and you're looking for something that's quick and easy that you can move from vehicle to another, getting the adapter will really solve that problem for you.With 20 feet of cable, it's easy to route it back to the back side of your vehicle. When routing your wiring, you'll want to try and keep it up on top of the vehicle.

We don't want it to fall off and hang down. If you've got any roof racks, you can run it under those and that'll keep it from coming off the side. When you get towards the front, you can use your wiper blade to hold it nice and steady, and it won't cause any damage to it. Now, if you didn't have any roof rails, you can use the weather stripping in your door and you could pinch it in between there on your front and back doors to help keep it up as well.The bulbs inside of our lights are going to be incandescent. We do carry LED lights here at

You'll have to choose the one that best works for you. LED lights typically last a lot longer than incandescent lights. However, the LED lights are typically non-replaceable. So if you wanted an option that you can maintain yourself, if a bulb burns out in these, the covers can pop off and you can just replace the inside bulb.If you're using these lights for a flat-tow setup, you do have a couple other options. One option is a bulb and socket, which would require you to drill a hole in your taillight and add an additional bulb. And the other option is diode wiring, which place diodes between your existing wiring for your taillights, and you run an additional wire up to the front, and that keeps your signal separate from your motor home and your vehicle, but will allow your vehicle signals to travel back to your lights and illuminate the lights.And while the bulb and socket and the diode wiring are great options that are going to be permanently installed, so once you get it in, you'll never have to worry about it again, they are quite invasive, and it's a lot longer installation time. You'll typically have to remove your taillight assemblies and sometimes you have to remove more components to get everything routed and wired up.But with our magnetic lights, it's so much simpler. You just pull it out of the box, stick them up on the roof, take your wiring and route it to the front, plug it in, and you're ready to go. Another thing I like about the magnetic lights over your permanently installed options is that they can be moved from one vehicle to another, or to another trailer. My friend Tom's dad uses them on his motorcycle carrier. Whenever he has to hook that up, he just simply sticks these on and he's ready to go.And that completes our look at Tow Ready's Magnetic Tow Lights.

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