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Malone MegaSport Trailer 1 Kayak Bunk Kit Review

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Review of the Malone MegaSport Trailer 1 Kayak Bunk Kit

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the bunk kit for your MegaSport trailers. What makes this something that I would probably want for my Malone trailer is just the fact that it is a nice weatherproof pad that's going to protect the underneath of my kayak. The smoother it is, the smoother you'll go through that water whenever you're kayaking around. Also, if you are possibly going on a little bit rougher terrain, having them directly on these bars, it's going to have a lot of rattling.

Some of your straps might come undone. This way, we have two different points of contact, it keeps it nice and centered, and it's not going to wiggle its way out if you're going on the more rougher terrain.When comparing this bunk kit to a J-style carrier, I would say there's pros and cons. This way, it's going to be a little bit more safe, a lot more secure, but we aren't going to be able to fit two on this side of our center mast. With those J-style carriers, we are going to have an angle and it's going to take up less room, so if you have a bunch of kayaks, J-style carrier might be your best bet. But if you have a high-end kayak and you plan on just putting a couple on your trailer, I definitely think the bunk kit's going to protect your investment and just do the job, get your kayaks from point A to point B.One thing that I noticed with this bunk kit, it's actually fairly easy to load and unload our kayaks.

We can either load it or unload it from the side. If we have it hooked up, we can obviously unload it from the back. But right now we don't have anything hooked up. It actually helps keep it nice and level because, as you know, the kayaks are a little bit bowed like this, so if it's sitting on a flat surface, it's wanting to tilt right or left. With this, just pull it right off like so and you can be ready to go.Our bunks here are going to be 84" long.

They're basically just 2x4s. We're going to have a width of four and it's going to be about 2" thick. They are going to be pre-covered with a marine-grade padding which is going to not absorb all of that water and moisture over time. And it's going to look nice and dark black because it will resist and not fade over time.These are going to have about 500 pounds of weight capacity, so if we do plan on putting a different kayak on this bunk kit, we can adjust it pretty easily. You just got to loosen four bolts.

Gonna be these two here and of course the ones on the other side. As you can see, that loosens that up so we can actually just rotate it in if we want to contour to the right shape of that other kayak you may be carrying. If you have multiple bunk kits on your trailer and you usually have maybe a different crew that you usually go kayaking with, it's going to be a quick and easy thing to just adjust it so they can reap the benefits of this bunk kit too. Because sometimes I know a couple of my friends have extremely nice kayaks compared to mine, so whenever they decide to come out, it's always nice to be prepared to protect their equipment, so then they'll be more prone to actually coming back and going yaking again.And of course, it is super easy to adjust, which pretty much makes it really easy just to take off. If you just remove these four on each side and then the other four for the other two, if you're not using it, you can take it off really quickly as well. We will be able to adjust the tilt as well to accommodate for different kayaks. Also, all these different holes here we can use. By just removing this U-bolt, sliding it down a little bit, we can even go from the top one to the third one here just to lower this a little bit, get that center of gravity lower, if you have maybe even just a taller kayak. A lot of adjustability for this, which is awesome, because there's a lot of different kayaks out there.When utilizing this bottom hole, that's going to be the maximum amount of height we can get with our kit. It's going to be about 7" from the top of this bar to the top of our bunks. But we can actually go ahead and utilize this hole up here, and that's going to bring it down to about four from the top of this bar to the top of the bunk.We are installing this bunk kit on the MegaSport trailer. We didn't have to buy anything special. Everything that came with the kit mounts on this MegaSport trailer and all of this MegaSports trailers. So once you buy the kit, you do have to worry about anything else. All the hardware is included and it's pretty easy to install. If you do have a older MicroSport trailer, there might be a couple of adapters you have to grab here at So go ahead and grab those, but it should be just about the same installation as what we're about to show you now.All right, the first thing that we want to do is find the first spot that we want to mount our first bracket. What we're going to do is take this plate with all these holes in it, and the thicker part is where we're going to put our U-bolt here. We do want it to be on the inside of the frame so we can wrap it around like so. We will have nylon lock nuts that come with our kit. I will be using a 14mm socket to tighten these down. Want to make sure to get it nice and upright. Remember, we are going to install another one over there, so be sure to leave yourself enough room. Try to oscillate between the two just to make sure that that's U-bolt as close to even on each side as possible.Now, on our top, we're going to take our smaller curved bracket here, a little bit thicker bolt, and our bigger lock nut that comes with our kit. We're going to take this single hole here, feed that bolt through, put that nylon lock nut on. We'll be using a 16mm socket to tighten this down. I'm going to tighten this down not all the way, just enough to where it's flush with it but I could still move it, because we want to make sure to get the right angle for my kayak.Now we want to go ahead and do the same exact thing for our back bar, but we want to do is measure from our U-bolt here to the very end just to make sure that's going to be the same for this one and the one back there just so it is nice and even. Now we can go ahead and install our bunks. I grabbed Jonathan here to help me out. You might need an extra set of hands to get these screwed into place. These screws are included with the kit.We do want to make sure that we have an equal distance on both sides from our bracket to the end here. There are a couple visual cues that you could possibly use, but a tape measure's always going to be the most accurate, to be sure to line it up and make sure it's nice and even. Now we can go ahead and complete the other side. All we really need to pay attention to is what kayak we plan on putting this on and spreading them out accordingly.Now I just went ahead and put on my kayak. As I set it down, I get that angle that I was wanting for this specific kayak. So with it on there, I'm actually going to go ahead and tighten all these down just to keep that angle for next time. Now we can go ahead and just tie down our kayak so it's safe when we're going down the road. These do come with the kit. It's a little cam buckle type strap, and it's a nice color green. Going to be plenty of length. What I'm actually going to do is go through our loop on our trailer here, go up and over and around here. I'm actually going to put it through this little protective pad here just so it's not going to scratch my kayak. Going to rotate it around and give it a good tug. We can do that same exact thing for the other side. Well everyone, that's just about it for our look at the bunk kit for your MegaSport trailers.

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Jane D.

A question: I'm putting together a Malone Microsport XT with 2 bunk kits and a retractable tongue. I'd hoped to store the the trailer upright in my garage, but in all the pictures/videos I've seen, the bunks extend far beyond the rear of the trailer, so storing upright wouldn't work. My question is about how much latitude there is in positioning the bunks? They're 7 feet long & my kayak is only 10'2" long. How far can I safely move the bunks toward the front of the trailer without compromising the stability of the trailer (it's not clear to me exactly how my kayak should be positioned in relation to the trailer), and without compromising my little kayak (moving it too far forward & jack-knifing into it while backing up. Thanks for any advice you can give!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The instructions for the Malone MicroSportXT # MPG460XT says to install one of the load support tubes at the rear cross member and the second tube 48 inches forward of that. Be sure everything is centered and straight before tightening everything down.

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