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Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline, and today, we'll be taking a look at the Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box right here at etrailer. This is one of my favorite affordable rooftop cargo boxes, because even though it has a really good price where it doesn't hurt your wallet, it still has good features like an easy way to put it on there without tightening down bolts, it has a lot of cargo space, and it has a really good finish that holds up to the elements. We'll talk about those features, but what we're gonna focus on, is it going to be the best fit for you, your vehicle, and your types of adventures So this is gonna have 16 cubic feet of space, which lies into the larger area of the mid-size cargo boxes. You can get cargo boxes up to 22 cubic feet if you need a lot of extra space, so this is a good in between, great for if you're going camping, hiking, overlanding, and if you have luggage for up to four people. We're gonna take this box inside, so that we can take a closer look at how it looks. If I lower my seats, I have good enough room for the skis, but what if I wanna bring friends with me or my larger suitcases Where do I put them We're able to put a lot of stuff in there, we have two pairs of skis, this can carry skis up to 193 centimeters, we have a tent in there, we also have some camping chairs, we even have a big fluffy winter coat, as well as other bags like dry bags, tripods, and even a mattress.

All right, let's talk about using the box. So we have this extra stiff lid here designed for making it easier to open and close it. You have those jointed hinges on each side, that way, you can still have that dual access. So as long as your clamps or your hinges are clear, just get this over, give it some weight, and it's secure. If you're worried about if it's secure or not, just go ahead and turn the key.

If it's in the unlocked position, you cannot remove the key, if you're able to turn the key to lock position and pull it out, that's how you know your box is secure. This is dual access, meaning you can open it on the passenger's side or even the driver's side, super helpful if you have this centered on your roof rack, that way, no matter where you're parked, you can still open up your roof box safely. Or if you plan ahead of time, you can have items stacked up on the certain sides, and you only have to open it there and not reach over everything else. The construction of the box is made of a durable ABS plastic construction, which is UV resistant. Very important, since you're gonna have this on top of your car exposed to all the UV rays.

I am a huge fan of this finish though, because there's boxes out there that have the glossy finish or the matte finish, this has a matte gray finish with a dimpled construction, so you can kinda hear how it's rougher, but also, really good, because it's scratch resistant, even as I scrape against this or leave my hand there, I'm not leaving hand prints or scratches. These have very low-profile clamps, and you can see in the install process how easy it is to slide over your crossbars. They face inwards, so you don't have to worry about sudden stops moving your roof box forward. It also doesn't take up too much space underneath your crossbar, so even if you have crossbars that are lower to your roof and super low-profile, you're not as likely to scratch or damage your roof. So you saw the different features of our Malone cargo box, you saw how much space there was inside of it, for what types of different cargo, you saw how easy it was to clamp around those crossbars, I'm still a huge fan of what it's made of and that gray finish.

But comparing this with some of our other boxes here at etrailer, it really depends on the cargo you're carrying. If you need more space, we have larger boxes, if you have a smaller vehicle, we also have smaller boxes. Comparing it to other 16 cubic feet boxes, I would compare it to the Yakima SkyBox. I'm a huge fan of the Yakima SkyBox, because it does check off all those boxes, and it's still one of the more affordable Yakima roof boxes, but the Malone Cargo16 is a great comparison too, because it is affordable, and it does a great job of keeping your cargo safe, so it really is more of a matter of preferences. Go ahead, check out our product pages, compare those dimensions, see if it fits your cargo. Hopefully, this video helped you out with that whole process though. And that was a look at our Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box right here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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