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Malone FoldAway-5 Folding Watersport Carrier Review

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Review of the Malone FoldAway-5 Folding Watersport Carrier

Hi, it's Evangeline from, and today we are looking at our Malone FoldAway-5 Watersport Carrier here at etrailer. This can carry your stand up paddle boards, your kayaks, your canoes, and the best thing about it is that you can pick what configuration you want it to be in.There are different configurations that we found for the Malone FoldAway-5. The first one is the J-style configuration. The second one is the two-boat configuration. The third one is the canoe transport, or the wide-extended configuration. The fourth one is the one with the foam block, so it carries your stand up paddle boards and your large kayak configuration.With the foam block in position, you can see how we can put our other watersport equipment on here.

Like we have a surf board on here. You can also put your stand up paddle boards or even your large kayaks, if you want that extra cushion. You can also strap it down. You can see that there are some strap down points on the carrier itself for your surfboard, paddle board or a kayak.We have our carrier in the two-boat configuration. We already have one kayak up there and let's put the other one up there just to see how it looks.

I got myself an extra set of hands to help out. There you go. That looks good. Now we just strap it down. This carrier comes with four straps, so two for each kayak.We have these straps down now.

It's up to you to find out what's the best fit for your kayaks on your carrier. You have different options for strapping them down. Also make sure to use the bow and stern safety lines. There's two sets. So if you have two kayaks up there, you can do them on both kayaks.Let's take a look at what exactly this carrier has in terms of features and material.

Like most of your other modern watersport carriers, we have a nice foam padding here. So this is actually a good material. It will really help with protecting your water sport equipment from those extra scuffs and scratches. Also, when they are wet, they really help with keeping them in place. So the foam padding is over here on these sides, as well on our top mast.As for the material, I like how it has this nice finish here to help prevent from corrosion on the paint itself. And like the clamps, we also have this paint coating on them. since it is metal, you do want that little layer between the metal plate clamps and your crossbars. So those are nice little construction design choices that they made with this carrier.Another nice thing with this design is how it has a tool-free install, since it just has these wing nuts and these clamps that go around your bar. So let's take a look exactly at how we installed it.Before installing, I like to just put a towel on my roof and get all my hardware ready, so it's just quick and easy to mount them. Then we put the carrier on. I have it in the open position here, so I have access to the holes at the top. Make sure it's aligned with the carrier we already have installed. Then you just drop the screws in. Here we have the Inno aero bars, and I found that I needed the longer included hardware to fit around the bars. So it comes with the long bolts and the shorter bolts, which it depends on what you need for your own roof rack. With the bolts in place, you insert the metal plates underneath, just like that. Make sure that the are bent around your bars. And from here, you can use the included wingnuts to tighten them down.Once you have both clamps tightened down, be sure these wingnuts are all clamped up against your crossbars, you can then proceed to install the other end of our carrier. It depends on how you want to use this carrier on where you're going to position it. I like them right here. So I placed it here and put those bolts in, and then proceed to putting the clamp around, and then tightening these down as well.That was the saddle post or stacking style right here with the mast up. You definitely want it in this position. If you want to stack up your kayaks, make sure they're vertical and not horizontal in this position. Let's take some measurements. We have it here where it's straight up. So from the middle to the end it is 13 and 3/4 inches. As for height, especially with this end, from the top of our bar to the top of the carrier, it is 5 and 3/4 inches. And from the top of our bar to where it sits, it is two inches tall.When you have it in this position, you can definitely take advantage of our tie down point here at the top. Remember this includes straps, so you can use this to strap down your kayaks.The next configuration here is the J-style configuration. And this has increased popularity among your watersport carriers, because it allows you to mount your kayak in the lying down position, which people like for the extra stability and how it looks. So you just need to move these levers, loosen them out. Move your top mast here into the position you need it to be in. And there you have your J-style configuration.If you do have a larger kayak, or even a canoe, you would want to put it into the wide-extended configuration. So to do so, you just need to release these levers, then you can lower the mast completely. Make sure to clamp them down. I say when they're about level, or a little bit above your crossbars, and from there you can see . well, let's tighten this down first. All right. From there you can see how it has these two ends, and these are your carriers. And this would be your wide configuration. So for your larger kayaks, your larger canoes, you can also install this as far out as you need it to be. So it's nice because this is adjustable with how far or how close you want it to be to the other carrier. So like with it right there, it's a good fit. Then tighten it back down.When you do have it in this position, another thing you might notice is, when the arm goes down, you will have to work around that. If you are extending out farther, you will need to go on this side and just make sure that it sits on your crossbars. Here we have a little bit of an overhang, whatever works out best for you.The next configuration here, which is especially useful if you have paddle boards, is this foam block that you can insert into here. So we have it set up so that is a perfect fit between our two parts of our carriers. You may need to bring this in closer just to get that wedged in there properly, but that looks like a good fit. And this helps add that cushion, especially for your surf boards or your paddle boards. With the foam block on our carrier, it does lift it up a little bit. It's also a very dense foam block, so I'm not expecting much compression downwards. Let's measure it from the top of our crossbar to the top of our foam block, and it sits just a little bit over four inches.My final thoughts about this watersport carrier is I do like the different configurations and the options. So if I have different, maybe a kayak and a paddle board, or two kayaks, or I only want to carry my canoe, this is a great carrier. Now, if you're only carrying maybe a kayak around, you might want something that's a little bit more simple. But this works well, especially if you have a variety of watersport equipment. So I think it's a pretty good carrier. I do like how it's a tool-free install. And it comes with all the straps and the safety lines that you need. You can also definitely pick up more cam buckle straps if you need for the extra security.And that was a look at our Malone FoldAway-5 Watersport Carrier here at

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