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Malone MegaSport Outfitter 3 Tier Trailer Review

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Review of the Malone MegaSport Outfitter 3 Tier Trailer

Zach: What's up guys Zach here at Today, I'm going to be showing you guys the Malone MegaSport Outfitter. This is going to be a great way to carry a lot of different style boats. You can see we have kayaks, standup paddleboards. We don't even have this thing maxed out yet, but you can carry canoes, fishing kayaks. This is going to be great if you're a rental service and you're trying to carry a lot of different boats to get to the river or to the lake.

I also see this being great for church groups, Boy Scouts if you're taking a lot of different kayaks out. But if you're just a group of friends that goes on a trip every year, this is a great way to get a lot of boats on here. You can rent a van. Everybody can go together and you've got all your stuff in one place.You've probably seen kayak trailers that are just the single level and they can carry a couple boats. They're great for just you and the family or you and friends.

But what this does is it adds that second and third tier on there to maximize the amount of boats you can get. I could see you carrying two to three on each side on the first two levels, and I think up top one, large boat, two small boats. If you're going to carry two boats up top, like two kayaks, I would do a J style carrier, just because you don't have that center beam extending up to give you an extra tie down point. But I have a canoe carrier up there, so I think that's where this would really shine. I know you guys are going to want to try to load as many boats on here as possible, and that's great, but it does have a weight capacity.That's going to be a thousand pounds.

We're going to have a hundred pounds on that crossbar, that top one, 225 on the second, and 225 down low. Now, when I say 225 pounds, that's each side on each level. So the driver's side, lower level's 225 pounds. The passenger side is also 225 pounds. Then it's going to be the same for the second level.

Driver's side 225, passenger 225. Then the top is just going to be that 100 pounds. It does have an 1800 pound axle on there. So it is going to be really strong and durable trailer. It's made of a marine grade galvanized steel, so it's going to do a really good job of holding up against rust and corrosion. The lights on here are going to be submersible, so that's really nice that you can back this trailer up to the water, unload everything. Definitely unplug that four flat though that's included before you do that.Then what's cool is you're going to be taking this on back roads. You're going to have it on gravel, roads that are not going to be that great. It's going to hold up with the leaf springs that's on here, but also it's going to have a steel wheel and this is going to be DOD compliant. Another thing is that it also has steel fenders. They're going to have a little flex on there if you try to stand on there to load, but it might help out with giving you a little bit more reach on getting stuff up there. I also like that this is going to come with all the paperwork for licensing and registration. Especially if you're using this for a business, you'd definitely want to be legal, but even if it's just for personal use, you still want to be legal.It's also going to have this coupler on it here that's going to work with two inch balls. I like that it has this handle on there that makes it easy to get it on and off. Also when you're trying to maneuver it around. When it comes to that, it has this included jack that's got a nice wheel on it to help you maneuver it around camp, just to make it a little bit easier. I like that it gets out of the way, because this is going to be a little bit lower. You don't want that thing dragging the ground. Then it's going to come with safety chains as well. Those are really nice. It's got a little gate on them, keep them in place. Also included is a spare tire, which is really nice. That tire size is 205 65 10. It has a spot here where you can run a padlock through it so you can keep that secure.I like that all that stuff comes in the kit. I don't have to buy separate stuff. You will have to put this trailer together. We'll send it to your door, but it's going to take a good chunk of your day to do that. One thing that I'm normally intimidated by is wiring, and the nice thing with this setup is it's bullet connectors. So you just plug them together and they're ready to go. When it comes to those lights, though, they are going to be water resistant so they are submersible, but I would unhook your four pole flat from them before you back trailer in the water. Also to help keep you legal, there's a license plate bracket here. Put your license plate on here and there is a light that, when your running lights are on, is going to eliminate your plate to help you keep you legal.So if you're a rental fleet, my guess is you're just going to throw them on these bars, strap them down, and go, which is totally fine. You can get more boats on here that way. So we've kind of got this one laying down a little bit, but if you stood it up on its side, we've got these D-rings on each end, you can run straps around it, and I think that's where you'd really maximize getting that two to three on the first and second level. But what I like about it is you also have the ability to use some accessories. So on this standup paddleboard, I've got a foam block underneath there to protect that finish there, and then on this one, I have foam pads.You're probably used to those if you've seen any type of roof accessory. Those go around the crossbar. This can just sit flat on a roof. Then the traditional J style carrier down there. You can still get a lot of kayaks on here with the J style. I just think it would be awkward to get two or three of them loaded up on these lower levels. So these D-rings are going to work out great for getting all of our stuff strapped down. I have the etrailer straps here. These are really nice cam buckle option, especially when you're carrying standup paddleboards or boats, because they have this nice protective sleeve around the buckle. I just like the color combination. I think it looks good on there. But most importantly, anything that's metal, you have the ability to keep it from scratching up your boat.Having this long, extended but reinforced tongue is going to be really great. So you can get those boats up to 20 feet long and still have that good capacity. But that longer tongue is also going to help you out with making those tighter turns on those back roads.So now I can give you some dimensions to maybe help you better understand if your boats are going to work out well with this. So you want to maximize your space, so up top, the total crossbar length is going to be 50 and a half inches. So if you've got something that's wider than that, that's pretty big. I don't know if you're going to have much luck of getting that to sit on there that great. Down low, we're going to have 41 inches on each side. Overall, it's 86 inches, but there's a lot of space that's not usable in the middle by those center support beams, but that's going to be this one and the bottom one are going to be 41 inches on each side.When it comes to the spread of those crossbars, we're going to have 63 inches from center of this front one to the center of the rear one on the top, and then the middle and bottom row, those are going to be 68 inches on the center. So that's going to be a pretty good stretch. It's going to allow you to get some really good support on even some of your longer boats, but if you had a smaller one, it might be kind of an awkward fit. So you might want to take that into consideration.Now, when it comes time to taking the trailer off your vehicle and storing it, I think that's where this jack really comes in handy instead of having just like a normal one on there that doesn't have a wheel. Just pull that pin there, lower that down, take a little pressure off of that. I'm going to unhook all my wiring, get my safety chains off. When I pull up on that to release that coupler. Just going to continue to raise it up off our ball mount.You can see there, we can start going. I really like this style coupler with those handles on it. You can see I can move it around our parking lot. I don't have a full load on here, but it's relatively easy. I think even if I had all my boats on here, it still wouldn't be too bad. Then I can just guide it back into our garage to keep it stored away for the season, and then we can have it back out for next year.So whether you're using this for your guide or rental service, scout or church group, or just your personal use, this is an excellent way to get your boats to the water and get a lot of them. I like that everything's included for safety purposes and legal. It's super heavy duty for as light as it weighs, so it's going to hold up to all that back road use. I also really liked that most of Malone's water sport accessories work with this. If you're looking to maybe use a different brand, keep in mind that those bars are an inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter. They're a little bit bigger than others. I did have to use Malone's extended bolts on the kayak carrier and the canoe carrier up top. But overall, this is going to be a really, really good way to carry a lot of boats to the water, and I think you're going to be pretty happy with it. That's going to do it for our look at the Malone MegaSport Outfitter.

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