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Malone SaddleUp Pro Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the Malone SaddleUp Pro Kayak Carrier

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Malone saddle up pro kayak carrier for your ladder racks. And this is going to be great just to allow you to pretty much have full access to your bed, be able to put all your stuff in the bed of your truck, and also we're not really going to have a whole lot of overhang, depending on the kayak of course, if you've got the really long ones, we might have a little bit of overhang, but this is going to be a great, great way to get your kayaks to and from, if you got a truck, you got a ladder rack, and you'd rather not just throw your kayak in the bed of your truck. You got more gear to bring with you. This is definitely going to solve that problem.So all you really need to be able to use these is obviously a ladder rack and it just needs to have the T-track accessory on top. Just make sure that it has that and you're pretty much ready to go.

But guys, we're not really limited to just ladder racks. If you guys have some roof mounted bars or even some bed rails a little bit lower and they have that T track slot, you're going to be able to fit those into those as well. So if you have another car at home that you guys plan on taking the trip with, you're not taking the truck, if you got those kinds of rails, you can just throw it on there too. Nothing says you can't. But one thing that I just want to let you guys know, with the T-track mounting hardware that we have, pretty much we can expand or bring in pretty much the whole entire length of our bar.So for those really thick kayaks or those really skinny kayaks that you may have or canoe, it is going to be able to contour to whatever type of kayak you guys have.

One thing that I did with our kayak here, not too big, I just didn't want to have to put a flag on the end and I didn't want it to be hanging off the back end of my truck. So if you guys do have those longer ones and you really don't want to maybe obstruct your view of the sunroof over there, what we can do is Malone actually has a truck bed extender for those longer loads that you guys may have. It's just going to go into your hitch and just support that load that's sticking out farther from your truck. So if you guys think you guys are going to have a little bit larger kayak then your truck bed, and you really don't want to put it over the cab, I definitely think that this extender for the hitch by Malone is going to get the job done for you.So with the saddle up, we are going to have rubber on the end here. So you guys really don't have to worry about it scratching up your kayak.

It's definitely going to be an improvement to just throw in your kayaks in the bed. We have a drop-in liner here. Plastic on plastic, it's going to slide quite a bit and we're not really going to get the sturdiness of this setup here. So also with your spray in liners, obviously they're extremely, extremely abrasive. So they might actually scratch your kayak and obviously the smoother, the better.

It's just going to allow you to smooth through that water a little bit better. So I do fully think that this is going to do a great job of that. One thing to note with this rubber here, it's going to protect even your really high end kayaks.So I was just taking all the straps off the kayak and I realized with all the straps off, like this thing is absolutely solid. I was not expecting it to have that much grip, but I mean, I'm really putting a lot of work into that and it's still gripping it. So I just wanted to basically show you guys a clip of that just because even without straps, it's extremely, extremely grippy. Obviously we still got to tie down our yak. I just wanted to show you guys that. Thought it was cool. We're going to go ahead and start with the nylon bumpers on top. You saw before, extreme grip and I think the reason is just because the material is awesome and it gives a lot of flex. I mean, it has plenty of flex so it's really going to contour to the shape of your specific kayak.And as you can see on the back, it is reinforced on the back at this pivot point. So it's definitely going to add a lot of strength as it really cradles your kayak. And on top of that, with it being able to rotate like this, I do think we're going to find a great fit. Again, it just takes you putting it up there for the first time, get it all adjusted, and then you'll know how to do it for the remainder of its life. And honestly, it's going to have a long one just because there's not a lot of metal here. This is all a really high grade hard plastic. So it's going to resist against rust and corrosion, of course. And also, I don't think it's going to fade over time. It is going to be about nine inches tall by five inches wide and five inches long.And in regards to the nylon bumper here, it is going to be about eight and three quarter inches long and about three and a quarter inches wide. So plenty of grip. So you guys really don't have to worry about it not fitting on your guys' kayak. But if you guys do have a tunnel cover on your truck, there are some other tunnel covers that do have rails that are going to allow you to put your ladder rack on as well as have your tattle cover on. I would highly suggest it because one, it looks really cool, two you're going to be able to store all of your stuff for the whole entire trip underneath. It's not going to be exposed to the elements and I think that's going to be something I would want. So I just wanted to let you guys know, you guys have that option.Another plus side to the saddle up is the fact that it's easy to take off, but it is almost as easy to put on. So let's just go ahead and show you how. First thing we want to do, if you haven't already is take the end cap off of your ladder rack, just like so. We already got it done. Then we can go ahead and grab one of our mounts here. I've already went ahead and put it on the other side. As you can see how it kind of angles to one way that way, this bottom section here, we want that to be facing the outside of the ladder rack. So we'll just have a little bit more leverage, but once we figure that out, we're going to take one of our bolts that comes with the kit. There's going to be a washer that comes with the kit as well.But what we're doing right here, we we're having a little bit of issues for it fitting into the T slot, tightening it all the way down. So we actually just added a little pressure washer on top of that just to kind of space it out a little bit more. Doesn't come with the kit. So if you guys do have the Thule TracRac, you guys may have to do this as well. But it's not a whole lot of hardware. But we're going to do that on both sides. There's going to be a little hole right here, just plop that through. Pretty simple stuff. And then we can go ahead and grab our little squares that we're going to slide into this track. And you guys can either thread these onto the screws first or just kind of slide them in initially just like that.Then you can just go ahead and kind of just line it up and then we'll fold that to get out of the way. And then we can go ahead and grab our tool once we get it threaded and we can tighten that down. Just like that. And today we're actually just using the larger ones as you saw me put them in the track, but they actually do provide us with a little bit smaller ones. But as you can see they're thicker and they won't fit in that track. But if you have a track kind of like the lower one here, a little bit wider, you can use these in place of the other ones we we're using.It all just depends on what ladder rack you guys have. So once we get everything tightened down, obviously give it a good shake, make sure it's not going to slide to the right or the left. And then before we completely tighten it down, just make sure they're level with all the other ones. And that's pretty much it for the installation portion of these mounts here. We could do that same exact process for all other three of our mounts. All right guys. Just got my kayak out. And one thing I'm going to do is actually tighten down the one side. We're going to have two on one side. I'm going to tighten these down just so they don't move. Slides up there. Nice and easy.Perfect. And my goal here is just to not have any overhang with my kayak. I just don't want to have to put a flag up there and also just it'd be susceptible to getting hit or something like that. So I'm going to actually extend it over the cab a little bit, kind of like this, push it up against my side here. And then I'm actually going to go ahead and take this in like this so it's sitting like that because it is going to be spread out a little bit differently from front here to the back just because of the shape of my kayak. So you guys might be having to do the same exact thing I'm doing here.Perfect. All right. So that's exactly how I want it. And now I can go ahead and tighten everything down. They do come with some straps and they are quite long, about 11 foot, which is going to be plenty for our applications. So what we want to do is actually start from the bottom here and we want to make sure we go under the crossbar, just like that. Toss it over. Would be a little bit easier with a friend, but it's okay. I can get it done. And we do have plenty of strap length. So I'm actually going to go ahead and go under again. Again under the bar, back around just like that, and then we can go ahead, just feed it through like that. Pretty simple stuff. Nice thing about these straps is they have a little protective piece here right next to the metal portion of the strap.So it's not going to scratch your kayak. So that's definitely a plus. Once we kind of get it all squared away into place, go ahead and give her a good tug, and we can do something with the excess. I'm going to just tie it up over there, but before we do anything, give it a good shake, give it a couple knocks, make sure it's not lifting up off there. And as of right now, we're looking good. So we're pretty much ready to hit the road. Well everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Again this was the Malone saddle up pro kayak carrier for your ladder racks and Adam with etrailer.

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