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Malone Stax Pro Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the Malone Stax Pro Kayak Carrier

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Malone Stax Pro Kayak Carrier with tie downs, Part Number MPG115MD.The Malone Stax Pro Two enables you to carry up to two kayak's on your roof with ease while heading to the lake or to the river. This comes with all the straps necessary to tighten it down including the buckle straps here, as well as the bow and stern tie downs for both kayaks. The straps do have this material here to protect the kayaks hull from the buckle so it doesn't get scratched up. It has foam blocks for the kayaks to sit on to protect them from abrasions from your roof rack system. This has an open head gate here at the time, which is gonna make tightening down your kayaks much easier.I'm gonna remove the pads just to show this to you here. Right now you can see how it clamps around with the jaws universal mounts on our arrow bars.

But these will also work with square, round, elliptical and most factory roof racks as well. That's gonna be the same for our foam pads. They just clamp around like so, very easy to install. When the posts are not in use, you can loosen up the knobs here on the side and these do fold down out of the way. The posts are made from an aluminum component and also have corrosion resistant components attached to them to add to the life of the product.They can carry a load capacity of 50 pounds per kayak.

So, you always want to double check with your roof rack, as well as your vehicles manual to make sure your roof can withstand those weights.Now that we've gone over the features of the Stax Pro lets go ahead and show you how it installs. Once you open the box, these are the accessories that come with it. We're gonna have the four foam blocks where the kayaks are going to sit on. We'll have the bow and stern tie downs for both kayaks. We'll have the jaws universal mounts and then two sets of screws here.

This is gonna depend on what style of roof rack system you have on your vehicle. We have the airflow installed right now, so we're gonna be using the longer bolts for this application. Then of course we have the tie downs for the kayaks themselves, and the two towers where the kayaks are going to be resting on once they're installed.We'll start by coming to the base of the post, loosening up the knob at the end here. Folding it down, taking our longer bolt, pushing that through into that position, then we'll lift it back up and tighten it down. With that bolt installed, we'll take one of our jaws universal mounts, slip that onto the bottom and loosely install our turn knob.

Now we can go to our roof rack and set it down. Set our post in about the center of our rack. Want to make sure it's around the center just to give enough space for both kayaks once they're being installed. Going to take our second bolt, put that through our connection point, bring up our universal mount and start installing our turn knob. Then we'll tighten this down completely. We'll repeat this for our other post. When installing the posts you do want to make sure that once you loosen it up and fold it down it's going to be folding towards the rear of the vehicle. Next we'll install our foam blocks, they just wrap around and we'll be putting two of these on each side.Then install our first kayak onto our pads here. Pull it back just a little bit. Now we'll grab our second kayak and put that into place as well. With both of our kayaks setting into place now we can take our loading straps and put them around the main posts. Take our strap, put it around the kayak. Wrap it around the post. Then we'll bring our other strap down around the front and we'll repeat this for all of our connection points. Now we can rotate our first kayak into it's upright position. Setting it on the foam pads, and pushing it up against the post like so. You notice when we lifted this up it actually pull our strap here up under the T portion of our post. Now we can take the free end of our strap, wrap it underneath our roof rack system. Place it through the eyelet hole here on our strap, then through the cam buckle like so. We'll just pull it tight. Then repeat this for our rear strap as well.All right. With both of our kayaks secure now we can tie up our excess, move on to our next step. Now with our red straps cinched down, we'll take our final blue loading strap. This is gonna go around both kayaks in the center. So we'll take the one end and toss it over the top. Wrap It around back underneath the bottom and attach to our buckle up front. Our final step in tying these down is going to be using the bow and stern tie downs. We'll first need to connect our hook to our rope here. We'll take the one end, and we'll slide it through the eyelet like so. Bring it back around, tie a knot down on it. Repeat that step again. Really tighten it down. Then pull on it so it's nice and tight.Then we'll find a spot underneath our vehicle, like a toe-hook, where we can connect this to like so. Keeping it tight we'll bring it up to the handle on our kayak. We'll thread it through, again making sure it stays tight. Then we'll come back about 12 or 14 inches to this point here, and we'll make a loop, then another so we'll wrap it around. Bring it through the loop so we have one loop remaining, put our open end through that, pull it tight. Then, we'll tie it off there. We'll repeat this process for our other tie downs.There you have it for the Malone Stax Pro Kayak Carrier with tie downs, Part Number MPG115MD.

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