Malone J-Style Kayak Carrier TelosXL Load Assist Module Review

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Review of the Malone J-Style Kayak Carrier TelosXL Load Assist Module

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look, the TelosXL load assist module for J style kayak carriers. Part number MPG351XL. This system can be especially helpful for assisting you when loading up your kayaks. It's also great if you have a taller vehicle or if you've been kayaking all day and you just don't have the strength to load it back up.The Malone Telos is great for getting your kayak safely on the roof of your vehicle. Now as you can see, once we have our top plate secured, its designed to slightly bow, making a ramp for our kayak. That way it's easy to push up when we get all the way to the top.It's gonna work with your Malone downloader, or Malone J loader.

Once it's in place, it telescopes out to the ground for support. From there, we can set our kayak in place and begin raising it up. Once it's at the top, we can just push it in place.Once our kayak is in place, it's as simple as unhooking the Telos and collapsing it down and stowing it in our vehicle. The cradles themselves ratchet up in inch and 3/4 increments, making it easy to get to the top. They also feature a lock to prevent it from dropping.

The cradles are padded for grip, they're also gonna prevent any damage to our kayaks.The Telos features two points of adjustability for various vehicle heights. At its lowest point, it measures 58 and 3/4 of an inch. To adjust it up, we'll first pull out the top cylinder here, loosen up the two knobs and we're gonna pull it all the way out to about here to where it's flush with this bracket knob here. Then we can tighten it up. Then we can adjust out our telescoping foot.

Loosen up the knob here and then pull it out.At its highest point, it measures about 98 and 1/4 inches. Here at the bottom it features a folding foot. This is so we can stand on it while operating it. It also features a hole so we can anchor it. You will have to provide your own anchors.The whole system is made out of heavy duty plastic and aluminum, that way it's easier to handle.

It has a weight capacity of 75 pounds, so you wanna be sure that your kayak doesn't exceed that. It also features a limited lifetime warranty. Now we'll show you how to get it set up.Once you've got your J loader or downloader in place, we'll simply just clip it in. From there, we'll adjust out our upper cylinder first. Once again being sure not to pass all the way through the first bracket, hen we can tighten it up. Then we'll adjust out our bottom cylinder. Now when you adjust out that bottom cylinder, you want to be sure you get the right angle, that way it doesn't come in contact with your vehicle.You can see I've got about an inch here, I'm gonna give it just a little bit more and then tighten it up. Once I've got one installed, the second one installs the same way. Now at this point before you even think about grabbing your kayak, it's important that you first fold in your mirror. Otherwise you could risk breaking it off. Now that we're all set, let's grab our kayak and set it in place.We wanna be sure that it's even front to back and center. Then we'll put one foot on the plate and begin raising. We'll go up, roughly six to eight inches and then go the other side. We'll continue working our way up until we reach the very top. Then we'll just push it on.If you're unloading your kayak, you simply just reverse your steps. Now you may be thinking you'd like to raise both sides up at the same time, however, it's not recommended. Just take your time and do one side at a time.If you're working with two kayaks today, one on this side and one on the other side, we can simply unhook it and then go over to the other side. You will however wanna be sure that it's the Malone downloader or the Malone J loader to work with the Telos system.And that's gonna complete our look at the Malone TelosXL load assist module for J style kayak carriers. Part number MPG351XL.

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