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Master Lock Mini Me U-Lock Review

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Review of the Master Lock Mini Me U-Lock

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Master Lock Mini Me U-Lock, part number 8118DPF. What we have here is a vinyl-coated lock to protect against scratches. By the lock being made out of a hardened steel, it resists cutting and sawing of the lock. The lock itself has a high-security anti-pick style cylinder, you can see here by the key design. The lock does come with two matching keys. Let's go ahead and show you how the lock opens up. Put the key in and it turns, this U-bolt portion of the lock comes out.

See how there's very deep grooves here, get a good, nice secure locking action on both sides. Then, when you close the key on this side, as you can see, you've got two little pads 00:00:40 that go in, that go into these two little grooves. Let's go ahead and give you a couple of measurements. The opening here on the U-bolt portion of the lock, looks like we got about 1 5/8" diameter. A height of that portion is just under 2". The overall width of the lock is just over 3 3/4".

The diameter of the shackle here on our U-bolt is about 9/16". This lock can be used in a variety of different applications. You can use it on items such as a cable like this, or a chain, or you could even use it on things like a gate, or something like that that has a big enough hole for this U-bolt portion to go through. In order to show you how the lock works, we're going to be using in conjunction with the lock, the Master Lock 6' long by 1/4" diameter self-coiling cable, part number 61DAT. Let's go over to our trailer where we have a UTV. We'll go ahead and show you how to use our lock. We'll go ahead and take our cable and feed it around a portion of the UTV and then come around the edge of our trailer here.

Go ahead and take the U-bolt, feed it through both ends here. Take the other half of our lock, slide it in place and turn the key. That's how easy it is to use the Master Lock Mini Me U-Lock, part number 8118DPF. .