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Master Lock Quantum Combination Cable Lock Review

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Review of the Master Lock Quantum Combination Cable Lock

Today we are going to take a look at the Master Lock Quantum Self Coiling Combination Lock, Part Number 8122D. This Master Lock cable lock features a nice convenient and easy to use cable lock that lets you set your own combination for quick recall and ultimate security. There are no keys so you won't lose them and other people can find them to unlock your lock. This makes a great cable lock to secure your bicycle when it is not in use or you can use it on your trailer securing tool boxes, generators or ladders or any other cargo you may have. The flexible braided steel construction resists cutting. It also features a nice protective vinyl covering that keeps the cable from scratching your cargo. The cable lock is 72 inches long by 1/2 inch and features a limited lifetime warranty. Here is our Master Lock Quantum Cable Lock. As you can see, it's self coiling so it's going ahead and self coiling itself back up when not in use or when you have it securing your items, you are not going to have a lot of excess cable.

Graded cable on the on inside that has a nice vinyl coating so it is not going to scratch up whatever you are securing. The lock features a 4 number combination lock that you can go ahead change to whatever you want. You put your code in, it separates. When you are ready to secure your item, put your lock back together. Rotate the numbers and it will lock it in to place. Another nice thing about this lock is that it comes with this bracket that you can take apart and you can secure this say to a bike frame.

It will wrap around there. You can secure it. This part secures to your cable. We are going to go ahead and put our bracket on to our cable lock. There is two flat head screws here on the back of the part that comes off the bracket.

Unscrew that. Once you undo your screws, you can go ahead and separate that. Hold on to your screws. Go somewhere in the middle of your cable lock. Put it around your cable lock. Put this back into place and then tighten your screws back down.

Now that is secure to our cable. Now we can go ahead and secure this to our bicycle. We have our bicycle right here. We are going to go ahead and secure our bracket to it. This has two straps that come around. They will get fed into here. You will just use a small flat head screwdriver. Tighten those down and it will tighten this to your bike frame. Once you have done with that, you can go ahead and cut off the excess if you are going to leave it on this bicycle. We will go ahead and take our cable lock here with the bracket we installed on it. It will slide into place and that will hold our cable lock nice and secure so when we are going down the road, you don't have to worry about wrapping it around your bike frame or whatever. It is secure here with your bracket. When you are ready to hook your bike up, all you have got to do since it is self coiling, just pull it around whatever you are hooking up to, pull around your wheel. Then your bike is nice and secure. Now that we are finished riding our bike, we will go ahead and put our bike in the stand and lock it up. Now our bracket here on our bike does slide out of it. As you can see though, it is around the frame of our bike so even if it does get slid out of the bracket, it is not going to go anywhere since the cable is around your bike frame. That is another added security feature with the bracket here. Once they are on the frame, your cable lock is going to secure your bike even if your clip does come undone from the bracket. That will do it for our look at the Master Lock Quantum Self Coiling Combination Cable Lock, Part Number 8122D. .

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