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Master Lock Shrouded Padlock Review

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Review of the Master Lock Shrouded Padlock

Today on our trailer we're going to take a look at the Master Lock Shrouded Padlock Part Number 37DAT. This is Master Lock's armor shrouded padlock. It's got a 1 9/16th laminated steel body for superior strength. A 4-pin tumbler helps prevent the lock from being picked, and the shackle guard protects against bolt cutters and hacksaws. Let's go ahead and try it on a few applications on our trailer. Here's our lock; here is the armor shielding, it goes all the way around the lock portion. This is 4-pin tumbler to prevent picking, and comes with two keys.

Note that it can also be keyed alike for multiple locks. Simply use the key to open up our lock, put it through the hole in our trailer handle, and lock it back up. Now with the shielding you can see it will prevent bolt cutters, hacksaws, from being able to cut though the lock portion and removing it. By removing the shield on the lock portion it makes it small enough, it will fit through the lock hole here on our trailer. Now we can use one lock to be versatile for the same trailer, or have multiple locks that are keyed alike, so we have one key for all the locks on our trailer. For the install, operation, and review of our Master Lock Shrouded Padlock Part Number 37DAT. .