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Master Lock Spare Tire Lock Review

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Review of the Master Lock Spare Tire Lock

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Master Lock Spare Tire Nut Lock. Part number on it is 262DAT. This new Spare Tire Lock is designed to fit over any standard half inch wheel lug. Also works great for the U-bolt style spare tire carriers or even the door mount style. What we'll need to do is first remove our lug nut. That removed, let's set our lug nut aside, we will be reusing it. We'll then open our package here, pull out our lock and also our keys.

We do get two keys. They're a flat style key so they go on any key ring nicely and it's not going to add anything big and obnoxious. There's a plate here on the rear. We'll place our key in the front, turn it to unlock it and remove that plate. That plate will then be placed right onto our wheel stud and then we can thread the lug nut right back down onto it. Of course we will want to tighten down our lug nut.

With that secure, we'll now bring in our lock. You can see the oblong or kind of oval shaped hole that's right there. We want that to go right into it. Then when we turn it, it'll secure it to the vehicle for us- or to the trailer. As you can see, just like that, we're nice, we're secured, we're ready to head down the road, we're going to have no issues with our spare tire coming up missing. That will complete today's look at the Master Lock Spare Tire Nut Lock, part number 262DAT.