MaxxAir Standard RV and Trailer Roof Vent Cover Review

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Review of the MaxxAir Standard RV and Trailer Roof Vent Cover

Shane: Hey guys, Shane here with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the MaxxAir vent cover. The great thing about adding a vent cover, either on top of your RV's vents or on top of your camper vents, is it's going to serve a lot of different purposes. One, it's going to protect the lids on your vents, so you don't have to replacement as often. Two, it's going to allow you to travel with your vents open, which you normally wouldn't be able to do. Three, I'm going to give you a scenario.

Let's say we're out camping and it's a nice, cool day. We don't want our air conditioner on. We want our vents open so we can get fresh air. It starts to rain. I like the smell of fresh rain.

If you don't have a vent cover, that rain's going to go right through the vent and inside. So we had to close our vents. We miss out on that fresh smell of that rain. With a vent cover, you can now leave your vents open and not have to worry about water getting inside when it's raining.These are going to be constructed of a durable plastic housing. They're going to hold up in all weather conditions.

They're going to come in white, smoke or black. If you're looking for a low profile vent cover that's economical, the MaxxAir vent cover, I think in my opinion, is the way to go. Keep in mind, just because it says MaxxAir doesn't mean it has to be put on a MaxxAir vent. On this trailer here, we actually have these installed onto Dometic vents. It's going to fit on a standard vent, though.

The directions that come on top are going to be for installing the hardware. If you're putting this on a Dometic vent, there's a few extra steps you're going to have to take to get your hardware installed.One thing I want to point out, you'll notice how this is up here, or it's kind of raised up. There's adjustability in these brackets that you can raise it up or kind of lower it. What you don't want to do is you don't want this to be all the way down, because what happens is it will collect water inside, and you can get mold in there. Moisture could build up on the inside. So what you want is you want this to sit up a little bit so air will flow underneath and help dry that area and also allow water to run out of it.And also then here, it's going to have a screen on the inside. This is going to help keep bugs from getting inside, and also, say we're camping in a place with a lot of trees, it's going to help keep any leaves, sticks, or anything like that from also getting inside, maybe causing damage to your fan. In my opinion, I really like MaxxAir vent cover. I like a low-profile design. When you compare it to the other ones. There's another one. It is a Dometic vent cover. It's going to sit a little bit higher. Keep in mind, it does have to be mounted through the roof with bolts, where this one does not. You actually mount it through the vent housing.Neither one of the vent covers are going to allow you to open your lid all the way. Even though the Dometic one sits a little bit higher, it's only going to give you about a half inch more of opening. This one is going to be a more economical choice. In my opinion, this is the way I would go. That being said, that's going to do it for a look at the MaxxAir vent cover.

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