MaxxTow Adjustable 2 Ball Mount Review

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Review of the MaxxTow Adjustable 2 Ball Mount

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Max steel adjustable 2 ball mount. This is going to be a 2 inch, and a 2 and 5/16 inch ball. Part number is MT70380. With our inch and a quarter adjustability this is going to allow us to fit a wide variety of couple of parts using just 1 product. You see our dual pins here, these are going to offer stabilization for the ball as it heads down the road. It's got a black powder coat finish on the shank itself, and we've got hardened chrome plated balls to make our connections with. Now adjusting our balls is very quick.

What we do is pull out our 2 clips that are holding our pins in place. We'll slide our pins out and you'll see the 2 holes that are going to correspond with our adjustments here, and we'll be able to go from even some of the higher hay trailers all the way down to more the utility trailers or the smaller garden trailers. Pretty quick and simple adjustment. Yeah, as you see we do have the clearance we need to open our gate even when there are hitches in the rise position. Now we won't want to have our ball up too high. We want to use caution keeping that within ...

We want to keep the top of our ball below, about 2 inches above the top of the shank itself. Now with it in the drop position, we're going to have about 8 and 1/2 inches from the ground to that bottom edge. The ball itself is going to come out from the rear of the vehicle, right about 9 and 3/4 of an inch. Our 2 inch offers a 8000 pound capacity. The 2 and 5/16 inch offers a 12000 pound capacity. Now we're also going to have a 1000 pound ton weight rating. That's going to be the maximum downward force we can put here at our ball, though we do want to check both our hitches rating and our vehicle's rating of course, see what it's rated for, and just make sure we stay with whichever of those numbers are the lowest. Now we're going to have a maximum rise of 7 and 7/8 of an inch from the inside tap edge of a receiver tube opening, and a maximum drop of 6 and 1/4.

Well you can see the construction is really designed for years of good use. We've got our solid steel shank, so there's going to be much less of a risk of creating an egg shaped hole here at our pinhole, and a nice gusset that's been welded in here, the welds are really well done. Fully welded all the way around all of our seams, so it should last for a good long time. The pins with the key rings on them here, they're going to be easy to remove, these are going to be included. You'll need to provide your own pin and clip which most of us probably already have. If not, we offer it on our website, part number PC3.

We will simply slide that in, line up our pin holes with the hole and the shank, slide our pin through and secure the clip. Now to get the proper height setting here on our ball mount, what we're going to do is level out our trailer. Now we're going to measure from the ground to the top of our cup which is going to be right here. Right, so that's about 17 and 1/4 inches. Now we'll add a quarter inch to that for every hundred pounds of ton weight. We've got about 200 on our trailer, so we're going to raise this up to about 17 and 3/4 to the top of our ball. Be about right there. You can see we've got it set up right about 17 and 3/4 of an inch. Now when we put out trailer on there, this should give us a nice and level trailer. What that allows for is better trailer handling behind the vehicle, we're not pulling downward on the front, or upward on the front, and it's not doing that to the rear of our vehicle either. Now we get all of our safety stuff hooked up. Lift up our foot pad if we have one, and we're ready to head down the road with a great level trailer that's going to give us great handling. That will complete our look at the Max steel adjustable 2 ball mount, part number MT70380.

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