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MaxxTow Jumper Cables Review

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Review of the MaxxTow Jumper Cables

What's up everybody. It's A.J. with Today we're going to be checking out these jumper cables from MaxxTow. They're going to be six gauge cables that are about 12 feet. We're going to get them hooked up and see how they go.

Right away it's nice that they come in a case. I have some jumper cables of my own, in the back of my vehicle, and they kind of just sprawl out and take over the whole area. So it's nice that you can kind of get them wrangled up in here and keep them nice and neat together. You can see, push on, they got a good bite. It takes a little bit of effort to push it open which is good cause they're going to lose that over time.

You want it to be able to stay nice and tight on where you clip it on because if you look at my battery here, you only got, you got a bigger terminal here, but a smaller negative one. And if it's got loose, it's not going to hold on to that when you need a jump. Now let's go ahead and hook them up. They're going to be color coded for where you put them. So the red one's going to be for the positive and black one's going to be for the negative.

We'll hook up the positive first. You see I got a bigger terminal on that one. That's not going to be an issue. There's ridges in there so that's probably going to help when it clamps down on it. It's going to stay on that negative.

And it actually, I was worried it wasn't going to reach. You know seeing it's in two different parking spots. That, that batteries are diagonal and on two different sides there, but it's hooked up. It reaches just fine. It's nice that you don't have to maneuver or park right next to the other vehicle to get a jumpstart. Now, these six gauge are not going to be good for bigger trucks. So it's more recommended for cars and SUV's. Overall, I think they're good cables. They're always good to have these just in case. In case you need to jump or need to help a friend out it's going to be good to have these in the back of your car. And plus it comes with this case, like I said earlier keep them all together that way they don't sprawl out and take over the back seat. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helps..

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