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MaxxTow Wheel Chocks Review

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Review of the MaxxTow Wheel Chocks

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at Today we're taking a look at the MaxxTow Solid Rubber Wheel Chock with Eyebolt.This wheel chock's gonna be an extremely common wheel chock. You see these all over the place. They work out really good for really any size trailer, whether it's smaller utility trailers like this, even down to pop-up campers, all the way up to 18-wheelers. These give us a lot of strength, a lot of durability. Also with the eyebolt here, you can easily attach a rope or a chain, and allow you to just grab onto that if you don't wanna hang onto the eyebolt itself to get it in position.It's a really dense, durable wheel chock.

You can see the inside of it's hollowed out a little bit there, just to save some weight, so it's not like some of them that are extremely, extremely heavy. Overall, it's pretty handle and with the dual sides on it, you can see those little steps, those help to grip our tire, so it helps prevent it from rolling anymore. But also since it has both sides on it, it can be used behind or in front of a tire and your handle or eye bolt will still be on the outside.I think that's really nice. We use these here in the shop a lot. We've got several of them around.

And with the construction, these are extremely durable. Sometimes these will lay outside all winter, once spring comes, they really don't look any worse for wear.You'll notice on the bottom, there is some grooves that have been molded in here, that's going to help out with dirt and debris and things like that that might be on concrete, or for using this in a rock yard or something like that. It's going to give those items a place to go so it doesn't hold our chock up and cause it to slide.Now, when we compare these to other wheel chocks out there, I like this design a lot. I like the rubber, it's nice and durable; comparing that to the plastic one, this is going to give us a lot longer service then what we'll get out of one of those. And then there are also types very similar to this made out of metal.

Now, they're very strong and very durable, but the way they get thrown around shops or out in the lots, things like that, that paint's eventually . or that powder-coat finish is eventually going chip, it's going to start rusting. Whereas with this, I think we're going to have a lot more service out of it. It will last a little bit longer. We won't have to worry about those corrosion issues.And that will complete our look at the MaxxTow wheel chock with eyebolt..

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