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Mighty Cord RV Extension Cord Review

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Review of the Mighty Cord RV Extension Cord

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we'll be taking a look at our Mighty Cord RV extension cord for your 30 amp uses here at etrailer. So, this is what we get here with our trailer, and we need this extension cord in order to reach our power source at an RV park. So, if you have your motorhome, you have your RV, and you realize that your power source may not be super close to where you park your trailer, that's where this comes in handy. So, this extension cable is going to be 25 feet long, which is gonna be useful if let's say, you've parked your trailer in a slightly awkward position, or let's say, that your power source is a little bit of a ways away.

You can see here that our extension cable actually fits about two parking spaces away from our trailer. So, we have two plugs, we get a female plug and a male plug, and both of them are three-prong plugs. So, the female one plugs right into your RV and the male one goes into your power source. So, just make sure that you have the correct size or style of plug. We have different types of female connectors here at etrailer but this is gonna be the one that fits into the three-prong one.

Each plug is designed with a 90 degree connector, so that's gonna make it easier for you to plug in and disconnect your plugs in tights or hard to reach spaces. So, this cord is meant for 30 amp, 125 volt applications. To make sure it's the right fit for your RV, usually, you will have a nice little note right above your outlet, giving you information for what kind of cord or connection you can use with it. So, as you can see, this can fit most of your RVs, especially since this one says this is connection for 30 ampere supply. As for how it feels, I personally think that this is a heavy-duty, solid extension cord.

I do like how that rubber there is nice and flexible, but also makes me feel comfortable about how strong it's gonna be, especially if it's outside. I wanna make sure that let's say, I have chairs, or I need to like roll over it with my generator, this is gonna withstand that. The cord itself is also made of a solid construction. It's not flimsy plastic. But it's nice, and strong, and durable, which is great because I need to use this to connect to my trailer.

So, as an extension cord, you wanna make sure that this is handy inside your trailer for when you need it cause you just need to park into your space and plug in. So, let's take a look at that install process. And the way this works is that you have your female plug on one end, so just access the plug on your RV side, get that lined up and plug that right in. And then you get your plug, and if you're going for a sure power, just go plug it into that outlet, or if you have a generator like what we have here, just plug that into the generator's outlet. So, my personal thoughts about this extension cord is I really do like how heavy-duty it is. The one downside to it is that can be kind of bulky, so you are gonna have to make sure you have a nice space for it, and maybe use some rubber bands just to secure it when you're done with it. But it is a strong, durable, sturdy 30 amp extension cord. Please make sure you're using the correct extension cord. We have some nice charts here at etrailer just to make sure that you get the right fit for you. But you can find this right here at for your RVs. And that was a look here at our Mighty Cord 30 amp RV extension cord here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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