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MORryde Cushioned 5th Wheel Pin Box Review

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Review of the MORryde Cushioned 5th Wheel Pin Box

Hi there 5th wheel owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Morryde's line of rubber pin boxes. The rubber pin boxes from Morryde offer a much smoother driving experience when hauling your 5th wheel trailer. There are several rubber bushings and shear pins in here that allows movement of our 5th wheel trailer, while keeping our pin box here, where it attaches to the king pin keeps that static down here. And it's able to do this using all the various rubber bumpers inside as well as the shafts here that makes sure that everything is going to stay all together. We're now going to take it out onto our test course.

First, we're going to hit our uneven bump section. That's going to mimic a pothole. Next, we're going to hit our even bump section. That's going to mimic going over a speed bump. And then we're going to see what it's like when we do like a hard turn.

We're going to go ahead and turn around right here. Put it under a nice turn. You can see it still turn just like a normal pin box would.While driving this, the performance benefits seem very similar to an Air Ride pin box. What I've noticed though, is those Air Ride pin boxes you do have to air them up. There is a little bit of maintenance there because the pressure does change as temperatures change, so you do have to just keep an eye on those, whereas something like this is a completely maintenance free option due to the rubber pads.

The pads are replaceable so if over time, maybe many years of service, they start to wear down a little bit, you can replace them.Up at front, we have a crushed bumper here. There's also one just like this located in the back. And this is really for when you're stopping and starting, and only if it's an extreme movement because it will slide on these shafts. The trailer will slide forward and as it does, this bumper here, will contact on the surface up here if you do have enough forward motion. So I guess maybe an emergency stop, you slam on the brakes and the trailer goes up, this bumper is going to adhere.

All these components are going to absorb that impact, so you're not going to feel it nearly as much as you would if you just had a solid pin hooked up to your truck. It would just be, boom. It would be very abrupt. Something like this is going to help absorb that impact, but we do also have our shear spring down inside here that allows for movement as well. That sheer spring is kind of the most magic part of the assembly. That's what determines the amount of weight that the pin box is rated for.Our glide pads here are a self-lubricating material and these allow it to slide easily on the surface. You can almost see it kind of here. This one's been out in service for a while and you can kind of see how it's nice and shiny in this location here where the puck does glide on it. So it helps support that weight up, so the sheer spring can its job properly dampening the movement because the main purpose of getting a rubber pin box like this is to smooth out your ride to help reduce chucking and jerking whenever you take off and whenever you stop. It really does help to absorb a lot of that.The movement that we do have available here, we'll have about three inches of forward and backward movement and about an inch and a half of side to side movement. Not so much side to side. It's mainly that forward and backward because it's mostly starting, stopping. That is where there's really going to make a huge difference in the feel of your trailer. You're not going to feel like every time you take off, like you're lugging this big load. It kind of eases it in, so you can just take off and it feels much smoother and then when you come to a stop, it's not like you have all this weight just barreling and pushing on you. It kind of absorbs a lot of that and it's just a much smoother operation that just overall, it's going to give you more control over your trailer because you're just going to feel like you have more control. You're not going to be as tired and gripping the wheel as much. Just really overall is just going to smooth things out and give you a little more energy when you get to your destination and overall, be more comfortable for all of your passengers.There's a few things to keep in mind when determining the pin box for your trailer. There are various different ratings for the Morryde pin boxes and also the fits. You'll want to know the make of your trailer. You'll want to know the trailer's weight rating, not the pin box's rating that you currently have. You don't want to use that. You want to know how heavy your trailer is. And you'll be using those to help determine which replacement Morryde is going to be for your trailer. And that completes our look at Morryde's line of rubber pin boxes.

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