MORryde RV Cargo Compartment Sliding Tray Review

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Review of the MORryde RV Cargo Compartment Sliding Tray

Clayton: Hello, everyone. Clayton here at Today we'll be taking a look at the MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray. Now this is an awesome product because we're going to be able to access any of our cargo located in the middle of our camper. Now, there are a few different options you can get with these sliding trays. And you just want to make sure that for this particular tray, that your openings go straight through because this one can open on both sides.

That way we really do not have to crawl in or reach in to access anything. But we do offer different options if you wanted one that only slides out one way or maybe a little bit smaller one.I'll go ahead and get some measurements for you just to help you decide if this will work on your camper or not. First, we'll get the length measurement. We want to go from one side of our tray to the other. Now this is going to be the measurement of the actual usable length.

We're going to be looking right at 87 and a half inches long. And then the width of our cargo tray is going to be 25 and three quarter. And then the depth of our cargo tray it's going to be three and three quarter. That's going to give us a nice high edge to keep all of our items on the tray.Another nice feature about our tray is it does have a carpet liner on the bottom. So if you have anything you don't want to get scratched up, you can feel safe putting it in the tray.

We are going to have tons of room to add anything that we might want to put in our cargo tray. Now this cargo tray has really big ball bearings. So as you can see, this tray slides out in and out super easily. So we're never going to struggle getting any of our cargo out. And this sliding cargo tray can hold up to 800 pounds as long as it's evenly distributed.

You don't want a ton of weight on one side, you don't want it light on the other.Because then when you pull it out, it's just going to put more torsion on the actual tray. Our sliding cargo tray is going to be a really heavy steel construction, and it's going to have a really nice gray powder coat finish. So you don't have to worry about it breaking down over time with it being steel. And the gray powder coat finish is really going to help it from rustling and corroding over time. So this thing's going to look really good and function well for a really long time.Now as he saw, it was really easy to slide it in and then it locks into place. It only moves a little bit. Our tray is going to release with this lever over here on the left. It's sprung so all you have to do is pull it up and then we can release it, and it'll go back down. And then we can pull our tray out, grab whatever we need to grab and push our tray right back in. Our cargo tray is going to come fully assembled. So we don't have to fuss with trying to assemble it and get it to fit in our camper the right way.Simply take it out of the box or off your pallet, slide it in, and bolt it down. We fastened this down with four wood screws on each side. It's going to be really strong. We don't have to worry about it pulling out of our wood flooring. And here's those bearings I was talking about. As you can see, they're pretty sturdy. They're very beefy bearings. So this is going to be really good, because our tray is going to slide no matter if it's at max capacity or at minimum capacity.And as you can see, we have this cargo tray fully loaded and it's still moving around really easy. You don't have to worry about struggling to get this open. Now we do have the carpet lining as I said on the bottom. So it's going to protect any of our items from bouncing around and possibly getting damaged. It's going to sit really nicely. We're not going to hear a whole bunch of rattling when all of our stuff is moving around.Our cargo tray does pull out 60% of its total length. So really we never have to worry about something getting trapped in the middle because we can almost reach the other side just by going underneath like that. We do have a built-in lock on our rollers. That way, if it is on a hill or a slope, whenever it's fully opened it'll only move this much. So we don't have to worry about it slamming into us or even closing when we're trying to get to something.When we're ready to close it and we have it passed the lock as you see it hits there, all we have to do is lift up on one side and then push it all the way closed. And you hear a really nice audible click whenever it locks into place, that way we know it's secure and it's not going to go anywhere when we're going down the road.On the ends of our sliding tray, we have a really nice lip, so it's not going to be a struggle to pull it open. We have a big area to grip. It's pretty strong, so it doesn't flex at all. So that's pretty much going to do it for a look at the MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray. In my personal opinion, this product is awesome. I couldn't see anyone not utilizing this in their camper..

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