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MORryde StepAbove RV Steps Review

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Review of the MORryde StepAbove RV Steps

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the MORryde StepAbove RV Steps. And we got this put on our camper today. It's gonna be a great replacement for those regular steps. I can even go ahead and just fold it up and out of the way right now. Move 'em up.

They latch in just like that. Now they're not goin' anywhere. Far better than trying to wrestle these out from underneath. You can see they've been here awhile, they've seen better days. Definitely don't want to use these when you're getting in and out of your camper.

Gonna be a pain, they're not sturdy. You can see how much they wobble when you step on 'em. Much rather have these big, sturdy steps. And that's what we're gonna be looking at today. Now, MORryde offers a few different variations of their steps.

Today, we're working with a three-step variation. They also have four-step and two-step, so make sure you get the right ones with the right angle for your RV or camper. Now, today, the main thing I want to say is make sure you get the door width correct. Folds up in there, you wanna make sure it fits in there, and those strikers get in the right place. So the ones we're looking at they offer today are from 20 and a quarter to 33 and a half inches.

So just make sure you measure your doorframe side-to-side and it fits within those. That way you know it's gonna fit in there when you go to fold it up. Your gonna measure from the ground, to the top of your threshold up here, and that's gonna see how much height you need to pick out the right steps. So that's gonna determine if you need a four-step, three-step, or two-step. Then the other thing is the two inside flanges here, is you want to measure those out from one-to-one and to make sure this is gonna fit in here like this. Because when you have to fold it up, these strikers go against this flange and keep it in place. You see, it won't fall back. I can pull back on it. That's what keeps them upright when you're traveling, It's not gonna move anywhere or go anywhere. There's another step that's very similar to this from Lippert and that's gonna be the SolidStep. So we're gonna kind of look at the features of this step. And as I do that, I'm gonna compare it. Both of them. We're gonna compare the StepAbove and then the SolidStep, so you'll hear me say that quite a bit. Just want to explain that before we got into it. So first, let's look at the feet. One of the special things about this one is that feet, they will slide up and down. I have a trigger here on the backside. You can push that and you can slide the feet up or drop them down as you need them. So let me do that again. I'll come to the one that's a little closer to you. Push the trigger right here, push that into place, then you slide the foot up or bring it back down. That's really handy. On the. SolidStep, it has a pin and you have to pull those pins out of the back and then adjust the feet. That's just another thing you gotta keep track of too, you don't want to lose that pin, and the longer the stay in there they can kind of rust up. So they're gonna be more difficult when that little ball in the pin either doesn't pop out anymore and lock in, or it gets stuck in there and then the pin is just gonna fall out. This seems like it's a better system. Just being able to push this trigger real quick, push that in and then slide it wherever you need it. I think that's far handier than having a little bitty pin. They're pretty wide steps. Even the top one being the widest and they have the grip tape on each one of them. So that's handy. If it is raining or something like that, you've got that grip tape ready to go. I know the SolidStep didn't have the grip tape on each step, only the top step. And I also liked this big top step. So like, if you get up to here, you got stuff in your hands and you just, you need that extra space. You don't wanna teeter back and forth on a narrow step. Really just step in here. Or more so, when you're headed back out. Let's say you're heading back out. Not really paying attention. It's easier to step back down and you have more room on this step. So you don't have to worry about a misstep and fall down. Another subtle design choice I like is the hole here on the top step. Now, on the SolidStep, it's completely covered up. This one has the hole there. That's gonna make it easier to clean off. So either you're sweeping the steps this way, or if you want to sweep them that way that dirt can escape and get off of there. With it folded up, we can focus on the handle that runs the latches. So, you turn this and that's what brings the strikers in and allows you to move the steps. I will say that the handle seems a little flimsy. I'm worried about it holding up over time. You can see how much it moves around. On the SolidStep it's just one big handle that you throw and it brings those in. This part, like I said, worries me just a little bit. But I mean, it's still sturdy. It's not going anywhere. I can pull on this and it's not going anywhere. And then it's easy to unlatch or latch back into place. So it definitely does its job. The other thing I really like up here is the handle that's included with it. You see, my hand was on there the whole time. I just liked that it's underneath that step, helps you when you're lowering it, you know exactly where to put your hands. Like you don't have to worry about putting it somewhere where something may slide on you or, you know, just not end well when you're bringing it down. So I like having that dedicated spot, pull my hand, I don't put any thought into it, just grab the handle and bring it down. And then another nice part about it is, you can actually remove the whole steps by popping these pins out here at the hinge. And then you can use this handle just to go ahead and lift the whole step assembly out. That way if you have clearance issues, you're parked too close somewhere, or some people use it when they're putting their furniture in their camper. They can't get that angle with the steps, the steps are kind of in the way. You can remove this out of the way, get your furniture in, and put your steps back into place. So then how you do this is you just pull the pins out of the hinges. I've already removed this one and they just pull out. Now they can get a little difficult just because of how long they are and how they're in there. So you can use a rubber mallet to help persuade it out of the hinge. I've kind of worked mine towards the end here, so I think I can just do the rest by hand. Now it is latched in there, I'm holding the handle just in case, but it is latching. It's not going anywhere as I loosen this. It's almost there. All right, with that removed, you can turn this latch. That's the whole thing up and out. Pretty nice and easy feature to remove the steps for whatever reason you might need to. The other one, the SolidStep, doesn't have that. You kind of mount that permanently and it's there until you want to take out all the screws and remove the steps. Between the two steps, that's the Lippert SolidStep and then the StepAbove from MORryde, I kind of like the MORryde one better. Mainly because it detaches. I think that's an awesome feature to have just in case you need it. It's something that I didn't really think about until I read it when we we're doing the research for it. And then I got my hands on and got it installed, taking that step off. You know, clearance is an issue sometimes. You might need to have to do it. You might have to do it there to get something up into your camper or RV. That's already kind of a pain if the stuff doesn't fit right. With this out of the way, you might be able to get that angle to get that furniture in there. I kind of want to have it now because I know I might need it down the road. So I'm gonna go with this one. I like this one. Now, all that's really left is how does it install It doesn't take us that long, check out and see how we did it. All right, for our first step what we're gonna do is come here to the threshold of the door. And we're just gonna go ahead and remove this back plate right here. This needs to be out of the way so we can install our new step. So just come in here with a screwdriver. We've got two screws on both sides. Gonna go ahead and remove those so we can remove that backing plate. Now that, you can set this aside and get it out of the way. We're gonna come and look at our plate, our hinge here, you're gonna see which kind of hinge you had depending on what instructions you follow. So we have the thinner hinge here. That's a little bit smaller. There's the one that's bigger, it's gonna be out here. That's gonna be instructions one. And we're going with instructions two, because we have the smaller plate. So what we need to do is fold this under. And then we're gonna set this in there right behind the threshold. So we want this plate to rest around there. Something else I suggest is to go ahead and put the feet in the step here. That's just gonna help hold it in place when you're setting it down. So setting that down, clearly it's not centered so I've gotta center it here in the door the best I can. Can kind of see how the feet being installed help it with that weight. So it gets in there. The point is you want the threshold right up here against the hinge plate. So you see there's a little bit of a gap here on this side. That's just because there has been some damage done to this camper. So this is bulged out a little bit. This side is probably the better one to look at, you can see how closer it is. And if I can get that center on our door, it should be looking pretty good. Now we're gonna take the included hardware they gave us, and we're gonna put one screw in the outermost hole on each side. So you can see the way it's folded under there. There's only one hole exposed. So you know to put the hardware in there. And just go ahead and run it down. Repeat that on the other side too. Now we're gonna go ahead and fold up our steps to make sure the latches hit. So we're gonna look at these strikers here on the side. We're gonna turn the handle so it goes behind there because this part is gonna catch the lip of the door. Hold it in place. We want to make sure the strikers back here are gonna make contact if I lean it back this way. Looks good. You can see how I'm even pulling on it and it's not coming back out. So it's gonna hold it in place. So those look good. So then we'll bring it back down. Now, if you weren't good, actually you come and look, you can loosen these bolts here and then shift this from side-to-side. So if it isn't quite hitting like it should, you can adjust it so there's more striker hitting the side door if that's what you want. But ours looks to be just fine. Like I said, I'm pulling on it. It's not gonna go anywhere. We're gonna just turn this, bring it back down. And now we'll check the door. So let it down and make sure the door closes because you can see it's elevated a little bit here at the threshold. This part of the step comes up a little bit more than your standard threshold. Now this is an older camper as well. So you're gonna have problems every once in a while. You might have to make some modifications. See if ours shuts. Ours shut. And you want to make sure you do that with the door and the screen door. And then do it separately too. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that next to give you a better idea of exactly what's going on here. Gonna close this. Latch didn't catch. But you can see how it rides up a little bit more here. We had to modify the screen door because this is an older camper. So we did cut off some of the screen door here, just so it didn't make contact because it was hitting that portion when we we're pushing in the first time. But we fixed it and now it works just fine. Now we're gonna run down the rest of our hardware. We've got the six remaining screws, I'm just gonna put those in, that hold down the steps. With all the hardware run down, our steps are installed. Gonna go ahead and give it a test, walking up. Walking back down. Very sturdy, no issues. I can stop, seeing the steps aren't shaking or moving. Yeah, feels good. Something I noticed when moving the stairs up into the up position is that the pin here can pop up and be a tripping hazard. So what we did to fix that was we pushed it down underneath this plate. So if you look at this other side, we tucked it in under there. So let me show you how we did that. Just gonna go ahead and fold, or not fold, but push the steps up. And then I'll just take a screwdriver and kind of pry this out just a little bit. Get it past right there. Then I'll bring it back in and push it under that plate. So now that's there, so it's gonna hit that plate. So when we bring it down, it won't pop up and be in your way. So let me bring the steps back down. And now it's tucked under there and it's gonna be out of the way. It's one of the things that's not mentioned the instructions. But just thought it'd be helpful that way nobody trips on anything. Overall, I did like these steps. They're not too bad to install. You just kinda follow the instructions and you don't need too many tools. It was easy, it fit in the door. And again, I've already walked up and down a couple times. Super sturdy. I really liked that. I like that the steps are bigger than the standard steps that are gonna be on your camper. You can see the old ones underneath. Those are rusted out. It's hard to pull those out. These are really easy to pull out or put back in when you're not using them. You even got the handle here on the backside. And that's all you got to do and they're put away. I like that. Far easier than messing with these. And so I think it's gonna be a good thing to add to your camper that isn't gonna take you very long to install and really is gonna help you out in the long run. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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