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NOCO Boost X Jump Starter Review

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Review of the NOCO Boost X Jump Starter

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today we're gonna check it out the NOCO Boost X, it's gonna be as jump starter. You see how nice and small, compact it is, easily gonna fit underneath your seat, in your truck. That way whenever you need it, you can use it to jumpstart it in a pinch. Now NOCO makes a bunch of different jump starters for different vehicles and amperage. This one is gonna be 1,750 amps and it's gonna work with engines.

If they're gasoline, the 7.5 liters. And if they're diesel, five liters. So just keep that in mind on what you're buying is for, and that what it's gonna work with. Another thing double-check, would be your battery. It's gonna work with 12 volt lead acid batteries, so just make sure you got one of those as well, and this will work for you.

It's really easy to use, your standard clips. They do have a nice snap to them. That means you're gonna be able to hold on, even if we're gonna get a little spot to connect them to. So how you use it, is you make sure it's off, don't turn it on and then hook it up to battery, you wanna hook up to the battery with the box off. So we're just gonna go kind of place it here.

Little positive to positive, negative to negative. Now it should be good. Now this battery's not dead so we're not gonna jump it, but we would do is hit the power button and it's gonna go to jumpstart right away. So you can jump in there and turn the key, it's gonna do that for about 60 seconds before it has to shut down, then you have to hit the power button to try it again. Another thing it does is it protects against accidents.

So let's say you're stressed out cause your vehicle won't start. You're hooking up the cables quickly, you didn't realize that you hooked them up incorrectly. This light's gonna light up right here and warn you do not hit the power button because it's reverse polarity. So you got the negative hooked up to the positive, and vice versa. Okay, some of the other lights, we got the snowflake one there, that's gonna be, if it's too cold to jump the battery it's gonna warn you. The one with the thermometer and the plus sign is gonna let you know the battery is way too hot, so it's not gonna mess with that either. And then you have the error one, you'll have to look in your booklet for whatever error pops up here, but that's also a warning one. Next to that, it's gonna be how much of a charge your box has. So you can hit the power button, you see it light up. You see we're about halfway there, we should probably plug into the wall and charge it all the way. You have the override button down here and that's gonna be used if your battery is so dead, that the box does not detect it. So you'll hook it up just the same and you'll push that and it'll just go ahead and go to jumpstart. This light up here will light up and let you know it's in that jump mode. We also have the flashlight built in, so you're gonna hit that button. It'll toggle through three different brightnesses. And then you're gonna have the emergency light, And you can toggle through couple of different ways of flashing that way, just in case you're on the side of the road and you want help. Now I can use the USB ports on this side. They do have covers on 'em, just pop those off. And this one's gonna be USB in, so you can plug your USB-C that it comes with in there and now it's charging your box. So I like that, you don't have to plug it into an AC outlet in your garage or anything like that. Once you use this to jump your vehicle, you can pretty much plug it in and get it charging, so you can always have it ready to go. Now it's got another port right here that can kind of be used to charge other items. If you're stuck on the side of the road and your vehicle just won't start, use that same USB port. Or well, the one next to it, that's gonna be USB out. So then you can charge your phone if you need to in emergency. The other thing I like is it's got these posts here, you can hook up the clips through. So you clamp 'em on there, it kind of keeps it all nice and neat, There's no cords hanging off of it, that way you can store wherever you want. You've got compartment here in this vehicle just to throw it right there, maybe in the center console or underneath your seat too. Now the thing that helps keep it all nice and neat, is this bag that comes with it. You can easily slide that over with some room to spare, so you can get your USB cable as well and throw it in there too. Now if y'all are worried about using this out in the weather, if you're out broke down and it's rainy, this does have an IP65 rating so you don't have to worry about using this, it's gonna operate and work just fine. Another thing to say is the internal battery is going to have 46 watt hours. So that's about how much charge you're gonna have with it. Which means you can use it a couple of times to jump, it's not gonna go from full to dead on one jump. Now I still would suggest go ahead and just plug it on when you're done using it, because I'd rather have it full power when I need it. Duracell makes some jump boxes as well, and I've got hands on with those. Those are gonna be a little bit bigger and bulkier, but they're gonna also come with the options, you have a tire inflator as well, so if you want a more all in complete system, you can look into that and check that later on our website. But I will say that I like this one cause it's smaller not only for fitting it inside the vehicle, like I said, underneath the seat or in the glove box or center console, but when you go to hook it up to your battery, it is nice that it's smaller, so it'll fit in these spaces a lot easier, You don't have to worry about it falling off. You know, I can set it here and it'll be fine and hook it up. I kind of compared this to, like I said, the Duracell one being bigger, so that's a little more awkward to set in place. Or even those big jump boxes, I've had to use those plenty of times to jump vehicles. This isn't always even and flat, so setting something like that down, you hook up the cable is gonna fall over which is frustrating. It's nice that this is smaller, lower profile. You just hook it up right here you have to worry about accidentally knocking it off when you fire it up. Overall, I bet it's gonna be really helpful to have this. I think it's gonna do a great job. I like how small it is compared to other jump boxes. Like I said before, I'm used to the old, big old handle ones that you have to haul around. There's not really space in your vehicle for that. I like this one. Small enough to fit under the seat and be out of sight, out of mind, but always be there when I need it just in case of emergency. Well thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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