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NOCO Boost X Jump Starter Review

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Review of the NOCO Boost X Jump Starter

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the NOCO Boost X Jump Starter. This is gonna have 4,250 amps, and we're gonna use it on this diesel today. Let's check it out. This is on the bigger end of the jump boxes, so they can pretty much jump anything, but it's be mainly for bigger trucks. So the engines they will work with are, so a gas engine up to 10 liters or a diesel engine up to 8 liters.

So it's gonna be perfect for our diesel truck that has a 7.3 liter. It's gonna be good for jumping that today. Now let's get it hooked up and put to the test. So first we're gonna go to the battery on this side. Since it's a diesel, it's got two different batteries and we're just gonna go to the one that's easy access, so it's over here.

They're parallel anyway, so you can jump either one and it'll fire up your truck. So we're gonna set that aside so we can see it a little bit better. Go ahead and remove this to expose both parts of our battery and then on to our cables. It's nice that they hook up on the sides, that keeps it nice and neat when it's not in use, you see, even though this one is pretty big, it still stays nice and neat with the cables. So we'll come over here.

What we're gonna do is look at the battery, make sure you always hook up positive to positive, negative to negative. These have a nice snap to them, so you can hold on that, they snap good. I like that just because you never know if you can get a good grab on the battery. It's not always like this, where you got these big terminals, sometimes you can only get onto a little small part, and I like that these are so aggressive that they're gonna hold on to whatever you're can attach them to. With those set up, this is the point where we'd hit the power button and it would cycle through the jump cycle.

So that's gonna do that for 60 seconds. And if it doesn't turn over by 60 seconds, you're gonna have to power it down, to power it back on so it'll try again. Once again, we're not gonna actually jump the truck, the battery's not dead, but what we would do is hit this power button and it would start that process. Something else I like about it. If you break down, it's dark or you're just stressed, 'cause it's never good when your truck doesn't start and you hastily hook up your cables, let's say you do it incorrectly. You're not paying attention, you're just trying to quickly do it. There's protects against reverse polarity. You can see the warning light right there, it's letting you know these are on the wrong ones. So you can switch them around before you hit that start button. So next to that reverse polarity, there's some other lights that are gonna come up. You've got the one with a snowflake on there, that means the battery's gonna be too cold to jump. The one with the thermometer and the plus sign means the battery's gonna be way too hot, so it's not gonna try and jump them then. This is a bunch of different errors, you're gonna have to see the owner's manual, just to see what different codes you get. But that's gonna let you know what's going on with the battery from there. And next to that is how much of a charge our box has. So when you hit the button, it will light up and let you know how much of a charge it has. You see, we're almost all the way full here on the yellow. So, you know, when you need to plug it into the wall and charge it up. Another button over here is gonna be the override. So this is gonna be useful if your battery is so dead it doesn't register with the jump box. You get it all hooked up, it doesn't even know it's hooked up to a battery because it's just so gone. So you can hit this button and that'll force jump it. So you'll hit that, this will light up and let you know it's good to go ahead and turn over your engine. Also has a light. You can turn that on if it's dark, wherever you are broke down, any little bit helps. It's pretty bright. You can see I lit up the whole engine bay this way. So that's a nice thing, especially if it's just sitting right here, you can see the battery right in front of you, so you can make sure you hook them up correctly. And there's gonna be three different brightnesses. So if I can run through it real quick, again, it gonna be the brightest. And then it dims after every one there. And then it's gonna have emergency flash, too. And that's gonna have three different modes as well. So you can go, and get back to it. So it does alternate that light back and forth. So if you are broke down and you need assistance, you can set that down on the road so everybody knows you're there. Now, since this is a bigger jump box and you're use it on bigger trucks, it's gonna have a 99 watt hour lithium-ion battery on the inside. So what that means is you can jump your truck a couple times before you actually have to charge it up again. Another nice thing is they can hold enough charge to where if you are broke down on the side of the road, your battery is that dead, let's say your phone's about to die. You can plug it in and use it as a charger, too. When it's time to charge it up, you have a couple different options. You do have the USB-C, USB-C way of plugging it in. It also comes with a 12 volt charger in the truck. So you can plug that in and plug it into the back side here gonna light up and let you know it's charging. So then is lighting up and let you know where it is. It's about halfway there, so you can leave it in and let that charge build up. I really like that you have those two options. Some of the older jump boxes are just bigger and bulkier, and you only had that AC outlet, so you could only plug it in, like in your garage or your house, so that really limits it to like, remembering when you get home, to do that. This way, you can plug it in, get it charging right after you use it, just so it's always good to go when you need it. And like I talked about earlier, it actually comes with the USB to USB-C charger. So you can just plug that in right here and then charge up your phone. Now it does have an IP65 rating. So that means with these covers on there, you don't have to worry about the rain or any elements bothering it. You can still use it in the rain, even gusts and stuff won't get in there and cause any issues. One other nice thing about this is that how small it actually is. Now this is one of the bigger ones of their boost, but comparing it to other jump boxes, there's some Duracell ones I've worked with and those are the bigger, bulkier ones. Sure, they have the tire inflator in there, so they're bigger like this and have the handle on top. Those are gonna be harder to store, especially in your truck that doesn't really fit underneath the seat. It doesn't really fit anywhere in here. This one's far more compact, I like that. You can have a bag that comes with it, so you can keep all the cables together and can put it in this bag. And that just kind of keeps everything nice and neat and together. So once it's charged, you can kind of just leave it in this bag, you can put it maybe right here underneath the center console, if you don't use that, just kind of out of sight, out of mind. Overall, I really like this jump box. I like how slim it is, like I said, how compact, you can easily store it in your truck. It's got that charge. You know, I worked at a car lot for a while and I had one of those big jump boxes with the handle on there, and it was just kind of a pain to set, especially in trucks. Nothing's ever nice and flat. You'd set it here, you go to attach this, it falls off. When you go to start it, you knock it over. This is nice, it'll sit right there. You can hook it up, fire everything up and be on your way. Also the fact that you can charge it up with USB. So that means in your vehicle or in the house, when you get home, it's far easier than just trying to remember to plug it into the garage in that one AC outlet. Well, I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helps..

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