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Optronics 7 Pole to 5 Pole Flat Adapter Review

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Review of the Optronics 7 Pole to 5 Pole Flat Adapter

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're going to be taking a look at an adapter plug. We get questions a lot about how people can convert a working 7-Pole on the back of their vehicle to work with a 4-Pole or 5-Pole trailer. That can have a lot of needs, either a trailering in its own. Maybe you've got a cargo carrier that has lights on it. Maybe you just got a little hitch cover that you want to illuminate at night, if it's a plug-in type.

This can really help take care of all of those needs.Basically this is going to provide us either a 4-Pole connection or a 5-Pole connection. The 4-Pole connection is going to offer your ground, it's going to have running lights, left turn signal and brake, right turn signal and brake, and the 5th Pole is for a reverse signal. That's going to be really good for marine trailer applications, when we need to lockout our surge coupler so we can back our trailer up. Or, also, if you plan on adding lights to your trailer. Maybe you're in a dark area and you can't see where you're backing your trailer into.

Throwing a couple lights on the back and wiring it so that signal through your Pigtail. Every time you hit reverse on your vehicle, lights will come on the back of the trailer and give you a good way to look around.Now, all in all this has a good, solid feel to it. It's not as heavy as what I felt out of some of the other 4- and 5-Pole adapters here, and it is a split case design. You can see it has that line that goes around, they're screwed together. Some of these are going to be molded.

I think the moldeds are a little bit heavier. They seem to be a little bit more rugged, overall. I like this adapter. I think it's going to work out fairly well. The part that fits into your 7-Pole is going to be brass.

It doesn't have a nickel coating on it. That can lead to a little bit of corrosion issues, but we recommend with all adapters that you use dielectric grease. This is going to give us a barrier and prevent moisture from getting in there. Without moisture, we don't have to worry about that dirt settling in there and causing corrosion down the road. So that's kind of a give or take with me. I'm going to grease anything I use, so I really won't have to worry about it.If you have a shrouded 4-Pole connector, meaning that your ends don't stick out like what our 4-Pole connector do here. It's got more of a black plastic wrap that goes around it. You'll have to trim the side of it as we fit these together. Let me show you here. With that 5-Pole sticking out there, as we stick that on the side of that cover, it is going to interfere. So you'd have to trim that side out. When removing it, ler me put this all the way in. As we remove it, the insert in here tends to move a little bit. You can kind of see how that moves.Now as far as customer reviews you, people really like this. They haven't had any issues that causing any kind of a problem. I like that it's got a nice handle on there. The one thing I think this lacks that we see on some that are very comparable to this one, is going be a tester. Going to be a few red lights that'll come on and indicate to you if you've got a problem, your trailer lights aren't working. It can verify for you that your truck's lights are. So you know your problem's on the trailer side, you basically eliminate half of the problem in the equation.As far as the installation goes, going to be just like a 7-Pole plug. We've got our tab on the top here. That needs to go behind the tab on the door, right in there. Then you'll bring your 4- or 5-Pole in, and that's simply going to plug in. At that point, you've got the lighting and the power heading back to your trailer, so you should be in good shape.Now as far as if I would own this particular adapter versus some of the other ones out there, I'd have to say that I think I'd go with a different one. I'd go with one that had a little bit more option to it, kind of like the Reese here. This is product number 78118. Basically, it's going to be a little bit larger. Both of them are easy to install, but I like the fact that this one gives me a 4-Pole and a 5-Pole option. So regardless of the type of plug I'm using, it's going to go in there without modification. And it does have the LEDs in there, that are going to tell me if my truck's working, if I have a problem. So, all in all, while I think this is a good adapter and it's going to work out in a lot of situations, I think I'd own the Reese before I'd own this one.

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