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Optronics Round Trailer Reflector Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics Round Trailer Reflector

Hey everybody Ryan here at etrailer, today we're gonna be checking out the Optronics Round Trailer Reflector. So, when it comes to making your trailer a little more visible, can never really go wrong with that. You know, especially today, you got a lot of distracted drivers. And so by adding some reflectors it's a quick way to, throw off some light and, and let people be able to see your trailer a little bit easier. Nice thing with the reflectors is, you don't have to wire them off or anything like that. Once you get 'em on there and you're kinda done with them and they're gonna do their job.

Especially with these, they just stick on. So, super simple, anyone can put 'em on and make you that much more safe. So, something that's pretty cool with these is, they're pretty generic. Chances are pretty good they're gonna work just about anywhere on your trailer. One thing to pay attention to though is a lot of times if you try to put it on the side, you know on a smaller trailer like this, this may overhang a little bit, and to figure that out exactly the overall diameter of the reflector is gonna be 3-3/16 of an inch.

So just kinda as a reference or an image. You know it's about the same size as a hockey puck. Now with that said, you know you can really just slap these things anywhere and go. With this one being red, you typically want these to face towards the back of the trailer. But for your sides and anything facing towards the front, there's also Amber colored reflectors available as well.

So like any reflector, you wanna see if it actually works or does a good job, and when I had turned off the overhead lights, grabbed my flashlight to simulate the vehicle's headlights. And as soon as that light starts to hit it, it illuminates it. It gets pretty bright. Whether the lights indirect, or spot on, when it's spot on it, it really does a great job, it gets super bright. And so, you know, it's gonna do exactly what it's supposed to do.

And do a great job at it. So to get the light put on, really not a whole lot to it, it's really all just in the prep work since it's just a two sided sticky tape. So, find a spot where you wanna put it, whether you're adding it or replacing an old one. So I think we're going to put this one right here on the fender. And really the only thing you gotta look out for is to make sure that surface is nice and clean. So I got some rubbing alcohol and a rag here. Give that a good wipe to make sure it's all clean, that way our sticky tape will get proper adhesion. If your trailer's really rusty or something like that, probably wouldn't be a bad idea to kinda sand it down, make it smooth, maybe put a fresh layer of paint over it. But, regardless on what you do, you wanna make sure that it's clean and dry. Once we're all dry, you just peel that backing paper off. Place it where you want it. And simply just push it into position. So at the end of the day, really simple and inexpensive way to help keep you a little more safe..

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