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Optronics Red and White Conspicuity Reflective Tape Review

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Review of the Optronics Red and White Conspicuity Reflective Tape

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look and installing the Optronics reflective alternating red and white adhesive tape. You're gonna wanna clean the surface before you make it stick. That way it has proper adhesion. Now this trailer is obviously seen better days, and it is surprisingly clean minus the rust here which we can't really save without sanding and painting but this should stick on it with no problem.

And being 2 inches wide by 21 foot means that we can stripe as long as we need to. It's gonna be easy to get a nice straight line. So we'll start on this front portion here and I'm just gonna kind of lay this out on the side to give us that nice visibility at nighttime. And I think I'm gonna put it right here and kind of run this down the trailer and just following a straight edge, it's gonna make it nice and easy but also the tape is rather, it's fairly stable by itself. It's not gonna roll or pinch on us so it should be really easy to get this put on.

We'll just peel this back, start our edge and then start working our way down. So once I have that rolled out I'm just gonna kind of rub it by hands. And I was doing that as applying just to kind of put some pressure to make sure it sticks but there's no edges that I feel like I can peel up. It adheres really, really well. And it was super easy because it is relatively rigid.

Now we have the lights on, obviously, and already I can tell it's pretty bright, but let's see what it looks like with a headlight beam against it. Now you can see pretty quickly with the lights off once light hits this, it reflects it. So it really lets people know that there is a trailer and also it's gonna help if you park your trailer in a dark spot and you're backing up to it at night. It's gonna help kind of let you know exactly where it's at. And while driving a trailer at night sometimes people just don't pay attention.

And this is a good way to kind of let them know or at least give a nice visual cue that there is a trailer behind you. And you can see the seven inches of white followed by the 11 inches of red alternates. And that's to really draw that attention and kind of give you that quick warning sign that there is something there. Now you can see on our white sticker here it has the D.O.T. certification. So it is approved by the D.O.T. to have and you can really place it wherever you want on your trailer to really bring that attention to you while you're driving. Now, being that it's on the outside of the trailer you may wonder how's the sticker gonna hold up. It's actually rated for seven years of use. So pretty easy to refresh your trailer and get that light that you want to let people know. And obviously pretty easy install. That was a look at installation of the Optronics reflective alternating red and white tape with 11 inch red and 7 inch white..

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