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Optronics Amber RV Porch Utility Light with Switch Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics Amber RV Porch Utility Light with Switch

Hey everybody, it's Zach here at Today we're going to take a look at a RV utility porch light. This is going to work out great for RVs and campers like we have here today, but it's also going to work out great for utility trailers. So, it has a built-in switch on it. So, you don't necessarily have to have a switch on the inside of your camper or trailer. So, I think it works out well for those areas around basement doors or in those little compartment areas on your camper, or especially on your utility trailers, like an enclosed trailer.

If you don't have a light switch, but you do have 12 volt running throughout the camper or the trailer, it's going to work out great for you. Here's that switch I was just talking about. So, it gives you the ability to turn that on and off from the outside.Even if you have it hooked up to a light switch inside, it's really a nice plus to this. This is going to be a really good size light. It's going to measure at 6-1/4" x 3-7/16" x 1-7/8" on the depth there.

So, it's going to work out great for some of those replacements on those factory lights, if you've damaged those, but I like the oval design here and you can see we had an older style rectangle light. We need to clean that up a little bit more, but this just gives this camper a little bit more modern look. This is kind of a style that a lot of campers are going with now. So, we're just trying to put a little bit more updated, look to this camper and I think this does a really good job of doing that.I turned down the lights here in the studio, just to give you a better idea as to how bright this is. I'm actually pretty surprised at how bright this is.

A lot of the times, I assume that LED will be brighter than incandescent, and this is a pretty bright incandescent light. It's lighting up a majority of the area over here. We're pretty close to a wall, but it's going up pretty far. It's pretty bright, lighting up all my steps, everything below us. So, I think this is a really good incandescent light.

Now the LEDs, they have some pros to them. They're going to burn a little bit cleaner, kind of have a more modern look to it compared to incandescent. Some people prefer that, some people prefer the incandescent look. It's definitely up to you, and the LEDs are going to just last a little bit longer.They're not going to draw as much power. You don't have to worry about replacing bulbs. With the incandescent, this will eventually wear out. The filament will break. You'll have to swap out that ball. So, keep an extra bulb on hand so you don't have the issue of this wearing out whenever you're out at the campsite. If it does, you can easily just pop that cover off and put the bulb in and you've got a light again. So, overall I think that this is a really nice incandescent light. Normally I kind of go towards LEDs, but I think this does a good job. I like the amber look, it's not over powerful or anything. It gives us enough light to kind of see where we're going. The amber is also going to cut down on bugs compared to the white light and the installation isn't too difficult. So, let's just walk you through how we got this one put in place.The first thing we need to do is get our old light removed. Now I have these exposed wires here that we're going to our old light, and I know that the black wire is power, and I know the white wire is ground. I went ahead and I've disconnected my power to the camper. The first thing I need to do here is strip these back and get those ready to be connected.Now our light comes pre-stripped. So, I'll get those exposed, and then I'm going to take some butt connectors and connect this. I'm just using a standard butt connector. You can use heat shrink if you'd like, but our wires are going to be inside the camper. So, it is not completely necessary to use heat shrink but if you'd like by all means, go ahead and use those. Get this put in place, get it crimped down. The black wire coming out of the light as power. The white wire is ground. So, it's very convenient that they're going to match up color wise, but not all the time is this going to be the same thing coming out of your camper. So, it's a good idea to test that out before you unhooked from power. Get it crimped down the same way, kind of make sure that it's still good.We can get those fed back in and, I have got a decent amount that I'm going to have to tuck back in here, but before I get that pushed in all the way, you can see where the wires are coming out of the back plate right here. It's off to the side. That's not my favorite design. I wish it was kind of here more centered because of the whole in our camper is centered to our mounting holes, but you can see there's this little indention here. That's where the wires will rest in to take some of the stress off of pushing this up against the body of the camper. Let me get those fed back in all the way. Now it doesn't come with it hardware. So, I'm just using screws that we're already in place holding our existing light there. I'm just going to get those put in place.If you do need to have new mounting holes, I would suggest drilling a pilot hole first. Once we get that all the way secured, we can pop our lens into place and get this tested out. Get this one here and you can see we have a working light. This installation wasn't too difficult. I think that this is going to be a really nice porch light for you. I personally would probably go with an option that doesn't have the switch. If I'm putting it up this high and I have a light switch inside, but if this is lower or you're putting it on an enclosed trailer or you don't have a light switch inside, I think this is a really good way to go, but that's going to do it for a look at the Optronics RV utility porch light..

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